Because I miss you all the time. And I know you miss me too.

5 responses to “Because I miss you all the time. And I know you miss me too.”

  1. I love this. We’re all living for Ro with you!

  2. Great quote. Fuck you cancer. Take care Maya.

  3. Seriously, the internet is blacked out today…for SOPA/PIPA? I bet this has you fired up, it does me. I sent letters to my representatives to tell them to quit worrying about piracy and get their shit together and do SOMETHING about the KIDS that battle and die each and every day from pediatric cancer. I can not wait for Ronan’s day–when wiki goes PURPLE (or gold, but I sort of have my heart set on purple, gold has not taken off, purple will with Ro’s force!) and people are outraged about the 50 kids diagnosed today and the insane lack of funding. I think we need to start working on GOOGLE. They need to start planning a special banner in honor of Ro and all the kids that have been lost or are still battling–a banner against childhood cancer, a banner for funding, awareness.

  4. Maya – I hope you see this. Tomorrow night’s (Jan 19) episode of Greys Anatomy has a neuroblastoma case. Now they will probably sensationalize it and it won’t bring precious Ronan back, but maybe the little bit of awareness will wake people up. Think of your family everyday.

  5. Maya~

    What can’t I say right now! I’m leaving a comment about your last post here, because I feel like it might get a bit more attention. While I was reading the post, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up my family from screaming. Oh, well. But I did find myself twisting my hair ties until they almost broke. I caught myself as I did that and thought, “Oh, no, Isabelle. Take out your anger on some paper. So I grabbed a few thick notecards and started shredding them. There were so many when I was through, and on the biggest one I wrote, “These ripped up shreds are for Ronan and EVERY SINGLE other CC Child! F U MR. ANDREWS!!!!! 11/25/12. I know that sounds pretty weak, but it will make me smile when I find it in six years when I pack up my room for college, or in a couple if I go overseas. I wanted to keep those pieces, so I found a little basket in my room. It’s now my official Ronan Sean Thompson Basket, and it holds the paper, a spiky sea shell (Because it almost definately went on a journey before it came to me) , a Gryffindor mark (For spicyness and bravery :), a big marble (Wild), and soon it will hold a card from when I donated hair. I’m also going to start putting my donation money in there, I already put a twenty in. At Christmas, I will send it to you, along with a (sorry) VERY LONG card.

    Earlier tonight, my mom came in and said, “What are you reading on your computer?”
    “You know that blog I have been reading for several months, Mom?”
    “Oh, yes. The little boy’s mom kept blogging after he died?”
    “Yes, and it is so inspiring. It gives me…”
    “Yeah, and now I don’t like to complain about homework, or dumb stuff that I used to hate. I really understand now that I have NOTHING to complain about.”

    That little conversation made me happy. I don’t really know why. I just want to tell you how much Ronan has inspired me. To be everything I can be. Don’t take NO for an answer. Rebel. I love it. I question stuff now. Why at church would they say this and that in the songs. I went to my cousins’ church today and my parents were talking later about how they didn’t like the songs. I hated them. Everything in there shouted out, THIS IS PERFECT, NO CANCER, NO RONAN STORIES HERE! OK, yes, I do go to church, but at mine, we support being different. Gay. Lesbian. Having different ideas about God. He’s not ALWAYS good. I am in NO WAY WHATSOEVER TRYING TO SAY ALL THAT CRAP, “Oh, Maya, you’ll find God one day, and rejoice, blah, blah, blah. No shit like that. I’m just saying, I have been taught to be Wild and Free in a way that I want.

    Me and all of Maya’s Mafia lovies will ALWAYS STAND BY YOU FOREVER! ❤

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