There’s a band named Starfucker? Awesome.

Walmart Bike Riding, yo!

9 responses to “There’s a band named Starfucker? Awesome.”

  1. I am sorry Maya. So very sorry for your sorrow. I pray for peace each and everyday.
    Thinking of you,

  2. Thinking of you & your family. If I could, I would bring Ro back to you! I’m reading your blog from the beginning and it is breaking my heart all over again. You, Woody & the boys do not deserve this. Neither does Ro. He belongs with you.
    If I believed in prayers, I would pray for you to find the slightest peace this holiday. But instead, I will wish it upon the shooting star I saw earlier tonight.


  3. Love the name of the band and the picture on the bike. xoxo

  4. Dear Ronan, get in touch with me A.S.A.P. It’s urgent.

  5. hang in there–that is all that I can say—FU Cancer!!

  6. Maya!!!!

    i haven’t posted in awhile but I wanted to comment on your comment about not taking meds and i just want to say that i am one of those folk who completely supports and agrees with your decision to not take a pill……………you are my inspiration in life and FUCK CANCER!!!!! i am a nursing major and want to specialize in pediatrics, ronan is my driving force!!!!!!!!! love you mama maya! ❤

  7. Way to make it through Christmas!! I was thinking about you all weekend. I’m actually up here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m so happy you were able to be here and just breathe in the air. That northwest air is something small, but it is something good.

    I’m not much a of a church girl but I went on xmas to make my family happy. I thought about you and Ronan the entire time. I prayed, to who – I have no idea, but I prayed none the less for you and your survival. I say survival because to call it grief seems insignificant. I guess I feel like I’m watching you survive right now (and you are doing a FUCKING AMAZING job at it!), not watching you grieve. How could I watch you grieve when I have no idea what you are really going though??

    Of course, like most readers I’m sure, I worry about you. BUT, then I get to read a very spicy response like that one I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say “SEE, DO YOU SEE THAT AMAZING MAYA! A WOMAN LIKE THAT KICKS SO MUCH ASS!!” And I know you are going to survive. People with all the fire inside don’t just wilt away. You are a powerful, kickass mom, period.

    That reader is nuts. Effing nuts. You rock! Love you Mama-Maya!

    1. whoops! I meant to post this on your most recent story…. i’ll repost since it will make more sense!

  8. i love this band. if you havnt already, you should listen to the song by them called julius. ❤

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