Happy Birthday, baby boy. I love you to the moon and back.



15 responses to “Happy Birthday, baby boy. I love you to the moon and back.”

  1. Already half way through May 12th in Australia.

    Thinking of you and your beautiful family.


  2. Will do! Hope you’re hanging in there…could may 9, may 12 & mothers day be any closer together?? Gheesh. You’ve really been on my mind…xoxo

  3. Happy birthday Rockstar Ro!!! Always RoLove!!! XO

  4. Happy Birthday Ronan!!! Shine on
    Shine bright little man!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Ronan!! We know that you are celebrating like a Rockstar!! We will be honoring you and your family by celebrating Ronan’s Day of Love, and by wishing you all lots of love and many peaceful moments today. ~from your stranger friends on the east coast

  6. Happy Birthday Ronan.

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Ronan. Thinking of you all and trying to spread the Rolove. Sending you peace, hugs and a gigantic Fuck You Cancer!!! xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful baby boy to ever walk this earth!!! And a HUGE FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING CANCER!!

  9. Thinking of Ronan today and every day!!! xoxo

  10. Happy Birthday Beautiful Birthday Boy! I promise to do it with RoLove today (and every day)! Starting with a donation to your foundation.

  11. Happy birthday Ronan!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Baby boy! You’re loved & thought about often!

  13. I work in Santa Monica California. I just saw about 8 to 10 purple balloons in the sky!
    🙂 With today being Ronan’s birthday, I KNOW it was not a coincidence! That just warmed my heart & gave me an opportunity to talk about it & spread the word to my coworkers! :-)) there is a lot of good in this world! I just saw proof of that! Ronan, you are a miracle & you should BE HERE DARNIT!!! Happy Birthday!!! :-))

  14. Thinking of you and your family, there’s so many things I want to say but they seem trivial. Ronan, such a gorgeous brave little man, I cry each time I read your page and Ronan even though I’ve never met you I will keep thinking of you all.

  15. May 12 2012 is the day my grandma passed way from Cancer. :/ Thinking of her and Ronan!

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