You know why, Ro

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  1. It’s Tuesday again and I am thinking of you as sit at my desk working. I smile when I see the gorgeous photos of Ronan and you, and it reminds that we have such capacity to love – and with a singleness of heart and soul. That kinda love never fails or diminishes even after such a devastating loss as yours. The trouble is that while love sustains, hearts don’t mend but you will never ever lose the love you and Ronan have. He is with you in every breath you take, every blink of your eye, every giggle, every tear, every moment of kindness and stillness and rage. He is beside you because you love him and he loves you. Anyway, I hope your day is more smiles than tears. Hugs from us in the UK xx

  2. Hi Maya,
    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you all. The past several days, you all have been everywhere. I’ve heard several songs on the radio that bring you all to mind. I live in Tennessee, so we’re always a bit behind on trends and such, but they’ve finally started playing Foster The People on the radio here, and everytime I hear one of their songs I think of you all. And when I hear any Coldplay, particularly Fix You. That one always made me cry for my own reasons, and now I cry for you too. Lastly, I was trying to get motivated to do some work around the house and then Zombieland came on. I had not watched it before, but I knew you and Ronan loved it, so I procrastinated a little longer and watched it. Loved it! That is some funny shit. And a little sad when it came to the line you mentioned about if you take a man’s child you’ve truly left him nothing to lose. In the middle of that crazy movie, I shed a tear for you and yours. I’m sending lots of love and prayers your way.

  3. Maya, I sent you an e-mail regarding this and now, after reading this latest post about carrying Ronan around with you, I decided to leave this one last time in a comment. There is a website for a company that takes a small portion of ashes and turns it into a diamond ring. I don’t know why but I just think this is so “you.” I picture you selecting a blue one to go with Ronan’s beautiful blue eyes. Anyway, the website is Maybe I’m wrong and this isn’t for you but I just thought I’d tell you about it one more time.

  4. I love this song!! And I think of your Ro baby when I listen to The Carpenter’s – They Long to Be (Close to You). Thank you for sharing all your music selections!!
    Take care today sweet Maya. ❤

  5. The song by Miley Cyrus called “When I look at you” came on today, it made me think of you and Ro and the love you shared. Here are some of the lyrics:

    “You, appear just like a dream to me.
    Just like kaleidoscope colors,
    That cover me,
    All I need,
    Every breath that I breathe,
    Don’t you know you’re beautiful!”

    xoxo, listen to it, it’s a lovely song! 🙂 hugs…

  6. There are also necklaces that are like little urns… Any design, even dolphins!

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