A city where the happy is too loud so let’s go away to the cold beach

Ronan. What is today? Sunday I think. The days are lost for me. The day you left me is almost here. May 9th. Your day of death. Not the day you “flew away to the heavens above,” not the day you “went to be with Jesus,” not the day you “went to a better place where you are an angel now,” not the day that you became “free,” not the day that “you went home.” I am not about to soften this blow with any of that bullshit. It’s fluff and fluff does not work for me. May 9th. Your day of death. The bloody hell worst day of my life. Period. I would actually like to take May 9th and make it a National holiday. I would like May 9th to be National F U Cancer day. I think that is appropriate since it is the day that cancer stole you. I am not taking your day and turning it into something fucking pretty, happy, light, and filled with angels from above. FUCK THAT SHIT. I am going to take the day that you left me and rename it and make it the name that it deserves. I think I will wear black all day long. I think I will try not to die from the pain of physically feeling, with every cell in my body, that you are not here. I remember our last moments together. They are a part of my soul now. They fill me with things like anger that I never knew existed. They fill me with things like a fire and a drive that I never knew I had. They make me want to take on the world because I know I can change this. I know we can change this. I know the power of our love can take the worst thing possible, and help others. But I am not doing this the nice way. I am not playing by the fluffy rules. There is nothing sweet and fluffy about having to dig your babies ashes out of his urn to place them in a plastic baggie, so you can take him on a trip with you. Anybody that says otherwise, can fuck off. Because it is simply not true. It’s bullshit and something no parent should ever have to experience. Especially not in this day and age when kids die from cancer, due to lack of funding alone. I don’t understand this. I will never understand this. I will never understand why this is acceptable. I will never understand why all of these kids are swept under the rug. I will never understand so I will spend the rest of my life, trying to fix this. This is what I am here to do, Ronan. I am not doing anything else.

I may have had a mini freak out last night in our hotel room. We landed in a big city. A big city is not where we need to be right now. I knew that planning this trip. I can do a city, all alone, and badass, any other month, but not this month. We went to dinner in this big city last night. It was all I could do to stay in the restaurant and not flip the fuck out. There were sooooo many happy people, everywhere. Happy and fancy. All dressed up. All happy and carefree. Nobody in that restaurant, had a dead almost 4-year-old. That I am sure of. “Their happy, is too loud.” I know what that feels like. I feel like that, all the time. It makes me sad and stings my eyes. Please bring him back. Please. I beg over and over in my head. I WILL DO ANYTHING. This never works, but I will continue to try for the rest of my life. I left the restaurant with Liam. We had a little foundation business to attend to. We had to get a picture of my fake training, for Palmer Cash, as they were my sponsor for the day. Thanks Palmer Cash. Everyone needs to check them out. They make the raddest tee shirts out there. Liam happily snapped my pics and laughed at my goofy posing/fake running. You see, I am not only doing this to make some money for your foundation, but I am also doing this to help us get through May. My life kind of depends on it. This was my idea as I knew we were going to need a way to get a laugh and some smiles on this trip. A light-hearted but heavy-hearted way to make some money to get Dr. Mosse’s trial funded, seemed like the way to go. So far, so good. I have had a blast and it is a healthy, good distraction.

We were all tired from our long day of traveling. We fell asleep pretty early. I ended up waking up, and having a mini freak out session/panic attack which caused me to slam two Ambien and send some insane text messages to your Mr. Sparkly Eyes. Well, not insane, but intense. I am always the most intense when I am the saddest/on the verge of jumping out of our 7 story hotel room. It was the Ambien that knocked me into a black coma of oblivion, not the soothing words of everything is going to be alright that I needed to hear. No words last night could have saved me. I know myself well enough to know when I am not capable of handling things on my own. Last night, when I woke up in that hotel room, only to find your daddy and brothers, and you were nowhere to be found.. well, what can I say? Nothing. What do you say to that? How can words comfort that? They can’t. They didn’t. I chose to escape instead. I am not perfect. You know how I hate our little frienemy. But on nights like last night, I don’t have a choice. The 7th floor jumping out of our hotel window, to splatter on the streets below, did not seem like a better option. Ambien won. Again, but not always. Not always is good enough for me, as of now.

I woke up this morning, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. No trace of black oblivion coma, existed. Up, showered, packed, Starbucks, hit the road, let’s get outta this big city. We met up with some friends. Good friends. Forever friends because of the unthinkable bond that we share. The one of a dead child, due to cancer. It was good to see them. So good. It actually felt good. It felt like home. I am so glad we are here. Getting out of Phoenix was the right thing to do. We watched their little boys’ Lacrosse game. God, you would have loved that game. It is so a sport you would have kicked ass at. Since you cannot be here, to kick ass at this sport, I now feel like I should do this for you. I am dreaming of a woman’s Lacrosse team as we speak. How awesome would that be? Your brothers want to play as well. The thought of that, put a smile on my face. I told them I would look into it once we returned home from our trip. They are both so excited. I am excited too. They are such good little boys. Almost too good. I need to rough them up a bit. I think Lacrosse is a good start.

After the Lacrosse game, we all went to lunch. I sat back with our friends and watched the way the 4 of our boys became fast friends, laughing and giggling together. 4 boys but there should have been 6. 6 would have been much better. 6 would have been absolutely perfect in this so-called imperfect world that does not exist if you have all of your kids, healthy and living. Healthy and living and there should be nothing to complain about, ever. Not the spilled milk, not the ” I don’t have enough time for myself because my kids keep me too busy,” not the messes made, not the arguments that are had, not the strong-willed child that throws a fit over everything, not the “I am too tired because my “sick,” child kept me up all night.” Please. I would give both of my arms for those problems. I would give my life for those problems. Those are not problems. Those are “you are so fucking lucky.” So shut up, suck it up, and be grateful. Stop making everything so much more complicated than it really is. Because at the end of the day, it’s not complicated at all. If it is, fix it. Are you laying with your child, as he takes his last breaths? If you are not and you are still complaining about this shit I would really like to punch you in the face. I cannot tolerate a life of complaining of nothingness. I don’t tolerate it. Which is why I may have such a big problem with being out in the real world now. Complainers are everywhere. I don’t do well with them.

If good days existed in my life anymore, today would have been one of them. We left our friends and headed off to our new destination. As we drove to our hotel, I spent the majority of the car ride, quite, with tears streaming down my face. Everything in our lives has changed. Even a 45 minute car ride. I hid my tears from everyone, as not to upset your brothers. I was so thankful to get out of the city. A cold, beachy destination seems to be much more fitting. A sleepy little town, where it seems as problems do not exist. I know this is not true. But due to the fucked up things that go on in my head, I have convinced myself that if we had live here, you would not have gotten cancer and died. Case in point, conversation with your daddy in the car.

Me: “I’ll bet nothing bad ever happens here.”

Your daddy: “That is not true. Bad things happen everywhere.”

Me: “Well, I’ll bet kids don’t get cancer and die here. I’ll bet if we would have lived here, Ronan would not have gotten cancer and died. It’s just too perfect.”

Your daddy a.k.a. the voice of reason and also the voice of you are clearly insane: “People get cancer everywhere, living here would not have changed Ronan getting cancer.”

I huffed and puffed. A small part of me thinks that if we had indeed lived in this small little sleepy town, that you would still be here. It’s my pretend world and I can live in it if I want to. I choose to live in it. Most of the time alone. Sometimes not. Either way, I don’t see myself leaving it anytime soon. It is the pieces of pretend that give me a break from our reality.

I chose to see you today. Running on the beach. Diving into the freezing ocean like I know you would have. Carrying your little red sand bucket. Giggling everywhere. Yelling, “Quinny! Mama! Quinn just threw sand at me!” Then throwing the sand back. I would have chased you like the wind today. I would have loved every second of cleaning you off. Throwing you into a warm bath where I would make sure you felt safe, clean, loved and warm. I would have put on your sweet little pajamas and tucked you into bed with me, where you belong. Nowhere else. Certainly not this nowhere that is here now. Certainly not this nowhere of crying myself to sleep because I am so sad I got to do none of those things with you today. I know you want to be here doing them, just as badly. I can feel it. I am sorry. Forever sorry.

I might have to end this now. I think it’s really long and I’m too sad, to continue on. Today was as good of a day, as it could have been. Your brothers happiness is proof of that. There happiness is how I judge good days now. I very rarely know happiness of my own. I’m o.k. with this. As long as I get to see it through them. I love you. I miss you. I hope you are safe. G’night baby doll.


17 responses to “A city where the happy is too loud so let’s go away to the cold beach”

  1. My heart aches for you RoMama. It’s not fair! Fucancer!!! So glad Quinn and Liam are having fun!

    Thinking of you and Ro! Always Ro!!
    Sweet dreams! Hope you dream with your blue eyed spicy monkey!

  2. Fucking asshole cunty cancer. This is so wrong and I’m so sorry.

  3. Always thinking of you and sweet Ro! Hang in there….

  4. I’m so sorry you are suffering. As you closed this post and spoke of vicarious happiness, I thought yes, I get that. Your two boys are feeling for you what you can’t right now. I’m grateful they are there for you.

  5. Love you, Maya. No b.s. advice or sunshine being blown up anyone’s ass. Just love and hugs to you. Because I cannot fathom the hurt and pain. Ro should be here with you. Xoxoxo

  6. All I can say is thank u for that “punch in the face” . Ive been one of those complainers all weekend…complaining abt no time for me, fussy kids, etc. Thanks for the reminder and the wake up call. Im so sorry u have to be the one to pass this message on…no parent should. But, u just totally changed my day! U r changing the world….believe that!

  7. Ditto what Charlotte said. I need a reminder now and again, but I’m sorry it has to be this way. Thinking of you guys.

  8. My friend that I sent your link to is still upset with me, but I also see a new fight in her that I think Ronan’s story helped put there. She is taking action and fighting. She is fierce & I think you may have helped with that. I’ll never know what it feels like to have a sick child. I’m secretly thankful for that!
    FU cancer!

  9. You do just want to punch people in the face who bitch constantly. Cant stand when people bitch about their kids! Some people dont get it and never will. But soooooo many people are getting it because of you and Ronan. Ronans changing lives …and you his RoMama are too. True inspiration is what you are. Ronan.. you are a rockstar.

  10. Jennifer Benedict Avatar
    Jennifer Benedict

    Just have to leave a big FUCK YOU CANCER here after reading your post…

    They always hurt to read because I always try and imagine if this is how I feel reading it how must you feel living it, I can’t even imagine it, my mind won’t go there as all it conjures up is a big black hole of nothingness…. I imagine that’s only part of the hell you go through just getting through another minute without him… I am so fucking sorry this world let you down and let Ro down!!!

    Your strength awes me Maya, I think maybe at times you may not feel so strong but only a person of true strength could make the kind of changes in people that you have with just your words and you beautiful way of always saying exactly what you mean… I am so fucking sorry…

    1. I wanted to post, but couldn’t find any words this morning… But then I read Jennifer’s comments and if I could say anything, it would be exactly what she just posted… I’m so sorry Maya. Sending love & strength, always.

  11. Just thinking of you and your family all the time Maya but especially this week. I’m so sorry. xoxoxo

  12. National F U Cancer Day is a brilliant idea. I will wear black too (although I have to confess I think I have worn black since my sons died).

    Thinking of you, Woody, Liam, Quinn and Ronan. F U Cancer!

  13. No words today Maya 😦 Just sending you thoughts of love and calm. I’m so fucking sorry that cancer took your son. Your love for him is truly out of this world, further than the moon and back.


    I hate cancer. I am so very sorry….I cannot believe how ignorant and unaware I was before I started reading your blog. You have made such an impact on our lives. My kids always talk about Ronan…his name is so common in our household. SO sorry.

    Hugs Maya.


  15. It’s 3:30 am and I have been reading your blog for the last 2 hours and crying my eyes out for the better part of it. I keep on wanting to wake my 4 yr old daughter and just hug her like I have never hugged her before. I get impatient and cranky with her at times but from now I will try my best to just cherish her for the wonderful little miracle that she is…and I have you and Ronan to thank for! What a wonderful little boy you have (i am using the present tense because he still is there with you…your lil spicy monkey). God bless him and you and keep him safe.

  16. It is because of Palmer Cash that I found this amazing blog, and my outlook on mommyhood…. and cancer changed forever, on Dec. 24. Thanks to them(and of course you, Maya) I love deeper and see my 3 babies in a whole new light.

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