Who is Team Ronan on Facebook??

Hello all. It has come to my attention that a Team Ronan page has been created on Facebook. It has also come to my attention that bracelets and a paypal account has been set up in Ronan’s name in order to purchase these bracelets. I have no knowledge of who is responsible for this as it is nobody that is involved in running Ronan’s Foundation. Please know that I understand the wanting to help out in raising money for Ronan to bring awareness to Neuroblastoma; but in no way shape or form can I just have people setting things up and accepting money on Ronan’s behalf.

The only legit support can be found on my blog, Facebook at Rockstar Ronan,  through email or at http://www.theronanthompsonfoundation.com. These are the only sites that are completely in my control. I am asking that you not to buy bracelets, unless it comes from me or from somebody I know. If you would like to support Ronan, I am asking that you please ask my permission before hand. You can email me either at mayawoody@gmail.com or rockstarronan@gmail.com.

Once again, I really appreciate the overflowing love and support but I have no idea where the money is truly going if I am not in control of it. Although I do believe that most of you have our best intentions at heart, it is my responsibility to protect all of you and Ronan’s Foundation. Thank you for understanding.



P.S. Yes, Moonlight Bay on Facebook is also legit. They are in my hometown and have been amazing through all of this. Thanks to my brown babes for supporting us!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!

Also, The Water Connection at 44th and Camelback in Phoenix has bracelets. I will try to get some more over there at the end of the week. I have ordered more, but don’t think they will be ready for awhile.

48 responses to “Who is Team Ronan on Facebook??”

  1. Thanks for the warning! The same thing happened with the Layla Grace Foundation last year. A lady named who called herself “Laura Rivera” announced that she was taking orders for teddy bears with the Layla Grace logo on the front. Her so-called business was LR Beary Fundraisers or something like that. She claimed to be taking orders for a the bears for $25 and would have them shipped to you or you can pick it up at the event that the LGF was hosting last year. Turned out to be a HUGE SCAM! Sad to say, I was victim to this. I would try to contact PAYPAL to let them know you are not affiliated with this fake account. I hope you find out who is doing this soon, as this is awful for someone to gain money off of Ronan’s Fans.

    Good Luck, MAYA!
    Thinking of you and Ronan!

  2. Maya, I am with you. It’s nice to see the love and support but if you’re not behind it as Ro’s mom, there is no way anyone should be selling or making $ on behalf of Ro without your permission.

    Rock on Rockstar Mom!!!

    Thinking of you and Rockstar Ro!


  3. My heart is breaking for you and your family and I know there are people that will take advantage of your situation. I am hoping this isn’t one of them….but here is a link I found on FB that is selling items for Ronan….I just hope your foundation is getting the money.


  4. It sickens me if someone is trading on Ronan’s death and this tragedy that befell your family.
    Good God. Sending a cyberhug.

  5. Willits Family Avatar
    Willits Family

    Is there a Lawyer in the HOUSE:))))

    Stay Strong My Friend

    Willits Family

    1. LOL! Seriously!!

  6. You should be able to contact FB as well, and they’ll shut the page down…I just searched for it on FB and couldn’t find it, so maybe they already shut it down?

  7. Maya…I cannot locate the site Rockstar Ronan on facebook:(

  8. I was going to be ordering alot of these bracelets as my family all wanted them! Thank you so much for the heads up! We will just be donating to the foundation instead!

    1. Ask Maya if you can still buy bracelets through the Ronan’s Foundation. I bought 5 of of the purple FYC bracelets when her friend announced them for a fundraising event back in November.
      I payed through her Paypal and they mailed them to me in Texas.

  9. It ‘s still there you have to put the # sign first TeamRonan.

  10. I also received an email from a woman named “Maria Francesca” saying she was the creator of this team ronan site. She sent it from her personal fb page when I asked about the bracelets.

  11. how can people sink so low have they no shame x report them on facebook to x x x

    1. Ive made a donation to Ronans Foundation via this site x x x

  12. Angela Williams Avatar
    Angela Williams

    Here’s the link Maya. I hope this helps. People need to think before they act.

    Take care

  13. Maya, I haven’t been able to find anything on FB except the tanning salon you mentioned in your PS. They are selling tee shirts and bracelets. Is this money going to your foundation? If so I will order but please verify for us all. I am just absolutely sickened if this is an example of someone cashing in on your beautiful boy. I am going to think positive and believe it is someone who has the best intentions? But please let us know the FB accounts that you are aware of so that we can be warned and let others know. I also can’t find your original FB Rockstar Ronan and I’m assuming you took it off for now? If there’s a problem….good thing you married to the best lawyer in AZ?! XOXO

  14. I thought it was strange that they called themselves #teamronan and wondered what the # was for. I would like to believe that they are truly trying to raise money and awareness for Ronan’s foundation but it seems fishy to me. It says in the info on the page that they will present all proceeds to the Thompson family in a year. Thus giving them a whole year before anyone expects to see any of that money. If in fact it is a scam then it is a very low and disgusting kind of fraud. It isn’t just stealing money from the people buying the bracelets. It is stealing money from The Ronan Thompson Foundation. Ronan’s legacy. Money that is intended to fund the search for a cure for this horrible disease, not to go into the pocket of someone who thought it would be a great idea to make money off of an unspeakable tragedy.

  15. Hi everyone,

    I believe the lady who started that page went to school with Woody. Her intention was to donate the funds received on Ronan’s 5th birthday. I believe with all my heart, she was trying to do a good deed. She meant no disrespect and has stopped the sales. Furthermore, she’s willing to remove the page, at the Thompson’s request. Like so many of us, I think she wants to put her love into action (she just forgot to get Maya’s permission first).

  16. Ok, I was wrong…she didn’t go to school with us after all…but those were her intentions.

  17. How can we get the purple bracelets that you guys had made? I would love to sport one in Ronan’s honor…..

    PS…Karma is a bitch so if someone is taking advantage of this situation, they will get theirs….

    Much love to you and your family!!


  18. Maya,
    I am the one who set up the page. I have sent a private email to mayawoody@gmail.
    For the rest of you, please do not leave negative comments on Maya’d blog in regaurds to my page, or anything really…she shouldnt have to deal with this….blessing and love to all of you.

    1. You sound like another Laura Rivera case. Sorry, but, can’t help but feel eery about your intentions.

  19. also, this is the site….you can view my intent there under the info section or my posts…


    If Maya asks that I remove it, I most certainly will do so.

    1. D. Murray Armitage Avatar
      D. Murray Armitage

      Maria, you need to stop what you are doing and wait until you actually have Maya’s permission. It is not oaky to just do whatever your heart tells you to. It not only looks wrong, it is wrong. Get permission first and then you are legitimate. You shouldn’t wait until Maya tells you to take it down. This is just wrong.

  20. Thanks for the info! I saw she commented on one of your blog posts this weekend telling us about the facebook page so I assumed it was a friend of yours. I have disliked the page. 🙂

  21. HI Maya ~

    I’m always thinking of you.
    Would you be interested in partnering up with our foundation?

  22. The Facebook link on your blog page just takes you to the ‘home’ page of facebook and a search for Rockstar Ronan or Ronan Thompson does not list your page as an option, at least not the one that was originally linked from your blog. I don’t know if it was inactivated by you or some other glitch, but if you can, please list the link for YOUR Rockstar Ronan page.

    I’m sorry that there are people out there who take advantage of situations like this. They are lower than low and I hope you are able to stop them before they scam too many people.

  23. Nikki Hurliman Avatar
    Nikki Hurliman

    I do know what this page is and didn’t become a “fan” because I didn’t know who this was. I researched it a little today to see what I could find and I notice she states her name differently in two different posts. So that just tells me that although she is still, even after this blog, saying she is legit, I would say again that she is deffinetely not. I am so sorry this is happening and will help spread the word.
    So much love goes out to you everyday Maya!! We ran a race this weekend in Ronans honor! To spread the word, no money collection! 🙂 I will forever be helpful to you in anyway. Thank you for your openness, honesty, and showing us a whole new level of love.

  24. Following your blog so that we know exactly where to direct our efforts. God bless and God speed. I lost my angel almost 16 years ago. Your words speak to mine, how I was feeling and what I was thinking. I know that it is Hell on Earth for you right now. I am so sorry. ❤

  25. I think it’s a travesty to co-opt a moment like this. the Facebook woman is using ronan’s picture for her profile and shows contrition when asked to remove it or choose another path for supporting cancer research.

  26. Here is the link of the lady trying to make a profit off of Ronan


    And this is what she posted when people realized she is a fraud

    “I have not deleted this page because i am not going to coware beneath all of the comments…i know where i stand and what my intent was and still is. I will answer as many questions as i can but please do not make this ugly…If Maya asks me to delete the page, I will humbly do so. For those of you questioning why I did not seek permission first, well let me ask you this additionally it isnt Maya’s job to satisfy what my heart felt compelled to do….

  27. Maya,
    You’ve mentioned bracelets in your blog posts, including recently leaving some in a tree on your hike. Is there some way to acquire bracelets through The Ronan Thompson Foundation? Many people had requested bracelets through this unauthorized Facebook page. I’m sure they would love to make a donation and wear a bracelet to raise awareness. I know I would!

  28. Thank u for the heads up! Some people can be such scum in somes desperate time! Makes
    Me so angry if someone was tryin to make money and scam people from the death of such a beautiful little boy! I like the comment. “is there an attorney in the house” Thank u again for letting us know as i was going to be
    buying some Rockstar Ronan braclets from the Team Ronan. (curious now to where to purchase them) if i may ask can Someone let me know where to purchase the real braclets at? Blessings to ur family maya! Ur drive inspires me…….

    1. Went and got my tshirt at moonlight bay! Absolutly love it’ 😉 Rock On Ronan! 😉

      1. Heather in Phoenix Avatar
        Heather in Phoenix

        I would also love some Ronan gear if anyone can let me know if theres anything available and where I can get it at… thx.

    2. Email Maya directly….I bought some from her friend Danielle back in November through this blog. I paid for them through Maya’s Paypal and received them in the mail within a week. I’ve been wearing mine everyday!

      1. Heather in Phoenix Avatar
        Heather in Phoenix

        Thanks for the info Stephanie!!

  29. Thanks Maya for addressing this. I have started and stopped 3 Facebook msgs to this person who started this site wanting to know where proceeds were going but I felt like I was being too nosey, stepping on toes etc. Thank you, we love and support your decisions!

  30. I haven’t seen this on fb! I hope no one was scammed and any money they got for selling the bracelets they donated to Ronan’s Foundation. My display picture on facebook is a collage with my friend’s little boy, he also had cancer, and of Ronan, then under their names I have the website address where people can go to donate to Childhood Cancer Research, http://www.stjude.org and http://www.theronanthompsonfoundation.com
    Praying for you and thinking of you everyday. I loved the two pictures on your last post!! I know for sure Ronan’s little spirit is right there with you. Sending love.
    Always believing….

  31. All of my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have 4 children, and I can’t even begin to imagine how devastated I would be in your situation. You are my hero! I live in Tucson, so please please please let me know if I can help you with anything, ever!

  32. Hi Maya

    Where Jennifer said :”could it be these guys? http://www.runningsponsorme.org/teamronan

    don’t worry as they are a very legitimate team and actually not connected to your precious boy. Ronan Keating is one of the band Boyzone and Mark Plunkett is also a famous musician in the UK.

    Ronan Keating’s mother died of cancer and he’s promoting Cancer Research UK.

    Hope you’re doing OK

  33. It’s still up….it’s under #TeamRonan…you have to put the # sign in first to find it. Honestly it’s seems like a huge red flag that she is so defensive if you read all of the comments she posted…maybe she is doing it out of the goodness of her heart but it just seems a little weird that she wouldn’t even ask for the family’s permission to use their name first. I really hope it was something that was honest and has the best intentions, but just seems a little sketchy to me. ❤

  34. I truly hope these people have good intentions. Because the thought of somebody personally capitalizing on your tragedy makes me feel seriously ill not to mention pissed off. I just will never understand people like this. I pray this is a misunderstanding. Otherwise all I can say is Fuck them!

  35. amy donaldson Avatar
    amy donaldson

    Common sense lady! Ask permission first. You need to do the right thing.

  36. D. Murray Armitage Avatar
    D. Murray Armitage

    This is terrible. There is a group that looks into these sorts of scams. It is operated by Becca Stapleton in England. I have sent her the info on the #Team Ronan page along with the person who is the owner of that page, Maria Francesca and her husband, – all info I got without actually “liking” or friending them. Hopefully the scam report group will dig up enough to shut them down.
    Oh, and I have often felt just F.I.N.E. (F**ked-up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional) Sometimes that’s just the way it is.

    1. Its amazing the lenghts some people will go just to prove someone wrong…I am just on of Mayas blog followers like yourself. In her blogs Maya asks her followers to help her raise awareness to neuroblastoma and to spread Ronans story….and this was exactly what my heart felt compelled to do. Maya asked that I not sell the braclets as she is not ok with someone collection money on her behalf so I have not even placed an order. I have pure intentions in my heart and only wanted to help. I have encouraged all of the team Ronan followers to donate to the foundation as I will not be selling brackets anymore. My only goal is to continue to help raise awareness and share Ronans story with as many people as possible. The family has already contacted me and know how to reach me if need be….my family(and we are a real one) have be so touched by Ronans story and all wanted to help….so good luck to your “investigator”

  37. I thinks that’s unfair to assume this person is trying to benefit from the loss of such a sweet baby. She is getting those bracelets and shirts out there to raise awareness. I applaud your efforts.

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