Meet Ronan’s friend, Ben

This is Ben. He could really use a lot of love right now. We met his family in the clinic at PCH when Ronan was in the middle of treatment. He is the sweetest little guy that I have a big soft spot for. I asked his mama, if I could share their story and she gave me the green light. Thanks Barb. I think about you guys, everyday.

6 responses to “Meet Ronan’s friend, Ben”

  1. It’s so messed up what these kids have to go through…just looking through the procedures he has makes my head spin and my heart so, so heavy. Stupid fucking cancer.

  2. Fuck Cancer…much much love to Ben and his family and prayers to Ro to watch over his little buddy…I can’t lie, I will also send some to the other “big guy” that you should be totally pissed at FOREVER. Love you, Maya.

  3. Maya
    Ben’s story is like so many in this day of insurance limitations on clinical trials. Maybe your foundation could help folks like this get INTO a trial w/ funding. Just a thought, probably one you’ve had many times already. Check and see if the MAMSI Childrens Foundation still exists. It was started to help insured kids get treatments beyond the insurance contracts.

  4. Thank you for posting this link to Ben’s page. I read it with such a heavy heart. Then I looked at the photos of Ben and saw this child who has endured more than most of us could stand smiling from ear to ear! After all he has been through, he is still smiling and filled with HOPE! I think you should post more links to kids’ stories on the Ronan foundation page because people need to see just how many lives childhood cancer affects. I think if people read the stories and saw the pictures of all these kids, it might sink in that something needs to be done NOW! If they have to read story after story and see picture after picture of these beautiful children fighting for their lives, maybe people will be motivated to really do something. My sister, Erin Gilpin, died of cancer in 2007 and I am starting a charity in her honor called Gilpin’s Guardians to try and assist families fighting cancer with expenses that other organizations might not cover. I know my sister had trouble paying rent, utilities, etc because her and her husband were so busy with hospital visits, chemo treatments, etc that he missed a lot of work. Our goal is to raise money to assist families with these expenses as well as provide emotional and spiritual support so the families can concentrate on beating cancer with 100% of their mind, body and soul. Once we get off the ground, I know I would like to work with you and the Ronan Thompson Foundation to assist families with some of these expenses as we raise funds. I will keep you posted as my path unfolds and hopefully we can work together in the very near future. My love and prayers go out to Ben and ALL families having to endure this beast we call cancer. FUCK YOU CANCER!

    1. Kim,

      I am so sorry for your sister and for your family’s tremendous loss and I wish you the very best as you start a charity to honor her. Have you ever checked out If you look under the prayer tab (whether you prefer to pray or not) it links you to children fighting so so hard. There is also an angel section, which if you know the stats…you should not be surprised, but it still hurts your heart to see life after life lost, families literally broken forever. Some people may think I am a bit crazy for checking in there every week or so, but I feel it is the least I can do to honor those fighting out there. I can send love, positive thoughts, and prayer.

  5. I’m so behind in this blog. I’ve started from day one and am working my way to present. I was so sad to click on Ben’s link and find he had passed away earlier this year. Too many babies are leaving us. I feel like I need to finish catching up on the blog, taking this journey albeit a few steps behind. Then I feel I’ll be qualified to help. I already have an idea brewing…. Needs to simmer a little longer 😉

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