Cheers to being finished with Ro’s Stem Cell Harvest!

We spent 12 hours at Sloan today. I took Ro over there this morning to finish up his stem cell harvest. We are finally finished and they got more than enough, thank the lord. I don’t think I could have handled one more day of him being hooked up and I know he couldn’t have. We did a stem cell collection at Phoenix Children’s and many of you have asked why we are doing another one here. We are basically doing it for “insurance.” IF Ronan’s Neuroblastoma comes back….. which we pray it doesn’t, Sloan believes by having his stem cells before a relapse will increase our chances of killing this god awful disease. If they were to try to harvest them after a relapse, they don’t think the stem cells will be as good. They will stay here at Sloan, frozen, and hopefully we will never need them. We are taking every precaution as parent; we have no choice.

It was a good day though. I had a visit from a friend that just happened to be in the city for the day; a friend who was my very best childhood friend and whom I have not seen or talked to really since I was 13. She was so sweet to come by the hospital to see me. It’s so funny how life works out; as soon as she walked in it was like, hello childhood! She looked exactly the same, except even more beautiful…. if that is even possible. I am so glad I got to see her and so hope to spend some more time with her when she comes back from her trip. Thanks, Jen for coming by. My friend from AZ, Danielle, or DD, is in NYC too! Yay for that! She is staying with her brother in the city for a few nights then heading to spend Christmas with her family. She came by the hospital and hung out with us for a few hours. Always love having her around. So, I had two nice treats today from two lovely ladies. I feel so lucky:)

We have nothing else too major going on tomorrow. Ronan will go to the clinic for platelets and then Thursday we have his CT scan done. So anxious and nervous all at the same time. Please pray extra hard for him…. hoping the tumor in his abdomen has shrunk even more after 3 more cycles of chemo. I will keep you updated as best as I can. We go in very early on Thursday morning.

I am taking a night off from my run tonight and all 3 boys are going to stay with Mimi and Papa. I am going to enjoy a night out with Woody and some friends. A night out together is very much needed. Ronan’s spirits have been great; he is such a little trooper. I am the luckiest mommy alive.

Enjoy the rest of your day<3 It’s the simplest things that are the sweetest!!


7 thoughts on “Cheers to being finished with Ro’s Stem Cell Harvest!”

  1. Maya, NY has indeed agreed with you and the family. The best care for your precious Ronan. Praying that the tumor in his belly is gone TOTALLY. I believe in asking God for exactly what you want and that would be it for me. Miracles happen everyday. Stay encouraged and confident in Ronan’s healing. Blessings to you all!

  2. Hi Thompson Family!
    Another Mom from my sons 1st grade class emailed me your blog months ago & I have been following ever since. I feel, as I’m sure so many others do, so connected to your family and your fight against that bastard known as Cancer. Don’t know why Im writing other than to say we pray for Ronan, Liam, Quinn & Woody every night & I pray especially for you. Ronan looks like a true angel. Something in his eyes and his spirit. Angels are here for a reason. Not for God to reclaim them so soon. When you guys beat this the two of you will do wonderful things for
    childhood cancer. I know you have heard this before but you are a great Mama! You’re gettin it done girlfriend! You & Ronan are so lucky to have eachother. Good Luck & God Bless & Run til your feet bleed if you feel the need!

  3. Maya, I had a patient today who just moved to Portland from the east coast and she is a nurse anesthetist. We were talking about some of the fun events that Bling does and told her about Ro’s fundraiser we are planning for January and explained his story. Turns out she used to work at Sloan and worked with the kiddos when they had their marrow transplants. She said that Ronan is absolutely in the best hands there and has no doubt they will do everything possible to help him beat this disease. Just thought you might like to hear that from an outsider. 😉

  4. Just wanted you to know that I think about Ronan every day. Hoping desperately that tomorrow goes well. ( Saw Jay in court this morning).


  5. Thought we would say hi, Dawson came thru his 5th surgery fine and is finally home and starting to return to some form of normal life without tubes everywhere. We still have one more procedure to go but, clearly it is nothing compared to what your angel has been thru. We are thrilled to hear that all is going better and are praying extra hard as you asked what is this fundraiser I am hearing about, can we somehow help? Take care, Jen, Dawson, Dean

  6. Hello, have you looked into stem cells therapy? It seems to be very good: my friend worksin a clinic in Mexico where they give embryonic stem cells treatment and she told me they get better result than anything else… What’s your thought about this kind of treatment? Most people that i talk with are scared because it’s so new!

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