10 thoughts on “Ronan. My song for you tonight.”

  1. You’re such a beautiful person and mother Maya. My heart bleeds for you daily and know that we will carry you on our shoulders for as long as you need. We continue to fight with you.

  2. Home today listening to Bruno Mars…song “Talking To The Moon. Really great song, I thougt of you…I think you’d like it. I enjoy the song selections you share. Have a peaceful,restfu, grateful summer with the boys. Go swim in the ocean for me. The ocean seems so healing.

  3. I love this song! and the Bruno Mars “Talking to the Moon”. When I hear it it reminds me of Ronan! I came across this poem and thought of Woody. Thinking of you and beautiful Rockstar Ronan, Liam and Quinn. Peace and strength! XX

    It must be very difficult
    To be a man in grief,
    Since “men don’t cry”
    and “men are strong.”
    No tears can bring relief.

    It must be very difficult
    To stand up to the test,
    And field the calls and visitors
    So she can get some rest.

    They always ask if she’s all right
    And what she is going through.
    But seldom do they take his hand,
    “My friend, but how are you?”

    He hears her crying in the night
    And thinks his heart will break.
    He dries her tears and comforts her,
    But “stays strong” for her sake.

    It must be very difficult
    To start each day anew
    And try to be so very brave –

    He lost his baby, too.

    (Author Unknown)

  4. What a beautiful poem and a perfect song Maya. You’re in my thoughts and prayers so often. Last night’s event honoring Ronan was just beautiful, you’d have been proud :).

  5. I heard this today, before I saw your post, and I thought of you and Ronan. My only connection to you is your writing, but you inspire me to live better, love my kids more, and feel everything more deeply.

    I shed a tear for you every night, your blog has become my “prayer”, and I am not a praying person. But I am able to find strength in your words that I have not found anywhere else.

    I truly feel that your level of pain and sorrow is equalled only by the “perfect” happiness you had with Ronan.

    I hope you take time to mourn, and ultimately find some peace, because you may never heal, and that is OK. You will find a way through this with Ronan always in your heart. One day, it will feel less like a dagger, and more like a hug.

  6. Maya, I was feeling so frustrated with my 11 month old son tonight. He had been so fussy and nothing I was doing seemed to make him happy. It was such a nice night and he loves going for car rides and I love driving around in my jeep listening to my music so I buckled him up in the back seat and decided to go for a ride. I was listening to one of my Pandora stations and a song came on that I had never heard before that made me think of you and Ronan. I came home to look it up on youtube and downloaded it onto my iTunes. If you get time listen to it.

    Know that my family thinks of you and your family often. We think you are amazing! Hang in there and keep doing what your doing. Amazing things are going to come from all of this because of all of you. They have already started.

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