It was a Sparky kind of day

Day 4 of Ronan’s chemo has wiped him out. His counts are low so he is getting a blood transfusion as we speak. I’m watching the blood pour into his IV while he peacefully snoozes away. Still so weird that somebody else’s blood is going into my little boys’ body. Ronan has been giving all of the nurses a hard time today. Even when they just come in to check his blood pressure. He has been giving us his mean little squeal, which sound like a little piglet, and completely covering himself up in his blanket. It is so dang cute. It’s his way of telling us, he’s had enough. I don’t blame him. I’ll bet you in the week and a half that we’ve been here that we’ve seen over 30 different nurses. I can’t keep track of them all anymore.
Papa Charlie arranged for Sparky to come today. And my dear friend, Lauren, arranged for her amazing photographer friend, Sandey, to capture it all. We got Ronan up out of bed… finally… and went out into the hall of the hospital where Sparky was waiting. He also brought one of the ASU Football players with him and two of the cutest little cheerleaders that I’ve ever seen in my life. Ro was soooo excited. His little face was priceless and could have lit up an entire city. We took pictures and Ronan gave Sparky multiple high fives and knuckles. He was pretty tired so I held him most of the time but he did let me set him down for a bit to take some pictures by Sparky. Liam and Quinn were loving it. They were so cute when we put them in between the 2 cheerleaders. Trying not to be embarrassed but they were blushing from head to toe. It was a great day and exactly what Ronan needed. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. My little tiger is waking up now and needs his mama!!

**** A very special thanks to Sandey Tenuto, the amazing photographer for taking time out of her day to come and capture this moment for us. Words cannot express how grateful I am!!!! You have an amazing gift!!******


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6 thoughts on “It was a Sparky kind of day”

  1. Yeah for Sparky and the cheerleaders for giving of their time today. That is really sweet of them to do this. They probably feel like they got more than they gave though.

  2. Wow… I love the pictures and hearing about the day and your amazing surroundings of family and friends. Go be with your sparkle. XOXO

  3. Great pictures and thanks for sharing. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and especially with Ronan for a speedy recovery………

    Ron (a friend Charlie’s)

  4. You have quite an amazing little boy there. I am a friend of Sandey’s from college and she shared your story with me. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting Ronan!

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