My lovelies……

Can you all blast the word to everyone you know?? I think I can win this thing! I think it will really help in bringing awareness to Ro’s story which he so deserves and so do all the other beautiful cancer kids out there. It’s a small start, but a start indeed. Thank you again to the person who nominated me. It’s time to create an uproar in the lack of awareness that childhood cancer gets. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!


If the link does not come up, just copy and paste it to vote. You just hit the “like” button.

19 responses to “My lovelies……”

  1. You totally deserve to win! I was clicking through reading the other ladies that have been mominated and I came across this other nomination for you!

  2. Yes! The link worked just fine for me, and I put it as my status on FB. Let’s do this!

  3. I think you should add your lovely photo to this 🙂 Good luck!

    1. love the picture you added 🙂 and you’re winning!! yay! 🙂 God bless…xoxoxoxo

  4. I want you to win so badly!!! I also found the second one too. You are leading right now. I put the link on my twitter and FB as well. Let’s do it!!!

  5. I just did it! You are amazing. You deserve to win. I’m rooting for you all the way.

  6. Maya,
    I blasted to all my friends earlier today. Did you know you and Ro are also #15 on the list with another 85-some votes in excess of the 900+? Can you somehow reach out to them? I hope they know you are a landslide winner waiting to share your story.

  7. ok, I just saw Tanya said the same thing. Never mind.

  8. Where is the like button?

    I copied and paste the link but can’t find the LIKE button!

    I want to vote for you!!! 🙂

  9. Already spreading across Facebook, Maya!

  10. Not sure if you know but there are two nominations for you. Maybe they can combine them so all the votes are in one nomination. You are kicking ass!!

  11. Do you vote everyday?

  12. Just posted on my FB page! Good luck!

  13. YAY!! You are WAY ahead of the pack! Go Momma Go!

  14. You will rock some momination! Nice work! Thanks for inspiring so many.

  15. I voted! Also came across this song by Lykke Li…very beautiful.

  16. Just sending you a hug from the UK. It is a rainy day here and I immediately thought of you as you mentioned you liked the rain. I hope today will be more sunshine than showers for you though. x

  17. Maya – I “+1’d it” – I hope that counts. I dn’t have a facebook otherwise I would “like” it.

  18. I liked it, and posted it on FB. Good luck — you deserve it!

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