How can you look at these two pictures, and think that he is not worth the 3 minutes it takes to sign this?




21 responses to “How can you look at these two pictures, and think that he is not worth the 3 minutes it takes to sign this?”

  1. Oh, Maya! I signed. If I could I’d create 5,000 different email addresses and use them all to sign under fake names. I think we all would. Legal? Probably not. Worth it? Definitely.

    1. Lol! I was thinking if doing the same thing! 🙂 All I can do is post and repost! This is sad that not a lot of people care…

  2. I wish I could sign, Maya, but as an Australian I’m not eligible. I posted it 3 times on my Facebook page for the many American friends I have and also an online community I’m a part of; only 2 people responded. It makes me want to scream at the world that this is not good enough!!!

  3. BRILLIANT (but infinitely SAD) wording & imagery, Maya!! I’ve been freakin posting links to petitions and other stuff like this on Facebook, or writing posts asking family & friends to write to Congress (with easy links to facilitate the process) and it goes by LARGELY IGNORED. Even after *ALL* the *SHIT* they’ve seen my 6 year old go through the past 4.5 years during treatment for relapsed high risk leukemia (bone marrow transplant, maximum lifetime dose of radiation in 4 days, etc). Yet, when someone else asks many of these same people to repost INFINITELY STUPID SHIT like the color of their bras or to pretend that their pregnant in order to “promote awareness about cancer,” all the sheep jump on the bandwagon. It burns my ass so bad!!!! It drives me INSANE and makes me feel like people just DON’T care about kids either dying or almost dying everyday, but yet, they care enough about engaging in frivolous, nonsensical BULLSHIT for who knows what reason… I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to post a similar post on my son’s blog, too, along with the link.

  4. GGGRRRRR – Are people not signing this petition? Everyone, PLEASE sign this – it literally takes a minute — and then POST it to Facebook to get more signatures. Be a part of the change that is so desperately needed!!! PLEASE! Do it for Ronan!

  5. I signed a while ago Maya, but thanks for the reminder to have my husband sign too. Done!


  6. Oh Maya, These photos are heartbreakers, and my heart is broken for you and your entire family, espicially my good friend, your Mom. Your blog is often very difficult reading, but I read it, trying to get into your heart as much as possible. Where have I been? In reading the comments above, I read about a petition I don’t remember seeing or signing. Is it possible to clue me in? Sue

    1. Sue, the link to the petition is in red right above the photos of Ronan.

  7. Signed the other day…..and sharing! Let’s do this people!

  8. I just had my husband vote too. Take care.

  9. Oh Maya…Bless his precious soul. Heartbreaking. Sadly, I think you are onto something here. Maybe people need to see the brutal reality of Cancer’s work, maybe then people will be outraged, do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to stop this madness. Maybe seeing what these precious babies endure as they battle for their lives will wake people up? Perhaps seeing the sweet smiling faces of children who have fought or are fighting is too easy–maybe people need to be a little less comfortable, maybe the pictures should HAUNT us all until something is done to change this world where Cancer is STILL taking the lives of the most innocent and precious souls. Maybe this is what it would take for a petition to have 5000+ signatures in an hour rather than weeks and still not even getting CLOSE? I don’t know what to say because I quite simply don’t understand how people who I would never guess to be heartless and uncaring are not running in droves to sign this petition.

  10. Signed! I almost stopped at ‘sign in first’ but pushed through, because you’re 100,000% right- ‘Is he is not worth the 3 minutes it takes to sign this??’

    I’m about to repost to all the childhood cancer groups on fb I’m a part of.

  11. Just did it for you Ronan!! You are worth that 3 mins and SO SO much more. Come on people we can take out 3 mins to make a difference!!!!

  12. I am completely shocked that this is still no where near the needed 5,000 votes! I thought it would easily reach that within the first few days! Why wouldn’t someone take the 3 minutes of their time to sign this? Are they too afraid of getting too much “junk” emails? Are they really that busy? No one should be that busy and no one should care if they get one more “junk” email if it means helping find a cure for the horrible disease that took your precious (and many other’s) little boy.
    I signed right away when you originally posted about this but I will now post this onto my facebook page and beg my friends to sign it as well. I didn’t do that before b/c I honestly thought there would be no problem reaching that goal immediately! I’m shocked.
    Keep your head up. You’re getting there and making a difference and Ronan would be proud.

  13. I am Disappointed in how many haven’t signed, But like the other woman above I am using my Family and friends and they are Gladly voting! I will keep at it!

  14. Let’s kick childhood cancers ass

  15. I did not know Ronin, but I know people who knew his mommy and him. He was a beautiful child who lived with a beautiful family who all loved each other very much. He was blessed to have his family and they were blessed to have him for a short time. The world was a better place for him. We need to at least do our part to help kids by at least signing this. We need our politicians to put children first and make sure there is more money going towards research on childhood illnesses and education than in bailing out more banks and big businesses so they can continue to misspend our tax dollars. Ronin will be missed. Let’s try helping families not miss their ill children, too.

  16. 57,000 assholes have signed a petition to legalize marijuana?

    How is it SOOO hard to get 5000 people to sign for a FAR worthier cause?

    1. SERIOUSLY. I’ve posted the link on Facebook several times asking my friends & family to sign it. My 6 yr old is a cancer survivor & had a bone marrow transplant last year. They’ve seen him battle leukemia for 4.5 years and perhaps 10 of my 400 FB contacts signed the petition. I don’t fucking get it. >.<

  17. I am so sorry for what u and your family are going through, I hope everything gets better for you!!

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