This is an image for Ronan. Your song for the night. You were the best kind of trouble. I miss you..


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  • Instagram is my BFF

    These two. #ronan #fucancer #popted #besties #goldendoodle #herotherbrother The entire time we were at the zoo, my almost teenagers sang the song, "This zoo sucks, when can we go home, why did we have to come, it's hot, can we go now, where are all the animals?" I just laughed, told them to shut their sweet little months and suck it up for their baby sis. #ronan #fucancer #tweensaretoocoolforthezoo #zoodays #hotasballs #anythingforprincesspoppy Where the wild things are, not being wild and free because Zoo. #ronan #fucancer #notsowildandfree #myfavoriteanimal #legsfordays

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