Do or do not; there is no try- Yoda


Look how easy it is. A letter already written for you, to help be a voice for these kids because they are too little to do so themselves. Please take the time to do this. In the name of screw the viagra! Kids’ with cancer matter more!

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  1. kristin from Ahwatukee Avatar
    kristin from Ahwatukee


  2. Done! Thank you and Ronan for all you do! I want you to know that everytime I start feeling frustrated with my children, I think of you and Ro. I then put things back into perspective and realize how blessed I am. You are Romazing. I thank you for all your work in helping save future families from this pain.

    I think your son is beautiful! Thank you for sharing him with the world!

  3. Done, it’s the least we can do. ❤

  4. Done…..I hope others will take the not even 5 minutes out of their lives to so something selfless to help save lives!

    Maya….hold your head high, you’re an amazing mother, and ARE making things happen!!!

    Love from VA!!!!!

  5. done and shared

  6. Done! 🙂 For Ronan and RoMama and all the ALL babies.

  7. Got a call back from Hospira saying they are on it and expect to have it in market end of March. I requested replies from McCain, Kyle and Quayle because I wanted to see if they respond. We will keep at it…this is the very least we can do.

  8. And here is what I received from Mylan. No worries…I won’t post any more responses. This is definitely a form letter so I hope they will follow through on their promises.

    Thank you for your message.

    We recognize the critical importance of preservative-free Methotrexate Injection in the treatment of patients with cancer, particularly the pediatric population, and share the concerns of patients and physicians about access to this important product. While Mylan has not had any manufacturing disruption related to its preservative-free Methotrexate Injection, we are aware of, and actively addressing, shortages of this vital drug resulting from manufacturing issues that other suppliers have experienced. Mylan has already ramped up its production in order to try to meet the increased demand and is aggressively working on both the manufacturing and regulatory fronts to expedite the FDA regulatory approvals necessary to further increase capacity.

  9. Done – with love from TX!

  10. Done! xoxoxoxo

  11. Done RoMama.

  12. there was a news release early this morning that the Gov’t is working on a regulation that will prevent another shortage like this. The generic suppply is down BUT the Brand name patented (ie expensive) med is fully available. I don’t know how the drug makers can sleep at night when they do things like this, knowing that kids are/will die because of it.

  13. Done. Thinking about Ben, you & Ronan. Thank you.

  14. Maya,
    The reason that this shortage started is because the FDA had to CLOSE Ben Venue Pharmaceuticals in Ohio due to outdated and categorically disgusting conditions. Yes, in this great country they were making a medicine (methotrexate) on outdated and dirty machines. The FDA 438 form is the one they write the report on and it was disgusting and to quote a reviewer of the company “it would make you barf.” So, once Ben Venue was shut down the supply of the drug plummeted. Now, I have to wonder if my daughter got the meds from Ben Venue. I will now ask the doctor where the medicine is coming from. They, Ben Venue have spent $250 million to update their machinery. I have heard that generic pharmaceutical companies’ conditions can be appalling. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  15. One month ago my little nephew was born. His name is Ronan and I do love that name as it changed my life last night! As I sat quietly by the fire last night reading my usual “mom” blogs, yours screamed out to me. “Hey another Ronan”…little did I know what I was about to get myself into. I proceeded to spend the next 6 hours reading your blog from day one. Tears poured down my cheeks…and a warming stirred in my heart. I found myself going into each of my three children’s rooms as they lay sleeping. I cried really hard…I felt a sense of gratitude that I may have never felt before. Your son and the story of your love has dominated my every move since last night. Your anger and bravery is so inspiring. I am a mamma to three…a son-11, a son-3 and a daughter-2…They are the sole force in every beat my heart takes. My heart aches for you and your loss. Please know that Ronan has changed my life and this change will role over to my children every day. I plan to spend more time doing “with” them instead of “for” them…A perfectly made bed, organized sock drawers, the flawless pack job for a weekend away…a never ending daily to-do list…They don’ care about these things…they want to roll in the grass…eat cookie dough…laugh…play pretend games…have their mamma tickle their toes…and so they shall! Thank you Ronan.
    I joined the “Yoda” website…emailed the letters AND now I am gonna go make cheese bagels and roll on the living room floor to our favorite music. Please know today my children will smile and laugh in honor of Ronan!!!

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