Hard day.

Ronan is mad today. He keeps peeking at me with his one little eye that can open and I know what he is thinking. He won’t really talk to me. Gets mad if I talk to him and is fighting me on everything we do. I did get him to walk a little bit. Woody, a nurse and I took him out of the room and down the hallway to look at a pond and some trains. He didn’t say much of anything but we talked to him the whole time while he watched the train and fish as best as he could. I about lost it right then and there. In fact I did. It was the absolute saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. My beautiful baby, all bandaged up with his left eye swollen shut and his right eye hardly open. The nurse was trying to be strong for us, but I saw the tears pouring out of her eyes. So, today I am weak. But Woody is strong. He is holding me up with his amazing strength and words. I feel like shutting the world out, but I know I cannot. I need the strength from everyone who is supporting us. I cannot fight this alone and cannot shut down. Chin up, and boot straps buckled. United together we WILL get him through this!

19 thoughts on “Hard day.”

  1. Maya, you don’t even know me. I’m a friend of Kay and Charlie’s. Please know we are all here to support you, Woody, and Ronan. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. We’re all okay with your anger and your sadness, and we appreciate your honesty. Just know we’d do anything we could to help. Thanks for sharing Ronan’s progress. We’re all praying for you and pulling for you!

  2. Stay strong! These diseases are just awful for anyone, but when such small, innocent children are affected, it breaks my heart. While I have never met you and haven’t had much contact with Woody since high school, seeing someone I know go through this heartache sucks. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight this and I know you guys will!! Just remember all those people out there who you know and you who don’t that are pulling for you and Ronan’s speedy recovery.

  3. Hang in there Maya! You and Woody are amazing! You are both so strong for your sweet boy. There are so many people praying for Ronan. He WILL get through this!

    Lots of love-Jenny

  4. We will continue to think and pray with all of our strength and energy so that each day that passes will be better and better until you can say that you made it. Reading your posts breaks my heart to pieces as I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like. I am very touched and I beg our heavenly father to continue to bless you. Love, L

  5. Oh Maya, I know you won”t shut down and you are so brave.These feelings are new to you , Woody, and Ronan. You all will have these moments but you guys are a team and are all there to pull each other out of them. When you are ready I will be there. XO

  6. I don’t know you but I know that God has the power to heal and I am praying for healing, comfort and strength for you and your family. I have a 3 yr old son also and it breaks my heart to know that you have to go through this. Remember that good can come from even the hardest trials we face.


  7. God is with you and your family through this experience…My church has added Ronan and your family to the daily prayer chain, and your family is constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Maya, we know that you cannot do this alone. That is why we had hundreds of people praying for you at our church today. I hope that you can feel the power and strength from these prayers today. Keep the faith. Love Rita

  9. Maya, it is okay to cry and be mad. This cancer beast that entered Ronan’s body is horrible. I wish I had a punching bag to take to you. Please know I am here to help out in any way, cook, laundry, etc. The Thompson family has been very good to the McDaris Family, we love you and have many people praying.

  10. Maya,

    Thank you for the updates. It’s hard for me to keep apprised to the situation up here and this is really helpful. I’m coming into town next weekend to visit your family. Love and miss you all.

  11. Oh Maya and Woody how i ache for you both and the journey you are going through. A journey that no doubt will end with a victory. Websters definition of this is “the overcoming of an enemy”. With God by your side this enemy will be squashed. He is there for you even when you’re pissed! We will not stop our daily prayer for sweet Ronan and the rest of your strong family. You know Chris is here for you a round the clock for questions as well as the rest of the family We love you all
    TT and Chris

  12. Maya and Woddy we have so many faithful friends praying for you and Ronan and of course the rest of the family. The prayers of many will help you fight this enemy. I am so proud of you for putting your true raw feelings in writing. We are going to see your other sweet angels this afternoon and will love on them! We are here for anyhting you need. Love, Jennifer and Dave Murphy


  14. I’m so sorry Maya. Just reading this makes me cry & I can’t even imagine living it! I’m certain you & Woody are the perfect dynamic duo to fight for Ronan. If you become weak, we’re here to lift you up with words of encouragement, praise, & determination! The outpouring of love & support is a true testiment of the type of people you are. This isn’t just a fight for the infantry, it’s a fight that’s coming with the whole damn army!!! Xoxo, Katrina.

  15. We are praying for you and your entire family from here in Nebraska. My daughters are aged four and seven and they are pulling for your little guy. Allison and Madison Whitmire (my daughters) are praying to Jesus for Ronan.

    God Bless,

    Matt Whitmire

  16. Sending my love, prayers and thoughts to you especially as a strong fighting mother, and also the rest of your family. My prayers are with Ronan constantly throughout the days.

    (Uncle Scottie is my dearest friend)

  17. Maya & Woody, while we don’t know you personally, we do know Charlie & Kay. Charlie was “the rock” that held Bob Stump’s office together throughout the years and his family is our family. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers during this scary time. We can’t help but feel Ronan will be completely healed and will check daily on his progress. It was heartwarming to hear he was angry. (He may need a little dose of that from time to time.)
    Bless you all,
    Bruce & Kelly Stump

  18. Toria & John are here this weekend & ww are all think of you and what both families & extended families are going through. With all family & friend’s prayers Ronan can’t miss! We love you! Connie, John, Toria

  19. I am sending you strength, Love, prayers and everything in my heart. Keep the faith. I know it is hard, but keep believing. We love you all very much and want to help. Please call. We are here for you. Much Much Love, The Willits Family

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