Magic Medicine…. Round 5, Day 1

Ronan’s counts came back and thankfully, they were high enough for us to start Round 5! Big sigh of relief for us. Now, we are just waiting on hearing back from Sloan Kettering to see what our surgery date will be changed to. We will be now be leaving later than we had originally planned for New York. I am staying positive…. everything happens for a reason. We are very grateful to get round 5 started today. Woody talked to Dr. Eshun today, our main Oncologist here, and they are working with Sloan, to get us rescheduled for Ronan’s surgery. We were scheduled for Dec.20th, but that has changed due to starting Round 5 a week late. The problem is now, that Dr. La Quaila is totally booked up until January 7th. We don’t want to let too much time to pass between this last round of chemo, and surgery. Woody has been calling the doctors in New York everyday to get them to somehow squeeze us in earlier. A few days ago, they said they could do it January 14th… which was way too late. Now, they are saying January 7th. Woody asked Dr. Eshun if we should just stay here and do the surgery in order to have it earlier. He said no, he really wants to Dr. La Qualia to do it because he is going to do the best job of getting all of the tumor. I am so thankful Dr. Eshun has no ego or agenda involved except for what is best for Ronan.

We are still waiting to start Ronan’s chemo. It won’t get started until after midnight tonight. They are still pre-hydrating him, and then they will have to pre-med him before we can start it. We have the best roommate EVER! He is a little 9 year old boy and he has been playing with Ronan all day. Ronan loves him and they are having the best time. Ronan is even sharing his Star Wars guys with him if you can believe that one! And he likes the little boy so much that I even got to run down to the cafeteria to grab something and Ro just sat in his room and played with Dawson and his mom. NICE! He never lets me leave him, but this time, it was no big deal. This little boy will be here all week which will be great for us. A good roommate makes such a big difference.

I am so happy we are on the way to being done with Round 5. NYC or bust!! Ronan is in great spirits and has been so happy and sweet. Goodnight to all of our angels out there! Sweetest dreams and blessings to you all!

2 thoughts on “Magic Medicine…. Round 5, Day 1”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad it worked out that not only Ronan could start his chemo but that he has such a great roommate too. Likewise I’m sure all will fall into place with Ronan’s surgery date! xo michelle

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