Thank you.





Ro baby. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams last night. It was so unexpected as I was beginning to think it was never going to happen. You were at home, with us, where you belong. You were bald, but running about just as you always did. You were happy. I watched you and started to cry out to your daddy that I didn’t understand how you were so sick, and you were going to die, because you looked and acted so healthy. I knew your fate in my dream. I knew that you were going to be taken away from us, in the end.

I’m sorry. I miss you so very much. Thank you for my gift of being able to see you in my dreams. I love you and hope you are safe.


17 responses to “Thank you.”

  1. Maya
    Thank you so very, very much for sharing.
    I can;t tell you how happy that I am that Ronan visited with you in your dreams.
    He is always there and always will be. Your bond is unbreakable.
    Again, thank you so very much for allowing Ronan into our lives, it has changed us forever.
    Steph, NJ

  2. Maya,

    I’m so happy Ro was in your dream last night! I hope you have an ok day today and this weekend.

    Enjoy every minute of every day with Liam and
    Quinn. They need you!

    Peace and strength

  3. Thats so amazing Maya, so glad he came to you, hopin u have many more blissful dreams about Ronan! Thats so touching! Thank u Ro. 😉

  4. I am so happy for you Maya!!! It will be a good day!!!

  5. Yeah!! 🙂

  6. insertwittytitleheremomstired Avatar

    I’m so glad this finally happened. Here’s to many returns of Ro in your dreams.

  7. Oh Maya….so very happy for you! What a gift to have your sweet baby boy visit you in your dreams. May that bring you some peace and comfort all day long! Next time he visits, I would like him to have a little F.U. to cancer chant, song, or dance.

  8. So glad to hear you got a visit from Ronan. I just have to comment that when my son visits me in my dreams I always know he is dead/going to die and mostly I am so pleased to see him and give him hugs and take in his beautiful smile. I wonder if it is a protection because if I woke up from one of those dreams and I didn’t know he was dead then the waking up would be even more terrible.

  9. Brittany Brockman Avatar
    Brittany Brockman

    I cry reading every post. My heart aches…this is SO wrong and unfair. He’s beyond beautiful. Thank you for allowing us into your world. It is heartbreaking but so important & meaningful to so many of us…

  10. i’m so glad you dreamed of him! Sweet picture, made me smile.

    I am soooo happy you got a visit from Ro!

    Love you Maya


  12. So glad that he finally came to you. I think with the ambiem gone, maybe it will happen more often. I hope you have a great weekend with your boys, including Woody.

  13. I’m so glad he visited. It must have been bittersweet to wake up.

  14. oh maya i’m so happy you got a visit from your sweet ro!! this post gave me the chills and made my heart smile for you!! i hope this is the start of many many visits from ro!


  15. Maya..I am so happy that Ronan visited you in your dream. I know it means the world to you.

    I hope you had a good day today.


  16. Yay for you! Wishing you sweet dreams tonight and every night! Love and hugs!

  17. I got mad at God again last night, and I just started crying about Ro. When I prayed to him, I asked him in my angry voice if he could just cut you a break. What was so hard about letting Ro come and visit you while you sleep, and I prayed some more and I begged to just let you see your son again, and sure enough… when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was check my email and read this. I’m happy you got to see your baby, he’s so beautiful whether he’s bald or has hair, he was an angel long before you ever said your goodbyes my love and I hope someday you get your peace, it’ll be then and only then that maybe I’ll get mine. I want to help you fight childhood cancer whatever you need, whatever I can do! I’m gonna do it!

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