It will always be Maya and Woody or Woody and Maya

My feelings have been getting hurt a lot over things lately. Things that normally wouldn’t bother me, but they do now. I’ve been struggling with all of these new feelings and have felt guilty  thinking I was being selfish and mean for having them. I now know that these feelings are normal because of what we are going through. I found a guideline today while reading the online handbook. It made me feel as if maybe I am not losing my mind. If anything, I am more in tune with what is the appropriate way to act when handling our situation. Most people do it with such grace and ease…. some not so much. I wish I was more “guy like” and could just brush certain things off. I’m not that way at all. I sit and think about things too much and it is a waste of time and energy. I’ve got to let some things go and spend time on things that are important to me now. I can’t be dealing with other B.S. That’s all I’m saying about that because as I said before, it’s not worth my time and energy. I know what is true and what is not.

Today, I got a call from one of our nurses, “A.” Yes, that is really what she is called. Her real name is something else, but she has been called just “A,” ever since she was about 4 years old. She called to tell me they have set up Ronan’s scans. His first one will be this Thursday and his second one will be next Thursday. My stomach dropped just hearing that they are set up. I know I have been waiting for this but I feel like the not knowing part is almost easier at this point. It’s like I am in a protective bubble and when those scan results come back, it’s going to pop. We are hoping that the results will show that the shrinkage of his tumor  is about 20-25%. We are praying and praying hard. What we are doing has to be working. Ronan will have to be put under with anesthesia both days. I hate that part but I know Dr. Maze will take good care of my little seal. He won’t let anything happen to him so that makes me worry a little less.

Tonight, Woody and I were able to get out for a few hours. We went to meet our friends, Kenny and Stacy Frakes for dinner. As we were walking to AZ88, holding hands… I closed my eyes for just a second, took a deep breath, and pretended that we were on one of our normal weekly dates that we used to have and that none of this was happening to us. It was just Maya and Woody and nothing else mattered or existed. For those 10 seconds, I felt such bliss and happiness. I felt connected with my husband and it felt really good. We met our friends, who we have not been out with on a double date with in a good 5 years. Which is so sad. Another one of those times in your life where you get too busy and always say you are going to meet up and never do. What a waste of years without good company. Kenny and Stacy are the kind of friends where 5 years can go by without seeing them and then 5 years later you meet up and pick right back up where you left off. Woody and I had the best time with them tonight. We got to act like a couple again and enjoy being out with our friends. We talked about everything from Ronan to Bob Dylan. Tonight was an absolute joy in every way. I also love that Kenny and Stacy are not the kind of friends who run away and disappear after something like this happens. If anything, it made them want to see us more because they truly care and love us. We knew them before were married, and have always held them close to our hearts. I am so glad Ken got in touch with Woody and we set something up. It was so healthy for us to do something like that. I actually saw Woody enjoying himself tonight. I have not seen that side of him in 7 weeks. It was beautiful, refreshing, and made me all warm and fuzzy inside. We need to take time to do things like that more often. I was not ready before… but I feel like I am now. Woody and I are the foundation of our family. We have to love, cherish, and take time for each other. We are going to try harder to work on that. This won’t break us or our family.

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  1. Dear Maya, We’ haven’t met, but my husband, Lance is your Mom & Jim’s doc here in Longview. We also consider them good friends for ages, and your Mom the provider of many a great lunch. We were into the cafe the day of Ronan’s eye surgery, and immediately knew something was terribly wrong when your Mom didn’t come to visit with our granddaughter, 2 and a half year old Claire. Normally she will sit & chat with us, letting Claire play with her jewelry, and maybe let her wear it during lunch. No Lynn, she couldn’t face seeing a little one so close to Ronan’s age. Since then, we’ve visited the cafe often, not only because we love your Mom’s cooking, but also to be supportive and hugging. We were there, full famiy, last Thursday, for the great food, and to wish her well before she left to see you & your family, with extra big hugs that day. On Saturday, I took our son & grandson (also drop-dead gorgeous, but in a 10 year old way) to Kim’s classic car show, where we made a nice donation, bought lots of t-shirts & buttons, ate Jim’s stuff totally off my diet, and I also spilled an entire cup of really nice, cold lemonade on Kim’s bare toed sandals! The cars weren’t really “my thing”, so when I got bored, there was lots of me wandering into local little stores – fun for me. Then it was off to our granddaughters soccer game in Kelso. On the way back, I had the idea to check back into the car show, to see if there were any shirts & buttons I could help to spread through the community. There were just two T’s, and a bag of buttons, both of which I’m doling out. Jim said it would be nice to get donations, but spreading the word was important too. At my dental appt. yesterday, I left the staff with 10 buttons, for which I’ll collect donations later this week. One of the last two shirts is spoken for also. Then off to my husband, Lance’s office to distribute more buttons. I’m doing what I can from a distance, but don’t know what I can more do, being so far away. Please let me know if you have any ideas, okay? Also, am commenting on your blog as a round-about way of saying, “Hi Lynn!” We miss you, but hope you are loving every single second being with your family! We love you so much. Also, Jim reassured you that your business will be totally fine, as he said, ” I’m the one who got Lynn into all this cafe/catering business in the first place”! I just had to smile. Men will be men! Love from both Lance & myself.

  2. I love, love, love this. You are so right. Yes, your children mean the world to you, but never lose sight of Woody & Maya. None of what you have would exist if weren’t for the two of you…you guys were first, and when the boys are grown up and living their lives, it will be just the two of you again. You are lucky that you have found the love of your life. Some people search forever and never come close to having what you have with Woody. ❤

  3. Hi Guys
    I just wanted you all to know I’m keeping up with you while you are in New York…I miss seeing my little man in the playroom (excuse me, Mr. Potato Head). Ronan, did you tell the doctors and nurses there that you are a potato head? I miss you bunches but I’m glad you are in NY. I was jealous when I read you got to be the co-pilot – you really rock!!! Get better and get back here soon. Say hi to your brothers for me and give mom, dad, mimi and papa a kiss for me. Wave to all the BIG buildings for me!!! Love, Cathy

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