Hey Sports Fans!!!! Looking what is being Bid on to raise money for Ronan’s Foundation!!!


6 responses to “Hey Sports Fans!!!! Looking what is being Bid on to raise money for Ronan’s Foundation!!!”

  1. wow. this is amazing. maya you are moving mountains. first i read about bret michaels wearing the rockstar ronan bracelet on national tv, now this! wow. i have chills!

  2. Wow, that’s so awesome!!! 🙂 There are some good peep’s that really care! Love to you today Miss Maya! xoxoxo

    1. was just laying down w/ my 5 yr olds thinking about all that has transpired from you and your baby, maya! TRULY AMAZING!! much love to you and yours!!

  3. Very awesome!! Go Ronan, move these mountains sweet, precious boy! What an amazing spirit you are!!!!

  4. It is 1:30 am. When I wake up I check my email to see if the next post has arrived. I am sorry I am not Bret or your favorite lovie, or a Doctor that is finding the cure for Neuroblastoma. I want to help and make THE difference. If my tears could build a bridge to the purple star in the sky, it would have been built day 1.
    I am thankful that the signs from Ronan keep coming in as I know they make you stronger and may even ease your heartache a bit.
    Warden Woody cares enough to be the Warden. He is with you and by your side every step.
    Have an awesome Rockstar day. I’ll be getting some of the purple bracelets and spreading the word.

  5. Hi Maya,

    I recently learned of your blog and your gorgeous Ronan from a friend. My son was diagnosed with brain cancer in August. I’m inspired by your fight and am grateful for your willingness to so candidly, and with such presence, share your incredible pain. I feel your strength in every painful and articulate description of this turmoil.

    We have an AZ Cards signed football to donate for an eBay auction if you’re willing to take it. We trying to find ways to pay things forward and help others too, even though we’re in the middle of this f’d up shit. We have to relentlessly pursue the end of cancer and, for our babies, end the inequity in funding and research for childhood cancer. We stand with you in every way we can. My best friend is coming to see us in CA for t-day and will bring the football back to PHX to get to you. It’s not much, but it’s what we have to give right now.
    Love & solidarity,
    Audra & Max

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