Time to face the music

Somedays I can talk about Ronan’s cancer until I’m blue in the face and not shed a tear. The next day I pull into the carwash and the carwash man, Mr. Jay can ask about Ronan and give me a hug and I lose it like a baby. There really is no rhyme/reason/control over these emotions. I’m so used to having total control over my life and the things in it. That’s all out the window now. Better learn how to roll with the punches and embrace all these feelings. Trying to hide them/pretend they don’t exist is not going to get me anywhere.

7 thoughts on “Time to face the music

  1. Kristen

    Good for you. Get it out. Cry! Get Angry! You’re entitled and no one expects anything different from you. We will all be right there crying with you and cheering with you when this is all behind you!

  2. Sandy Fromm

    You are such a fighter Maya!! Both your strength and your vulnerability amaze me every single day!!! Ronan is so very lucky to have you as his mother!!!

  3. Danielle

    You are evolving each day so rapidly to someone who you never thought you be….you are open….you are pure, grand love.. It’s ironic to think we were ever in control. These moments/feelings are going to happen so let in, flush them out, and dry your eye. You will always be courageous and glorious in them and after them. Ronan is so fortunate to have such a remarkable family.

  4. Kay Norris

    Bless you Maya for your honesty. You are not alone with that particular struggle. Please know that many are crying tears with you…………..some you see and most you don’t.
    My prayers have been with you and yours since the minute i learned of your trial of standing by a precious son that is suffering. I cannot imagine how hard it is I can simply pray that the peace that passes understanding will be with you.
    Kay Norris

  5. Brandi King

    Wishing you and your family the best. We are including you in our daily prayers. We hope that each day is filled with strength, love and hope. If you every need a thing, let us know.

    Love and prayers, Doug and Brandi King

  6. Juliet

    You have been so unbelievably strong and i think it is only human to crack every now and then. We are pulling for Ronan and your entire family to get through this. You are soo loved and we are thinking of you nonstop. If you need anything we are here!! Sending love and hugs, j

  7. Cecilia

    Yes, we are constantly reminded in many different ways that we truly are not in control. The only way to get through it is to FEEL it. Allow yourself to feel and express the emotions – your entitled and everyone understands. Its ok, you are doing amazing and your strength is inspiring! Cry, yell, run! Let it out – don’t let it build up! Love, hugs and prayers for all of you! Cecilia

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