Diamondbacks baseball game for Ronan


Support The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Neuroblastoma by buying tickets to the September 25th 5:10 pm Diamondbacks game! A portion of every ticket sold goes directly to The Ronan Thompson Foundation. Pass this on! Click HERE to buy tickets – $20, $34 or $40 seats.

Use code name Ronan

A HUGE thank you for everyone who made this possible!!! See you at the game!

4 thoughts on “Diamondbacks baseball game for Ronan”

  1. Dearest Thompsons, I feel there is very little I can do from so far, but I’m so glad you have set this hope so I feel I can help in a very minimal way. I’m in Boston now, but I got my Daddio in AZ a couple tix – so he will be there showing our joint support for the fight to win this! There isn’t a doubt in my mind or heart that great things are coming from this and he will fight this with great stride. Love you guys and love your entire family. ❤

  2. Hi Maya,
    Amber forwarded this site to me and I have sent it to my friends in AZ. They will be forwarding it to all their friends.
    Love and prayers are said many times thru out each and everyday for all of you.
    Aunt She-/Paul

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