2 thoughts on “The most beautiful boy in the world”

  1. He is such a beautiful boy and a strong little fighter! God bless you Ronan! Have a safe trip to New York and Happy Holidays!

  2. The photo of Ronan at the beginning of this post is so beautiful, and thanks so much for sharing it with us who do not live close to you. I’ve been following your blog along with talking & hugging with your Mom since this whole horrible thing happened. As much as I adore the blogs when you & your family have some good times, I admire you for for telling it all as it really is, because none of us can truly understand what you & your family is going through. Those posts are hard to read, but are a reminder to all of us that we surely don’t realize how good are lives are. I hope you get the new arrangements to NYC figured out, and wish you all a safe journey. Sue Brigman

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