Here we are, back at PCH

A quiet day at home ended up with Ronan back at PCH. His fever has been touch and go, he looks awful, so I called the on call doctor tonight and she told me to bring him in. We are now in a room back in the ER as Ro sleeps and they started him on antibiotics. I’m sure we will be here most of the week. Not fun, but better safe than sorry. This last round of chemo has wiped Ronan out. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Love u all. Sweet dreams.

12 responses to “Here we are, back at PCH”

  1. Thinking of you and wishing you a short stay at the hospital. Don’t forget … You’re such a great mom!!!

  2. Thinking of you and your sweet little boy tonight.

  3. Maya, we will continue to pray for Ronan. Your remarkable mother wit to know what to do for Ronan is amazing and a true blessing. You really do show that the old phrase mother knows best is accurate. Take care dear. Blessings to you all.

  4. I graduated from Kelso a few years ahead of you, we’ve never met, but tonight I cried, I laughed, I got mad and thought of how unfair things are for you and your family. I got to know you and your wonderful family and friends. I ‘liked’ Ronan’s fb page a while back, even went to the mini Kelso reunion to donate to his foundation, but tonight was the first time I sat and read your blogs, ALL of them. I was captivated, it is almost 4 am and I just realized it. I want you to know, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. And mostly I believe in my very heart and soul that Ronan will beat this and you will be a ‘normal’ family again!!

  5. Hang in there girl…you two are amazing and role models of inspiration for all of us!
    Extra hugs to both of you…prayers & lots of positive thoughts are being sent your way:)

  6. We Love you all. Look at it this way you got to stay at home for the weekend. You can do this and all will be good soon. Important thing is to keep our Hero Strong and Healthy. He truly is Superkid and you Supermom. Keep up your strength. Will call later.


    The Willits Family

  7. Maya, hang in there!!! This rollercoaster called life you are living has got to have a greater purpose in the end. I know you have the strength & fortitude to get through ANYTHING!!! Seriously even Fucking Cancer can’t keep you from being the amazing mom you are, not just to Ronan, but Q & L too. You & Woody sound like an amazing team. Thanks for the constant inspiration to tackle life with grace, strength, & humor. Stay strong girl!!!!

  8. Prayers are being lifted.
    Wrapping you in light and love.
    Let me know if you need help (at least the kind I might be able to give).

  9. Bless his heart. Praying the antibiotics kick in and keep him well to get that fever down, and that he feels better quick. Thinking of you guys as you’re stuck in the hospital this week.
    COLE Prayer Team

  10. I ask for Your facvor to Lord bring healing quickly to dear Ronan..also bring joy to his heart that he would understand he will be back home soon, especially knowing that You love him so much Lord. In Jesus name amen.

  11. Tammy Booth-Gulickson Avatar
    Tammy Booth-Gulickson

    My son and I have no clue what your family is going thru we do know You and Your family will be in our hearts and Prayers Not just today but always!!! You have left footprints in our lives!!!!

  12. thoughts and prayers and shooting stars
    loving miracles are sent your way.

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