5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!” Praise God for you all being together once more as a family. I believe you will find peace in being there are taking on many of your more normal activities. To be there to love all your children, to help them get ready for school, to welcome them home, have family evenings and tuck them into their beds is wonderful. Liam and Quinn sound like awesome troopers who know you have been right where you needed to be. They must be very special boys. Though we have not met, you and Woody, Liam, Quinn and Ronan are much loved and admired.
    Wishing you much peace in your hearts and knowledge that God does have a plan and as clergy I believe He is using you and your story to lay some really important groundwork to help others, though the focus needs to be where you are on this journey right now. I do believe your blog is making and will make a tremendous difference for others.

  2. So glad to hear that you are Home Sweet Home! Rest up and love on all of those beautiful boys. We’ll be having lunch at your Mom’s deli today (hopefully can get in some hugs and wish her strength) and think of you often….

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