Our doctors

Our doctors have been nothing short of amazing here. I’ll start with our anesthesiologist, Dr. Maze. Who should be called, “Dr. Amazing” because that is what he is. I was standing in the hallway the day after we had found out kind of what was going on with Ronan and Dr. Maze saw me holding Ronan and stopped and pulled me aside to ask what was going on. I had never seen this man before in my life but as soon as he saw me, and  saw how scared I looked holding on to my baby boy, he took the time to find out what was going on. He asked who had done his anesthesia previously and I couldn’t remember and he said, “It doesn’t matter, this little “pupski” is mine now. I’m taking care of you.” This man has been there morning, noon, and night for us. Even when the nurses say he’s too busy to come, I’ll have them call him anyway and he is always there to do his anesthesia, hug me, tell Ronan he loves him, and that everything is going to be alright for his “pupski.” Last night he came up to check on us and sat with Woody and I and asked how we were holding up. He looked at us and said, “Are you two taking anytime to be together?” We both told him how that was not possible now. He then said, “I’m telling you this as your friend, you two need to take time to be together, even during this awful time.” He said it with such concern in his eyes that you know that this man is much more than a doctor; he is another one of our angels.

5 thoughts on “Our doctors”

  1. That is so awesome!!! I’m so pleased that Ronan’s doctors are looking out for your family as well. I love that!

    I think he’s right, you and Woody need to escape together. Don’t feel guilty about it. You can’t be with Ronan every second, even if you want to. You’ll burn out. You have many many people who would be more than willing to sit with him for a few hours. Wish I could!!

    I love you all and continue to pray for a miracle for your darling boy!!!

  2. Maya and Woody,
    Spoke to my dad, Dennis Berry, about Dr. Maze. He knows him very well from practicing in Phoenix for so long and agreed that he is wonderful! We are all so glad you are in such good hands. Thinking of you all…Jill

  3. Woody and Maya,

    Christina and I are thinking about you and Ronan constantly. I am glad you have such an awesome Dr. The Bungers are keeping us informed. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.


  4. What a difference it must make to have such caring doctors and nurses helping you through this. I think Dr. Amazing is so right about you and Wood doing something together. Even just a dinner somewhere by the hospital. You know we will take the other two so Kay and Charlie can be with Ronan. We are praying for you multiple times a day. You are doing such a good job. We love you, Jennifer and Dave

  5. You are so right on with Dr. Maze. When our son Jack had surgery at PCH he was one doctor I will never forget. He truly cares for his patients and has such a big heart. So happy he is one of your angels. Praying for you all daily….Kristi & Ryan Spiekerman

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