One thought on “Ro, for you. Helena Beat.”

  1. A FB acquaintance linked a post about Ronan’s Day of Kindness. I clicked the link to learn more. That was 3 hours ago and I’ve since read your entire blog. I’m just devastated about the loss of your Ronan and what your family and friends have had to endure this last year. But, as I was reading, and crying, and reading some more, I couldn’t help but think of the Mac’s, another family who, like you, lost their precious little girl, Cora, to the same cancer. I don’t know if you’re heard of them or read their blog (I don’t know how large the circle of support is for this type of cancer, it could be enormous because of the blogosphere) but I thought I’d pass their web address along. I don’t believe in god and I’ve never met the Mac’s, who are religious people, but there is something about Jess Mac’s writing, the way that she tells her story, the observations that she makes, the way that she tries to make sense of her life, that totally speaks to me. Maybe it will do the same for you. Much peace to you and your family. Christine H

    The Mac’s:

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