For you tonight, Ro baby. Because I hope you are safe and sound.


3 responses to “For you tonight, Ro baby. Because I hope you are safe and sound.”

  1. Inka Mama Maya. It makes me so mad – mad, mad, mad that you have to accept Ronan dying. I read somewhere some words which I think summarise the reality that although you can do nothing to change the fact that Ronan has gone from your sight you really do not need to get over his loss – his death has changed your life and its course forever. You don’t have to act a certain way, you don’t have to get rid of grief, or be anything you aren’t. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be fixed. In surrendering to all of your emotions (both dark and bright), there have been glimmers of hope, love and life and hopefully these glimmers will burn more brightly with each day that dawns. There are people in your life now that bring you love, support and comfort and are helping you make the Foundation and your efforts to create awareness and a cure for childhood cancer a huge success. Go for it you beautiful sky-diver,take care of yourself, do something just for you everyday and never stop being wild and free. Big hugs and a special not spicy wink for Ronan.Hilary xx

  2. Thinking of you especially today as you survive your fucking UNbirthday….

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