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  1. omg, his “i love you” is everything. and he still loves you wherever his beautiful spirit is.

  2. Marquita Ward Avatar
    Marquita Ward

    Loved this! I called each of my grandkids “babydoll” when they were little. Missing his presence.

  3. This takes my breath away………….I can’t imagine what it does to you. God love ya Maya.

    1. Agreed. ❤ what a star, he is still with you, he will inspire to go far.

  4. Thank you for sharing with us….he is beautiful

  5. No gift is greater than your child saying I love you without a prompting or saying it because you said it. It shows that you have taught your child what love is! It’s beautiful but also an ache in my heart because I know you are sitting there watching videos and sobbing for him and there is nothing that can take away your pain. All I can say is I love you.

  6. so beautiful

  7. Maya…I have no words for you. Thank you for sharing your sweet baby with all of us. He is in my heart now. I have told so many people about his little life and how strong of a mama you are to carry on. I really don’t know how you do it. Hang in there girly. I pray for you & your family everyday. God Bless you. And that Rockstar you were given to love!!!

  8. 🙂 thank u for sharing….little ronan sure loved his mommy!

  9. Yes, thank you so much for sharing. Thinking of you always and sending all the energy I can to you. Keep strong and keep kicking ass!!!

  10. so sweet maya…i love being able to put a voice with his sweet, beautiful face…he is such a precious “babydoll”

  11. rest in peace little man!

  12. Jennifer Tayman Avatar
    Jennifer Tayman

    Oh Maya, to hear his sweet voice really breaks my heart. You will always feel that love, for it was the truest and purest kind of love. He will be with you for the rest of your life. Thank you for sharing this and giving us a glimpse of the Rockstar in action. Hugs!

  13. aww that is precious! I have read all of your posts and I LOVE seeing him in action! I think about you all day long even though I don’t know you in person. I saw a decal on a car yesterday that said “F (skull and crossbones) C K cancer” I LOVED it and it’s funny because I usually blush whenever someone around me cusses, I’m not a fan, but I get it with you and it doesn’t bother me in the least.

  14. Thank you for posting so I know what my hero’s voice sounds like 🙂 What a doll!

  15. I love how simply he tells you he loves you and how sweetly you respond. Truly best friends. What a special video.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE it… I can watch these all day.

  17. thank you for sharing Maya he’s such an amazing child and you are an amazing mother. Can’t wait for the silent auction.

  18. Love this! Such a playful spirit!

  19. Breaks my soul wide open watching that video. So very precious. Bless your family.

  20. Oh, I’m sobbing at my desk at work. His little voice is so precious….I just have no words.

  21. Omg… He is amazing in every way. I’m so sorry. I’m so angry. I feel so guilty to be here, alive, being so worried that I’m about to turn 30, when really I’m blessed to have that many years. I just want him back for you and for him. I’m just so sorry.

  22. That was so sweet. Thanks for sharing that with us. I feel like I know him so being able to hear his sweet voice and see him running around was a true gift to all of us who have fallen in love with him. Thank You Maya.

  23. What a sweet little spirit ronan has. I loved watching this video and im so thankful to you that you will continue to share your life with us Thompson fans through your amazing blog. I can’t wait to read about all the amazing things you will do along the way. I hope I have the opportunity to contribute in the fight! Lots of love and prayers from Vegas.

  24. Crying again…..thank you for sharing Maya. I can’t even imagine all that you and your beautiful family are going through. You are so amazing, and Ronan absolutely changed our lives. I tell every person I run into about Ronan and his amazing fight. I have some of your blogs on my Facebook, and want to help get the word out about this horrible cancer, so no child has to go through this. I was taking my dogs out Yesterday morning, and I saw a hummingbird bravely chasing after a huge hawk. I thought of Ronan. How brave he was to fight like he did. He is a hero to my family and I. Thank you for sharing this video, his smile, his amazing sweet voice, and his I love You to his amazing Mommy. We love you Maya, Woody, Liam, Quinn and Ronan! Always and forever will you be in our prayers!!

  25. I just started following your blog about a 10 days ago, after following a link on Twitter from the Layla Grace foundation. Since then I have gone back and read every post since the beggining. I just wanted to let you know how much Ronan and your family have touched my heart. This is such a horrible tradegy, and something that needs more attention. There is no excuse for the lack of knowledge about neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. I will help spread the word, and hopefully the people I pass it on to will keep the chain going. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. You fought with everything you had for your little boy, and that is simply incredible. He deserved nothing less than a family that battled for him the way you and your husband did. You are so much stronger than you know, a real mother bear. You are so very inspiring. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers for a very long time to come. This video makes it seem so much more real, seeing his face, hearing his laughter and witnessing the love he had for you. Such a beautiful child with a huge spirit and incredible soul. – And on a side note, please continue to keep it so real, this is your blog, and if people have issue with the ‘F word’ or your current feelings about God, that is their problem. Your honesty is appreciated, and you should NOT have to worry about censoring yourself on your blog. Your feelings are your feelings, even if someone else doesnt agree. —– I will forever be touched by Ronans story.

  26. Thank you so very much for sharing this of Ronan…so incredibly precious. I could look at him and hear his sweet voice all day. You can share as many pictures and videos of him as you’d like and we’d never tire of it! xoxo

  27. Oh Maya…. Such a beautiful moment, such a beautiful boy.

    Hope you have an amazing day at Ronans Fund Raising I will be thinking of you and your family Xx

  28. Rockstar Ronan captured my heart.

    Maya, Thanks for sharing him with all of us.
    His voice… ahhh… the “i love you” just because.

    Sending you hugs…and definitely planning to go to the silent auction. Will you be attending? I’d love to meet you!


  29. Maya, I saw this verse of this poem and thought of you and Ronan.


    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)

  30. What a sweet video and sweet boy…. I just thought you should know how deeply I care for your family even though I have never met any of you. Your blog is one of the most amazing, painful, powerful, loving, and honest things I have ever read. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I am thinking about you and your family and sending you thoughts of strength and love all the way from Seattle.

  31. What a precious, precious boy! I loved watching that! Thinking of you each and every day.

  32. Oh! What a sweetheart!!

  33. Sooo precious!!! Thank you so much for sharing. ❤

  34. Your a GREAT mom!

  35. In your grief, you could have chosen to keep this video to yourself, but instead you chose to share it with friends and strangers so we could get a glimpse of the special relationship between you and Ronan. Thank you. His spontaneous expression of love is breathtaking. What a beautiful boy.

  36. Kristie Stevenson Avatar
    Kristie Stevenson

    Thank you for sharing, Maya. His little voice is so adorable. You are a wonderful mom and he will always be your best friend. Here’s an idea for you, if you already haven’t done it. Have someone make a patchwork quilt out of all his special clothes. You’ll always be able to cover up with your Ronan quilt. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.
    With lots of love,

  37. So beautiful.

  38. Stephanie Adkins Avatar
    Stephanie Adkins

    Dearest Maya,
    I have been following your and Ronan’s beautiful love story since you started blogging. Even though I do not know you or your precious family, I mourn with each of you. Danny Gokey sang at our church this weekend and all I could do was cry and think of you as he sang, I Will Not Say Goodbye. I know you will never say goodbye to your beautiful baby boy or the path that you now walk, fighting this terrible disease. Ronan’s spirit lives not only with you, but with all of us who never had the honor to meet him. You have given us that great honor by sharing his shining spirit with us. Thank you.

    Stephanie Adkins

    (not sure this link will work. If not you can find it on You Tube)

  39. Thank you for sharing this special video with us. I could watch it over and over…I loved hearing his sweet little voice. The way he looked at you when he told you he loved you completely melted my heart.

  40. awe, thanks for sharing that. i hope there are many more of those postings to come!

  41. That was absolutly beautiful “I LOVE U” so great to hear his sweet voice brought me to tears. He IS truely amazing! What a lucky momma you are to have had him for the precious time you did’ Thank you for sharing your Ronan with us all. Thinking of u always. That truely melted my heart ❤ to you all and many hugs!

  42. Maya.. Is ok if I write to Ronan? I kinda think of him as my angel, and yours of course.. But I wanted to know it’s ok first? Thanks

  43. All along I’ve pictured his voice to be different, for some reason. maybe a grown up voice to go with his grown up soul. Not too grown up, just different. This voice is so sweet and sounds like a sweet baby boy 🙂 So bitter sweet to finally hear. I love it so very much! I too love it when my kids say I love you just out of the blue. So pure and simple and true. Those are the best moments of my life. I am glad you had these moments with your best friend and I LOVE the way he looked at you! Thank you for sharing his voice with us. I just wanted to jump in there and tell him that I loved him too!

  44. I’ve been wanting to see a video of him for a long time, but was too afraid to ask. That was the most precious gift you could have given any of us. What a sweet little voice. Thank you so much for sharing, it brought me so much peace. Always thinking of you and your family. Thank you so much again!!!

  45. Melissa Sager Avatar
    Melissa Sager

    Maya~ thank you so much for sharing this video of him with us! Reading all of your blogs, I always wondered what his little voice sounded like…thanks so much!

  46. He is and will always be the most precious little boy on the planet and a treasure to everyone. Thank you for sharing Ronan’s journey with us, I look at everything differently because of your family. You are changing the world!

  47. Love the video, love him, love you.

  48. To hear Ronans Voice makes my tears drop off of my eyes because his “I love you” was so sweet. It sounds so real, so pure from the bottom of his heart.
    I would say so much to you but my english is not enough for so many words I would need.
    But be sure, that I take Ronans Story and your braveness here to germany. I´ve told anyone I know of this blog. I found it in january and i cant´t explain, how touched i am.

    Ronan, You and your Family will have a place in my heart for ever.
    You are in my thoughts for ever
    I send you all my power, my prayers and much love from Germany.


    P.S. Don´t take care about the people, who have problems with the “f….”-word.
    There are much worse things than this word.

  49. That was wonderful…thanks so much, love that beautiful little boy. Thinking of him everyday. Sending love to you guys. Believing,

  50. what a beautiful little boy. My heart truly is broken for you, as having a child myself (he will be three in June) with brain cancer and I cant imagine what you are going through, as his mommy. I praise you for your ability to keep keeping on. Your amazing, and an inspiration. Your words are very touching and I only became familiar with Ronan on may 7th, I’ve read your posts and cried my eyes out. Seriously your amazing. when immutable son was going through treatment it was so hard for me to even post his condition on fb let alone start a blog. Your awesome and I hope you continue to post because I find your words so meaningful. Take care and hug those twins as often as you can!!
    If you ever wanna chat email me at kallihyde@gmail I know your extremely busy though.
    Thanks again for reopening my eyes.

  51. Aww sweet baby! I have no words to tell you how heartbroken I am for you and your family. I know nothing that anyone says can make you feel better, but I know that he is right there beside you holding your hand and whispering I love you!! God bless you sweet angel…your little voice and piercing blue eyes will never be forgotton!

  52. Crying. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK Cancer.

  53. Maya,
    What a beautiful video. There is nothing more beautiful than your child saying “I love you” in the spur of the moment because that is what they are feeling with their heart. I continue to pray for strength, peace, and healing for you…whatever that may be. And at night before I close my eyes, I pray that you have sweet dreams of Ronan that bring you comfort…no more nightmares, just sweet dreams that keep your baby close to you.

    PS. Continue to vent in ways that bring you the release that you need.

    Love, Tanya

  54. Maya –
    You are an amazing mother/woman/wife to keep up like you have this whole time. Every time I read one of your posts, I get tears and try to smile with them. Your strength through this whole thing is outstanding…
    I take too many videos and WAY too many photos when I am with my family and loved ones. These things are treasures no one can replace or bring back once they are gone.
    This video touched my heart. His innocence and playfulness was incredible. Thank you for posting this video.
    AND I agree, vent however you need to. If you drop an “F” bomb, who cares. You are entitled to swear till you are blue in the face…eff anyone who may think otherwise.

  55. Thank you for sharing this piece of Ronan with us.

  56. What a sweet voice….. he’s such a treasure….

  57. What a cutie Ronan is …I could listen to that sweet little voice all day. My kids and I pray for you and your family daily! Thank you for sharing this video….he brought a smile to my day! I can tell you are a GREAT momma….just like your mother was when we were little! So much love…and laughter!!

  58. Oh Maya. You humble me. Your family is in my thoughts… My prayers. What a wonderful little boy. Bless you all.

  59. Maya-
    Ronan is such precious boy. I love at the beginning where he says “why” about bumping his head. What a curious lil guy! Thank you for sharing your Ronan with all of us. I think daily of your whole family. Praying Ronan visits you in your dreams and guides you daily.

  60. For the past two days I have gone to this post and haven’t mustered the strength to press play. Tonight I finally did. My heart breaks, I can’t imagine yours and the unimaginable pain it holds. It’s truly fucked up and I’m so sorry for that! If I could take it away for even a second.. I would. I love you mama…<3

  61. You make me a better person… I Love you Ronan!

  62. He is gorgeous maya…does he say go asu at the end of the video? ( :

  63. I am a newbie to your life, brought by the beautiful tribute made possible by Taylor Swift. Ronan’s story fills my heart with an overwhelming intensity. Being a mom myself, this video brings pure joy. I will continue to read your blog. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to your sons and the world.

  64. He is definitely one beautiful little boy. Your lil guy’s story has touched my heart in ways word cant explain. Ronan is there with you still, no doubt about that! His sweet voice brings tears to my eyes. and Taylor Swifts song is amazing. He really did fight it hard like an army guy. I honestly do pray every day for your family. You guys are real troopers! He is there, and always will be. I promise he’s up there waiting for you and misses you just as much as your family and friends miss him. what a tough lil cookie. You guys are my inspiration.<3

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