4 thoughts on “My song tonight to you, Ro. Thanks Rauwayda.”

  1. 1,053,678 !!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!! Have you seen all the hits for this blog?? MAYA!! You have gone viral!!! This is only the beginning. Ronan is going to change this disease. people are going to wake up, and recognize. I know that the price will ALWAYS be too high, because he was lost. But change is coming. because of him. and because of you!!

  2. 1,055,218 hits!!! Keep it coming Maya and Rockstar Ro! I stand behind you… Maya’s Mafia! Maya’s Army! We can do it!

    LOVE this song!

  3. WOW, this is truly amazing!! Maya, You and Ronan are changing the world!! Over a million people!!! Ronan is such a hero and there will be many lives saved because of him!! I just know it!! Believing!!!!!

  4. Maya,
    I’m college friends with Etta, who’s boys are friends with your twins. She posted your blog link when Ronan passed and I’ve been visiting your blog, crying (balling), reading ever since. I just don’t know how you’re coping but it reads as though you’re gaining strength each day. I want to thank you for being brutally honest, for reminding me to not take a SINGLE DAY of my life and time wiht my 18-month old son for granted, and to love my husband with everything I have in me. I know you’re starting a movement and I believe it. You are beautiful inside and out–and your son, as you say and I agree–was incredibly beautiful inside and out. I don’t know why I get the lump in my throat as I do when I read your words. Perhaps it’s that I imagine myself in your shoes and not sure how I would survive. I then go back to my son’s room to look at him and simply watch him sleep. In fact, 2 nights ago, I put my hand on his back and he woke up. We sat in the rocking chair for 30 minutes and I just held him close. I held him and was reminded by your words. When he frustrates my by tossing all the dog food into the water–while irritated, I laugh and love the moment.
    THANK YOU for sharing your journey and I am so so so very sorry for what you are going through. I don’t know how I would survive. I can tell your sons and your husband are keeping you going. And that’s the miracle of the life we live.

    My husband is a big believer in meditation, seeing those that have passed, and recognizing the signs. While it can be sad, isn’t it an amazing thing to have had those indications from Ro as you did yesterday when driving to see your friend that had made the hats? It had me in tears (again).

    I’m all for supporting your cause and look forward to contributing how I can. God Bless You, your family. God bless your incredible son, Ronan. It just tears me apart that he was taken from you and I’m so so so very sorry. I just wish he could have stayed on this earth to spread his love, warmth, strength, courage, and wisdom. What an incredible, incredible child.

    All of my very best positive thoughts to you, to Ronan, to your family. Love,

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