Katie Couric, anyone??

Somebody sent me this email. I think it’s worth a shot. Who’s in??  Katie Couric is getting her own daytime show,  Launching SEPTEMBER 2012!! Let’s get her to hear your story! You are the best writer. She WILL connect with you and we will bombbard them w/ letters.

Cancer is already close to her heart. I know it was had to lose her husband, but she wont believe the story you can tell.  And launtching in September! ! It’s a sign!!
Let’s launtch opperation : awarness and let’s get to Katie Or Ellen!! ( you have your army!)
I need to be a part!
Reading Lala -Grace website I need to help!
I will always remember Ronan. I just can’t believe out of thousands of pictures I looked at on the gap web-site looking for my own kids. I found your guy and his eyes burned his beauty into my soul.

Somebody has to listen. Let me know if anyone can find her contact info. Awareness= A Cure!!!


My baby did not deserve to die. No child does. I have to find someone to listen and to help these babies!


23 responses to “Katie Couric, anyone??”

  1. I am 100% on team Ronan and will write as many emails/letters it takes to raise awareness and find a CURE!

    Count me in!

    1. Already starting. =) Count me in too!!

  2. I just found this information online….

    Katie Couric’s Agent:

    Alan Berger

    Creative Artists Agency

    2000 Avenue Of The Stars

    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Phone: 424-288-2000

    Katie Couric’s legal representation:

    Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum & Morris

    1888 Century Park East

    18th Floor

    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Phone: 310-553-0305

  3. IN! IN! IN! What’s the address?

    1. Oops! Just saw the address. Thx.

  4. I’m in 100% in. Do we have your permission to print Ronan’s picture to put in with the letters we send? I also think contacting Dr Phil would be a great idea. If you find his info put it on here and we’ll flood him with letters.

  5. Good idea, getting the word out is important.

  6. I’m in, too! We will fight right along side of you!

  7. Katie Couric is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority whose national philanthropy is St. Jude’s Children Hospital. I’m a Tri Delta too, so this would be a perfect opportunity to get her to support Ronan’s Foundation and St. Jude’s as well. They kinda go hand in hand. To date Tri Delta’s have raised over $10 million dollars in the fight against Children’s cancer in just over 4 years. We plan on raising $15 million in the next 5 years. Just wondering if there was a reason that St Jude’s was not considered for Ronan?

    1. We ran out of time. We talked to them a lot but thought Sloan was the best choice for us.

  8. Great!!! This is the next best thing to Oprah herself….How do we proceed!!!???

  9. My son is battling neuroblastoma now, and we will send letters or do whatever we need to do. I hate seeing my child suffer, it’s not fair.

    Katie Couric is also on Twitter @katiecouric

    Thanks for fighting Maya!!

  10. I’m in…..I will email and make calls

  11. charlotte zapalac Avatar
    charlotte zapalac

    I will do whatever it takes! I’m sending my letter!! For Layla Grace (who is from my area) , for your angel, Ronan and for all the babies fighting this hell!! You have my support from Cypress, TX! Your words have touched so many and I know how much this will help others!!

  12. Goodness. I just got goosebumps reading all these comments because it is truly amainzg how Ronan has touched so many of our lives without ever meeting him.

    I’m in too. I wonder if Katie as a facebook page?? The twitter is a good idea too that Kim put up. Any other social media ways to contact her. I think she would be a good person to help raise awarness.


  13. awesome! go for it!

  14. Marian Cutler Avatar
    Marian Cutler

    I’m in!!

    I do PR for a living and another point to push with Katie is getting Maya and Ronan featured in her telethon (last year it aired in early September), Stand Up 2 Cancer.

  15. Monica LaRiviere Avatar
    Monica LaRiviere

    I talked to Alan Berger’s assistant. I told her about Maya’s blog and she popped it up on her computer right then and there. I am going to give her 2 days and call her back and ask what she thinks she can get done with this. The word needs to be spread and people need to take action. Bombard them with calls so they see how freaking important this is.

  16. Hey Maya ~
    Can we partner up with you? I want to make Sierra’s foundation known as well as Ronan’s. She fought the same fight as he did.


  17. You couldnt be more precise..

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