Spread the RoLove

5 responses to “Spread the RoLove”

  1. Yes!!!!

  2. Love it!!! We will do it to honor RO!!!! Ronan Love Forever!

  3. Monica Stuve Avatar
    Monica Stuve

    Awesome! And I would like to volunteer or help out in any way needed at PCH (or anywhere else needed for that matter) on Ronan’s Day of Love! I sent an email to his Foundation today offering to help. I would love to give back in some way… If nothing else, I will pay it forward on his special day. Thinking of you always Maya!!

  4. Maya that couldn’t be any more perfect…I will, along with my family, do the best I can do to honor Ronan, your family, your grief, your love for him and each other. May many blessings come your way this month, in spite of the heaviness you feel. Know that you are very loved and that so many are holding you close to their hearts, both during this especially tough month and always. xo

  5. RoLove!!! Always Ro!!

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