21 responses to “Twinkle Ronan”

  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful kids with us!

  2. Jennifer Tyler Avatar
    Jennifer Tyler

    Ronan is ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous!! Along with your other 2 sons! Ronan will forever be in everyone’s hearts as they follow this blog. You are a very very strong woman! I know at this point it may not seem like it but your words and blogs touch me! I could never imagine in all my life going through what tragic ordeal that has been faced in your life. My heart & prayers go out to you & your family!

  3. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing Rockstar Ro with all of us!


  4. Oh Maya..that was just perfect! Thanks for sharing a part of your life with so many of us who don’t know you personally, but feel so connected to you through your sweet baby boy! Rock on Rockstar mom. You amaze us all with your strength, courage and resilience. xo

  5. Thank you so much Maya for sharing this! It is beautiful and makes it so nice to see this beautiful little boy and your family so in love with each other. It is apparent how well your family was chosen for each other and I know that you will make it through this, over time. Hold on to these memories while you continue to fight the good fight. I think of you daily and pray for you and your family’s healing. Hang in there!

  6. Such beautiful memories to always treasure.

  7. beautiful!!!!

  8. Breathtaking video of the love in a family.

  9. Therese in Ireland Avatar
    Therese in Ireland

    Heartbreakingly beautiful and heartbreakingly sad. You can see the love those boys have for each other in every single picture. And smiling in every one too. What a wonderful job you’ve done and continue to do. Praying for comfort for all of you.

  10. Takes my breath away!!!

  11. wow, tears! all of your boys are so beautiful! I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray the older boys will help you heal.

  12. that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Crying my eyes out right now. I’m so happy he got to experience so much in his little life. Thank you for sharing.

  13. What a beautiful family you have! Praying continuously for you and your family as you navigate your way through this difficult time. Enjoy your break from Phoenix!

  14. What a beautiful video. thanks for sharing your lil rockstar with us. He has changed so many lives all over the world and we all miss him a great deal, even those of us who didnt know him personaly. Sending love all the way from alaska to your family.

  15. Oh my goodness…I just saw this; how did I miss it. WOW so glad broused again. So tender tears again; Who sang this song? A version I have no heard. What a beautiful love story of family, love and tenderness

  16. BEUTIFUL CHILDREN!! VERY CUTE KIDS…… really touched my heart ❤ stay strong…… ❤

  17. Ronans little life was so full of love. You are such an amazing and beautiful family. Ronan will always be with you. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. Bawling. Beautiful boys.

  19. I’ve been bawling my eyes out. I cannot stop crying. I am so sorry you lost your little boy. 😦 You have made me realize how grateful I am to have a healthy 2 year old boy. I will treasure him and spend time with him more. I wish you the best. You are a great mother. I always play the Taylor Swift song for Ronan, I am so touch and inspired!

  20. Ronan is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen! I’m only 19 years old and I’ve always wished to have a baby that looks like him. You have the most beautiful children! I am so sorry for what has happen to you and you’re family! There will be a cure for this disease one day!! Fuck cancer!! It should kill itself instead of innocent children

  21. My 18 year old daughter told me about the song you wrote with Taylor Swift. You are an AMAZING woman. I, like so many others, have been deeply touched by Ronan’s story. What a precious little boy! He is so angelic with those beautiful piercing blue eyes! He will ALWAYS be with you! May you find peace in this difficult time. God bless you and our family! Thanks for sharing Ronan with us!

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