My song for you tonight, Ro baby. I love you.

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  1. Hi Maya,
    I have been following your blog and just read the post about the “overly concerned blog reader.” I must say that I truly love what you wrote and felt that I had to get this out there. My little sister was diagnosed with JRA (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis) at the age of 18 months. She spent the majority of her early years in and out of hospitals. My other sister and I spent many days at Grandma’s house, with babysitters, or with my Dad since my Mom was with my sister. I must say that my sister did not have cancer, but came close to dying many times (she has no immune system). I tell you this, because I was that kid left at home while my Mom was at the hospital fighting doctors, making decisions based on theories, and worrying about her other children at home. I grew up happy and realizing that my sister needed my Mom at that time. I never once blamed my Mom or my sister for that lost time. I love them both very much and my sister is one of my best friends. My Mom and I have a wonderful relationship and when we talk about those dark days she is sad that she couldn’t be there, but my sister needed her more.

    Now my story does not even meet anything what you are going through, I just wanted to let you that Quinn and Liam know you love them. They probably feel as if your whole family was fighting for Ronan just as much as you were. I have a very protective shield over my sister and that stems from watching her little body break down on her. Quinn and Liam had each other, just as my sister and I had each other. You are a terrific mom, you are a warrior Mom that will fight anything that comes at you. Never forget it! God Bless your family and you will constantly be in my prayers!

  2. Maya, this is only the second time I’ve commented but I’ve been reading for weeks. I read that comment and thought that lady was way off the mark. I’m glad you have this site to release all your emotions. I think it’s incredibly healthy and you are refreshingly honest. For me, it’s plain to see that you adore your family and love your boys equally but differently. They are different people, it’s different love! It’s clear as day, so please know that from reading this site, it’s obvious that you have never chosen a favourite.

    You’re a great mum. Your boys are so lucky to have you. I know you are in so much pain and I know I will never understand it properly but reading this site has given me a glimpse into some of it. I know it’s not nearly on the same level but I was an ill child and could never quite understand how my mum felt so much pain when I was in hospital. Reading this site has helped me understand some more. I’ve seen pain in my own mum’s eyes, I hear pain in your words. Life is so fucking unfair for you and for sweet Ronan who should be here enjoying the summer with you.

    I’m aware there are no words that I can say to comfort you but I’m sending a lot of love through the computer to you guys all the way from the UK.

    I stumbled across this quote a few days ago and thought you might like it;
    “Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”


  3. cooki in cincinnati Avatar
    cooki in cincinnati

    I am just a follower and think of you often. A huge hole in your heart is hard to fill. You’ll pull through with the love of your close friends and family. I hope you can make that trip to Ireland (?) you had planned to take this summer.

  4. Way to go Maya! I really don’t think some people get it..You do and you are the best at EVERYTHING you do and have done…xoxo

  5. Well said. your blog is so beautifully written straight from the heart. Honestly it is very difficult to read especially because your little guy looks very similar to my son the same age. I feel such sorrow for you and hope that you can find some sort of peace in this unfair world. Maybe you could change your blog to have no comments. It is sick to see that people can judge others in their pain. No one can feel what you do at this time. How could they even think their opinion matters when they don’t even know you. Much love to your family

  6. Thinking about the Thompson family – just like I do everyday. Hoping and praying y’all are having a good day today.

    Love and hugs from Texas,
    Toni Collins

  7. Hi Maya,
    I know how interested and inspired you are by Dr. Sholler. Check this out — it is a collaborative effort she is working on and it is very HOPEFUL for neuroblastoma. This groundbreaking work is a RAY OF LIGHT in the tunnel of darkness of childhood cancer. I pray every day for a breakthrough. We owe that to your rockstar. xoxoxo

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