7 thoughts on “Because I can’t sleep. And I’m sad. And this video makes me laugh. And dance parties make everything better.”

  1. Hi Maya! I read your posts daily. I am so affected by your posts, that some days I stay home paralyzed and just cry. Without Katie and Foundation, our family would have never known about Ronan. As much as it sucks for you to hear, Thank you. My daughter, Tierney now has a passion (as fucked up as that it is) in her heart for Ronan and fighting Cancer. She wears her Rockstar Fashion show lanyard everywhere. Kids and teachers were crying at school yesterday. Yeah! She wore it to her dental appointmnet and I could hear her explaining it to the girls there, as I listened from the lobby, and they cried. Yeah! I am not happy about them crying, I am happy that it is touching people to an actual level of feeling something for Fuck Sake! A friend posted this video on my FB and I thought it might make you giggle, if even for a second. I pictured you on your runs, or your drives to Sedona with the ability to do this to people that are fucking assholes. Be safe in your travels! Treacy

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  2. Your story has touched my life. It is the reason I am the best mommy rockstar I can be. I am teaching my boys to live their life to the fullest and to take chances today because you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. I have been doing “dance parties” since college and they look exactly like that! You made me smile 🙂

    I must say a reader’s comment the other day has stirred up even more emotion in me to help you change the world. She posted a poem titled “the power of a woman”. It has some powerful messages about how one woman can change the world. I believe this with all my heart. I have read your blog religiously but quietly never posting comments. But right now I want you to know that I’ve got your back and when you are ready to take charge I will be your ‘mafia’ fighter.

    I am 20 minutes out of NYC the media capital of the world. I am ready to “start spreading the news”………Just say the word and we will make “komen for the cure”, pink, breast cancer awareness month look like a bunch of amateurs. We can’t let childhood cancer continue to be such a taboo subject. I would love to be a part of a nationwide dance party benefit to “rock the house for a cure” and “dance like a rockstar” in Ronan’s memory.

    I am so deeply sorry…….
    Hugs to you xoxo


  3. Ronan is my hero. You are an angel. I just recently lost my Daddy to Stage 4 esophageal cancer. My Daddy was my everything, my best friend. Every day that passes and he isnt here makes me crazy with anger- but mostly sad. Sad for me, my brothers and sisters. Mostly sad for him. Every day has been a huge struggle for me to get out of bed, to go on. A friend told me about you and your sweet Ronan and in the last two days of researching and reading your blog- I honestly have found a purpose to get out of bed and do something.. You are a movement and I truly believe you and Ronan- your entire family are an inspiration to this world. I am honored to have been able to read your words. For all my life- you and your son will be with me everyday. To lose your parent, your sibling, a friend that is a horrible, awful thing.. but to lose your baby- I can imagine no greater injustice. You are truly brave- strong and give so many people HOPE.

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