My celebrity guest blogger of the day… Rita!


Cathi Herrod, I read SB 1462 – did you? I invite you to meet some of the kids getting bullied at school because they’re bald from chemo. I invite you to explain to me why you would use your political clout to kill a bill that would help teachers and administrators do a better job for our kids. For my kid. Open invite, Cathi. – Rita

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  1. I’m a junior in college where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I plan to become a Kindergarten teacher. I am amazed that someone would oppose this, as Nicole Stanton did. The reason I am becoming a Kindergarten teacher is because kids awesome, they are our future, they are so pure hearted and incredibly unique, and they deserve the very best education and childhood. We’re the adults here. It is not only our job but our responsibility to act wisely on behalf of children. Bullying will not be tolerated in my classroom. Even five year olds can grasp the concept of love, compassion, kindness, expression, and being open minded and accepting, yet adults like Stanton can’t seem to do that. This bill was to help people! How can helping innocent children be “an agenda or ulterior motive”?! Last time I checked, going into the field of education wasn’t for the paycheck or to carry out secret “evil” plans to help groups of people that certain individuals (um, Stanton) discriminate against take over the world. It’s because I care about these kids. Their education. Their happiness. Their freedom. Their well-being. Their LIFE. It makes me sad that so many big decisions are made ( or squashed by) people who don’t seem to have a genuine vested interest in people (children!!) that the decision directly affects. People say kids can be mean, but guess who teaches kids to discriminate and hate and judge and belittle? ADULTS who do those very things! In my own classroom experiences so far, I can tell you one thing: kids a freaking amazing. They are capable of compassion beyond belief and they are capable of overcoming stereotypes put in place by the people that came before them. But in order to do so, we have to give these young children a chance to grow up in a place where they aren’t mocked, bullied, stereotyped, and taught to hate others or disgusting and superficial reasons. I have complete faith in our kiddos. Give them a chance. And let people with a genuine and compassionate vested interest in our children have a louder voice than those who clearly don’t give a damn. Go Rita and Maya!! I am so completely on board with you!

  2. *need to fix something, I meant Cathi not Nicole. I was thinking of the wrong name when I wrote the last comment!

  3. Whenever I think of you and your family ( which is EVERYDAY all the way from Vancouver Island, Canada ) I think of a song called “Puzzle with a piece missing” by Goyte. Your story makes me want to love a little harder. I just wish I could get braclets for my family and I. I would be so honored to share Ronans story here.

    1. Natasha…..I too am from Vancouver Island!!! I am in Sooke now!! I have 2 braceletes that I can send to you……then I am out~ I am going to need more, as I am spreading the Rolove down on the south Island!! Email me or add me on facebook if you want me to send you them Leona Lewco


  4. I haven’t read your blog in a long time and went on hoping that you had found even the slightest bit of peace; one grain of sand of healing in your entire ocean of despair. Instead I found that you would be willing to murder your husband if it could bring your son back. There is a simpler solution and it WILL work. Another mother lost her innocent, perfect son in a horrific way. It did happen. And because of him we will have a chance to see the ones we love again. All you have to do is believe. You put a lot of passion into believing a lot of things. This can be researched. Read “Heaven is for Real”. Listen to KLOVE radio station. You will find comfort. Please give it a try. God Bless.

    1. Deb. You can take that KLove Radio station and shove it up your ass. Fucking idiot.

      1. Yessss. In ROd we trust, Deb.

      2. I can’t believe that was all Deb got from the last post. Ur right Maya, what a FUCKING idiot. Some people amaze me, & not in a good way… Though there are others like you & your Ro that give me hope. I hope this last week has been at least somewhat bearable Maya. I’ve missed your words but can understand the need to take a break. I hope you are as okay as you can be… You and yours are thought of daily in Boise, Idaho.

      3. bahahahaha….well said Maya ❤


  5. I miss you, Maya. I hope you’re doing okay xo

  6. I don’t know you or your lovely family. I came across your blog via Circle of Mom’s voting and voted daily. I come to the blog often since then to read because I feel that your honesty is refreshing. Too many who lose children or suffer any loss seem so “ok”. Coping. Praying. I’m not sure I would be that way. I think I would be angry, resentful and a ton of other emotions I hope to never feel.
    I hate when people say time will heal. Things will get better.
    They won’t really. He is gone and that sucks.
    I cried all night for you one day last week (note to self: don’t read your entries right before bed) and woke up looking like crap. And then I thought…this is how you must feel daily.
    And for that, I write this comment to say…deal with it any way you know how.
    I will always come to read and support.
    Big hugs from Toronto!

  7. Thinking about you Maya and Ro…always. Sending you only love.

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