Leaving on a jet plane…..

I haven’t put this out on my blog yet….. mainly because we were not sure of the exact dates of needing to be in NYC for Ronan’s surgery. We have talked to our doctors at PCH, and our doctors at Sloan. They would like us out in NYC by December 4th. Ronan’s surgery is set for December 20th, but they want us out there early to do scans, another stem cell harvest, and to get us acclimated. I have put in a request to a company called Corporate Angels to fly us privately out to NYC. We will not know very last minute if we get a flight or not…. they basically want to be our backup plan and for us to have other options. Getting Ronan to New York safely is so important as far as staying on track for treatment. To expose him to airports, people, a commercial airplane has great risks due to his immune system being so low. If he were to get sick with something, it could throw off everything and delay all of his treatment plans. If any of you know anybody who would be willing to donate a plane, along with fuel…. please contact me. My email is mayawoody@gmail.com. I know this is very last minute notice…. but we just got the dates confirmed. Thank you for any help you can give us…. it is so important to not compromise Ronan’s treatment plan in any way and we feel like getting him to New York on a private plane is our best bet.

As far as chemo week goes…. we didn’t get to start today as planned. His counts are still too low. I will take him back into the clinic on Wednesday and hopefully we will get to start then. Delaying his chemo is not something we are happy about, but pushing him too much is not worth the risk. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He is feeling great and is still a very happy little boy. He is thrilled to have a few more days at home:)

Love to you all!!

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