15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, baby boy. I love you to the moon and back.”

  1. Will do! Hope you’re hanging in there…could may 9, may 12 & mothers day be any closer together?? Gheesh. You’ve really been on my mind…xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Ronan!! We know that you are celebrating like a Rockstar!! We will be honoring you and your family by celebrating Ronan’s Day of Love, and by wishing you all lots of love and many peaceful moments today. ~from your stranger friends on the east coast

  3. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful baby boy to ever walk this earth!!! And a HUGE FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING CANCER!!

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful Birthday Boy! I promise to do it with RoLove today (and every day)! Starting with a donation to your foundation.

  5. I work in Santa Monica California. I just saw about 8 to 10 purple balloons in the sky!
    🙂 With today being Ronan’s birthday, I KNOW it was not a coincidence! That just warmed my heart & gave me an opportunity to talk about it & spread the word to my coworkers! :-)) there is a lot of good in this world! I just saw proof of that! Ronan, you are a miracle & you should BE HERE DARNIT!!! Happy Birthday!!! :-))

  6. Thinking of you and your family, there’s so many things I want to say but they seem trivial. Ronan, such a gorgeous brave little man, I cry each time I read your page and Ronan even though I’ve never met you I will keep thinking of you all.

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