Love you forever, New York Miss Macy

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  1. LOVE his lil voice! His clothes! How cute! Lil man Rockstar Ro! Shine on! Thinking of you and your mama bear XX

  2. Maya and Ronan,

    I can not begin to tell you the impact you have had on my life and the others around me. Today, I’m a better mom, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and a better woman by simply knowing your story! You have truly captured my heart! When I first read your blog I saw you would tell Ronan, “I love you to the moon and back.” This hit home! I tell my 2yr old son Jaiden, “who loves you? Mommy does! How much? From here to the moon and back, 3 billion times!” and then I tickle him and we laugh has hard as we can! And all along, I thought I had made this up. 🙂 Who knew that you too shared this simple yet powerful saying! I know I don’t know you personally but somehow I feel so connected to you and so connected to your journey. When I read your blog my heart aches for you Maya as well as your family. I can’t begin to imagine the pain this must bring. But from this pain and heartache you are touching lives, changing lives and will continue to do so on your journey! My heart bleeds tears as I read your posts and it breaks every time I try… for that one moment… to imagine myself in your shoes. But please know that by simply being real, sharing your heart, your tears and your raw emotions, you’re making a difference! One that you may not realize today but when you look back and achieve the goals you’ve set, this will be a battle won! So thank you so very much for sharing with us, this tragic loss you and your family have been forced to endure. I feel this has brought a new purpose to my life and I will continue to do whatever in my power to support you, follow you and support Ronan The RockStar Thompson!

  3. sweet boy

  4. No words… just sadness.

    @Tara: Beautiful post

  5. There are holes that simply cannot be filled. Your words have brought us as close to losing a child as we could without having to experience your immeasurable pain…months ago you asked if this was somehow destiny…that your breath-taking child would ultimately be responsible for changing the future of cancer. I have heard of and read heartbreaking stories of loss, but none has touched me the way yours and Ronan’s has. You are dying inside, but fighting to live. Mourning with such honesty that it challenges EVERY person who follows your blog to stop and think…I wonder if God “uses” souls to change the world and that, I do not know…not for one moment have I doubted you and Ronan. You were meant to be Ronan’s mom. Ronan is changing the world, but at such a cost…I cannot imagine. Your openness…your bravery…the sharing of your soul as it’s breaking…Your son is changing lives and you, his only mother and how you share your life with strangers…is changing the future of childhood cancer.
    I pray that you keep fighting. I pray that we, who read your words, become patient and learn to appreciate the preciousness of life as you see it…everything so beautiful, fragile and perfect, even when it is not. I think about you, Ronan and your family every day.

  6. He is so sweet..I love his voice. It makes me so sad. Thank you for sharing. I cannot imagine having all these memories and my child not being here. Hang in there are thought of by me everyday…

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