Here’s to Ronan and our Surgeon of the Angels

I carried Ronan all the way to Sloan this morning. He held on to me tightly and we talked all about what was going to go on today and how he has an angel for a doctor who is going to get the tumor out of his tummy. He seemed excited and I told him how strong and brave he was, and how he was going to grow up to be a healthy amazing boy, and I would always be by his side. He listened and smiled a lot. And then asked about going to Atlantis after all of this is said and done. It’s his make a wish dream that he wants to come true. I promised him we would take him there and swim with the dolphins after he gets his broviac out. That is going to be the best day ever.

Here we go. Ronan is back in surgery. It took 3 doses of the “sleepy meds” to even calm him down. Woody’s exact words to me were, “How do you like how they had to give him 3 doses of that medicine… he’s a little fucker, just like you.” LMAO. Oh, he makes me laugh at the worst possible times in my life. They let me put on scrubs and carry him to the operating room and place him on the table. He was laughing at how funny I looked in my “bunny suit.” He was pretty out of it, but still thought I was funny. I hated leaving him and I wish I could stay by his side the entire time. Leaving him there was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I left him, tears pouring down my cheeks and Woody was waiting for me on the other side. Somehow, we made it down to the floor where we are supposed to wait. I left Woody and made a couple of phone calls and ended up locking myself in a bathroom to call Auntie Karen. She talked to me and let me cry to her. She was my saving grace; as always.

So now we wait. They said they would come and update us every hour or so… I will keep you posted. Lots of prayers and love today. We are so lucky to have the best doctor in the world operating on our child. After this is all done, I am going to give that man the biggest hug in the world.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Wesley Tarbell. We love you little man and just know it is a good sign that Ronan is having his surgery on your birthday. Miss you!!!!!!

16 thoughts on “Here’s to Ronan and our Surgeon of the Angels”

  1. Ronan is in our thoughts today. A big hurdle in this race called Neuroblastoma. We KNOW exactly what today is for all of you. Here’s to strength, hope and comfort. In life, today is what we have.

  2. Your words bring back so many memories. I know the pain you are feeling-waiting is the hardest part. The nurse will bring you updates often (our nurse petted me a lot, it was a bit strange but her way to comfort me!). Thinking of you all day and don’t forget, it’s a long surgery and Dr. L is AMAZING and a true gift to us. Ronan is in the best hands possible.

  3. Thinking of all of you and the doctors. Waiting anxiously for the great news when that stupid tumor is GONE! You and the Rockstar can move on toward Atlantis!

  4. Hahaha he has such a stong spirit! 3 doses!! A fighter for sure 🙂 Ronan is my hero. He is so strong, and I’m so glad today is the day the tumor is getting gone from his precious body. You are an amazing lady as well. I wish and pray for you strength and peace today. No words could even begin to describe all your feelings I’m sure. I’m telling everyone I know about Ronan. Sending love….
    COLE Prayer Team

  5. It took 3 doses because your baby is STRONG and he is going to come out of this with NO Tumor, and he is going to LOVE his trip to Atlantis! We are all waiting with you!
    You and Woody are amazing and Ronan is a Very Well Loved little Boy!

  6. Thinking of Ronan, Maya & Woody. May the Lord guide this Angel Doctor’s hands with grace and precision to get this ugly tumor out of this little boy’s body. Ronan “Warrior” is a fighter! He isn’t going to let anything stop him!

    Much love.

  7. Maya-sending enormous prayers, love and hugs your way today…you have the strongest, bravest child ever and I just know 2011 is going to be the best year for you all! Xoxo

  8. You have have been on my mind and heart all yesterday and this morning. Thinking of you and praying! xomichelle

  9. The butterfly is a wonderful symbol of new life. Christians use it for Easter Sunday after Jesus was crucified on Good Friday.

    Lord, protect Ronan, guide the medical staff today and in the days to come to give the best care possible. Also, please be with Maya & Woody and the entire Thompson family.

    In the strong and powerful name of Jesus,

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