Here is an easy way to help us. You can vote once a day! Go Ro!!

Arizona Foothills Best of the Valley. You Can Vote, Once a Day!

Look at all the things we are nominated for! Thank you to AZ Foothills for being such an awesome magazine and recognizing everyone’s hard work. Thank you to everyone who nominated us! You can vote once a day! I know you are all probably sick of voting for us as I just hammered you all for the Chase contest, but look at all the good it can do. We don’t win any money, but the winners get a special spread in the best magazine in Arizona. This can do great things as far as being recognized and raising awareness goes. For those of you asking how you can help, here’s how! Just click on the links to vote for us in the categories we are nominated for. Once a day! It’s so easy and would mean so much to us! Thank you! We are honored to be nominated by the side of so many other organizations and individuals!