Ronan’s Day Out

Today was a blur! Ronan
and I headed out around 1:00. Our first stop was Dylan’s Candy
Shop. He was in heaven! I let him pick out all of his goodies and
then we headed out to hit the city. We walked for about 5 hours and
ended up meeting up with Woody. To say that the city was busy is an
understatement. This city is still packed full of people. Ronan was
such a trooper and we had such fun exploring the city. I feel like
I know it like the back of my hand now. We got back to the RMH
around 6 and then I headed out for my run. I ran for about an hour
and a half, in Central Park and it was glorious. People everywhere,
I had my headphones blaring and every chunk of snow that came my
way, I kicked it as hard as I could and imagined it was Ronan’s
tumor I was stepping on and killing. I must have done this about 50
times tonight… it felt so good. After my run, I came back here
and fixed Ronan dinner. He ate so much and has gained so much
weight. He is back to being my chubby little monkey. Well, not
really chubby, but he is back to his normal weight. The nurses at
PCH would be so proud. He weighs more than he has since we started
this whole thing. It must be all the pizza;) He seems to be doing
fine without Liam and Quinn which is great. I was really worried he
was going to go into some deep depression without them. Woody and I
have really been enjoying spending some one on one time with him.
He has been keeping us very busy. Right now, he is on the ground
doing his push-ups. He cracks me up like not other! His energy is
never ending; and I am so enjoying him and how great he is feeling.
I’m soaking it all up while I can because I know these next couple of
weeks are going to be hard. That’s all for tonight; we are beat
around here. Sweetest dreams to you all. xoxo I took this picture
on my run tonight. Oh, how I love this city.

3 thoughts on “Ronan’s Day Out”

  1. If you haven’t been yet, I wish you all could go to Build A Bear – the flagship store and allow Ronan to select an animal, and have him help stuff it. When I got mine in Oct. I put 2 hearts inside and had fun picking out a neat outfit for “Lucas”.

    Wishing all of you God’s speed and good health come Monday and in the days that follow. We are praying mightily for all of you and especially Ronan.

  2. Happy New Year to you…I am glad your goodbye to 2010 finally came and that your 2011 is filled with lots of hope and tons of healing! New York City sounds like the perfect backdrop for what you are dealing with and I’m glad you were able to take Ronan out to enjoy it today. Sleep well 🙂 xomichelle

  3. Blessings to Ronan and all of the family. I included Ronan in our community prayer today and we believe his healing is just a stones throw away. I pray you all are able to reflect back on these good times as you move through the next process of Ronan’s healing. Candyce and family

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