For you, Ro. For me. For us. Because Neil is one of our favs.

4 responses to “For you, Ro. For me. For us. Because Neil is one of our favs.”

  1. Benjamin button is one of my fav movie!

    Thinking of you mama… Always Thinking of Rockstsr Ro!!! Of Woody, Liam & Quinn!!!

  2. Love this song. It was played at a funeral of a friend when he died of epilepsy at 18. I saw Neil play it at a music festival a
    few years later and cried.
    Just want you to know that i carry you and Ro in my heart every day. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by how much you hurt and how unfair it is that i cry in the middle of what I’m doing. I know I’m not the only one. Lots of love, Maya xo

  3. Every time I get a notification that you have written.. my heart soars and breaks all at the same time.. I wear my Rock Star Ronan shirt all the time.. refusing to take it off long after it needs washed… the kids I nanny for listen to BigJet Plane everyday after school. They ask to hear “Ronans song”. They know everything I know about you.. Ronan and what a true rockstar entails. XO

  4. What a rockstar quote! Thinking of you and Ronan and your family today. Sending you love.

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