Let’s hear it for 5 dollar Friday!



It’s so easy! It’s 5 dollars! We are so very close to having Dr. Mosse’s trial funded. There’s only 16 days left, until I run 26.2 miles, without having trained for it. There is still plenty of time to donate to this great cause. Let’s save some kids! Every dollar counts and together, we can make a huge difference!


Thank you so much!


3 responses to “Let’s hear it for 5 dollar Friday!”

  1. all done! love to you, xoxo

  2. Feels weird to be saying this to you but when I see all you are doing all I van think is how proud I am of You and how proud I am to even know you in such a small way. I will aspire everyday to be more of the kind of Mom you are, I’ve always known I am a good mom but you have shown me so much more your Ro has shown me so much more, I know you feel you failed him but I swear to God Maya I’ve never seen a Mom and Dad fight harder or do all that they could. The government and the medical community ( I’m talking about dr. Fuckwit) are responsible! Friday’s have become my favorite day as it’s the only time I feel I can do something tangible for You, Ronan, Woody, Liam and Quinn. This is one mom that is here to stay, to support you and those you support. you rock Maya, you and Ro have made all good things wild and free for so many of us… I’m so sorry fucking Cancer took him from you! We are going to kick that fucking bastards ass!

  3. Donated! Holla for 5 dolla Fridays 😉 this is such a great idea!!! I will keep donating every single Friday until we find an f*ing cure for this monster!!! I have been following you from day one of Ronan getting sick 😦 I will follow you until this is cured!!!!! It’s absolutely unexceptable that these precious babies are not here over this!!! Keep fighting Maya! We are all behind you! I think of your precious family every day. I’m so sorry.

    RoLove! Always RoLove!!!!!!!!!!!

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