Magic Medicine… Day 4, Round 6 NO MORE CHEMO!!!!

Yay Ro Baby!!!!! Ronan is finished with his last round of chemo! What a great day!! I went back to PCH this morning and finally Ronan was up and about, looking really perky and happy. He knew it was his day to go home. We spent the day playing and waiting for his chemo to finish up. When it finally finished I took my iPhone, turned on my iTunes, and Ronan and I did our “Ro’s done with chemo happy dance,” to our favorite silly song, “Milkshake.” Ronan giggled as I swung him around and we shook our booty’s together. We were discharged at 6:00 and he was so happy to get out of there. We came home to a very excited Quinn, who had climbed up the tree in front of our house to wait for his baby brother to get home. Liam had gone off to spend the night with his friend, Cal. Quinn was invited too, but wanted to stay home to wait for Ronan.

As soon as we got home, Ronan ran into Quinn’s arms and they spent the rest of the evening playing their little hearts out. They are now both asleep in my bed, cuddled up to one another. So sweet, so peaceful, so good to be home.

We should be able to have a few weeks at home, enjoying each other to the fullest. I cannot wait to start cooking dinners, helping Liam and Quinn with their homework, and just doing the normal day to day things that I miss so much.

That is all I have to say tonight… time to cuddle up with my hubby. G’nite my dear, sweet friends. Blessings to you all!!


16 thoughts on “Magic Medicine… Day 4, Round 6 NO MORE CHEMO!!!!”

  1. That’s fantastic news !!

    I had to open my emails as soon as I got home today !!

    Many happy thoughts and blessings being sent to you and your family =D


  2. So glad you are home! We are heading out to run the of PF Changs half. We are doing the half on the rockstar Ronan team. We will think of you every mile, thinking how this run that is such a challenge for me, is nothing compared to what Ronan has been through. 🙂 happy home day Ronan!!!

  3. Thank You God for all You have done, are doing, and will do!
    Never heard of the Milkshake..will have to hunt for that song.

  4. beautiful post. What a beautiful day…Happy day, happy people full of love and joy. Such a welcome event. Yep “Happy Dance” for you

  5. I couldn’t stop smiling from the time I saw Ronan’s picture all the way through reading the post and now I’m still smiling writing my comment!! 🙂 how wonderful?! Yay for being done with chemo, home, happy, playing, then sleeping peacefully with his brother. What a wonderful day to hear about. Praying everything stays good, and Ronan doesn’t get any bad side effects. BELIEVING!
    COLE Prayer Team

  6. Hey, Maya!
    I am Eleprue on Twitter.
    I am SO happy for Ronan, your family and you!!!
    You can make it… YOU WILL MAKE IT! ^____^
    I’m sending love, peace, light and joy your way… ALWAYS! :*

  7. Really wonderful
    I am the mother of Katie Teasley a child Laura L. tutored in LaQuinta, CA.
    We did this in 2006 and she is back in school and doing beyond what we thought.
    The stem cells worked well- Cord Stem cells but the same 100% compatable.
    You guys Are Awsome Go-Ronan and Maya –
    Thank you for letting us see how others wil this are doing.

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