Because you are ALL Rockstars!

You are ALL already Rockstars, for continuing to fight this fight with me. For Ronan and all the other babes out their who are fighting this fight or will sadly fight this fight, in the future. I want to hug each and every one of you and tell you thank you. I wish I knew all of your faces and names so I could properly thank you all. Words cannot even express how thankful I am. Seeing the amount of support that has continued to flood in, keeps me going and strong. I know the love I have for Ronan, is going to change the world. I love you all for believing in our love so much that you continue to scream, yell, cry, and cuss for Ro. Until things start to change and Childhood Cancer gets the attention it deserves. With the help of my amazing Busy Little Bees, we put together an idea. For those of you who are out-of-town, or just cannot make it to the event, we thought this would be a great way for you to still be a part of our amazing night.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Thank you to everyone helping in making this event as fun and sparkly as Ronan. Thank you for helping his spirit, fire, and soul, live on. Thank you for being a part of something bigger than yourselves. Something life changing. You get that there is more to life than just “this.” You get that this isn’t just about Childhood Cancer. You get it and I appreciate that so much.

Details are below. I hope you think it’s as awesome as I do. I cannot wait to see our Rockstars in action:)

Garage is accepting Submissions thru November 4th of your children celebrating their inner rockstar! All entries will be entered into a “Rockstar” montage to be played the evening of “ROCK the RUNWAY for RONAN” on November 10th. These Rockstars will bask in the glory of their photos being shown on the Garage Facebook page, The Ronan Thompson website, the Brightest Star Facebook page and YouTube. One(1) submission will be drawn to win a Rockstar VIP swag bag from the event. Each photo entry should include the child’s name(or alter ego Rockstar name) telephone number, mailing address as well as an email address. A photo caption is optional.
Photos should be sent to Donations are required and can be made at (suggested donation amount of $25). 100% of donations benefit The Ronan Thompson Foundation, a 501(c)3, devoted to finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

By submitting a photograph and participating in the Contest, entrant, for him/herself and on behalf of the child, irrevocably transfers, grants and assigns to Garage LLC and The Ronan Thompson Foundation, its affiliates and its respective successors, assigns, and licensees, the right to use the name, likeness, image and photograph, including any reproductions of same, in any and all media for any advertising or promotional purposes, without additional compensation, and releases Garage LLC and The Ronan Thompson Foundation and any entity acting on their behalf from any liability with respect thereto.

5 responses to “Because you are ALL Rockstars!”

  1. YES. What an awesome idea; I’ve got some rockstars around my house who will participate. Good things, Maya. Good things ahead.

  2. What a wonderful idea!! We love you too Maya (and Ronan!!). There hasn’t been a day go by since I started reading your blog that at some point in the day I don’t think about him. He has forever impacted my soul.

  3. ENTERED! YAY! (And. I agree with every wold Cheska posted. It IS wonderful. We DO love you. And you have impacted my life and my interactions with my own little Rockstar TREMENDOUSLY.)

  4. This is so awesome! I was thinking and wondering what we could do, as we’re in San Diego. It is such an honor to be apart of what you are doing. It’s such an honor to believe in you, andm your love for Ronan. I feel like I have fallen in love with him also.
    I don’t have bracelets yet, so I randomly write down on pieces of paper and leave them for people to find. I always wonder who picks them up, and if they start reading and their world changes like mine did the day I started. You and Ronan are so powerful and are absolutely changing the face of children’s cancer.

    lots of love,


  5. Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters and Mama Maya has her Rockstars!!

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