How to Live like a Rockstar


People have asked, what they can do, besides the obvious which is donate to Childhood Cancer, to help make a difference in this fight. If you want to donate to Ronan’s Foundation, even if it is just a dollar; please do so. I have almost 12 million hits on this blog. Can you imagine if every person that has read this, donated just one dollar? Or five? That could do so many amazing things in our efforts to support research for Childhood Cancer.

I’ve thought up a list. A very unconventional list, because it is not just about bringing awareness to Childhood Cancer. It is also about living a life that Ronan would be proud of. It is about living a life, that Ronan would have given anything for; to LIVE. It is about being the BEST version of yourself, that you can possibly be. This list will grow and I hope it only gets better. I’m still young. I still have A LOT to learn, mistakes to make, things to regret…. but as of now, this is my list. This is a list that has been inspired by losing the life of my son and trying to become a better human being, because of it. I hope someday, that I am able to live my life doing everything I have written below. This list, gives me hope, in my darkest hours.

1) Be thankful for all that you have. No matter how much or how little. If you have kids, be thankful they are healthy. Nothing else matters. If you don’t have kids, be thankful for your health or the health of the loved ones in your life. Just be THANKFUL. Know what that gratitude truly means.

2) If you’re not happy, change your life and become happy. Happy people are the most beautiful people. Become the person you want to be. Life is too short to not be happy. Ronan lived almost 4 years on this earth. I’ve never in my life met a happier person then he was, and look at everything he endured. Cancer never got in the way of his happiness, until the last week of his life when his life was no longer his to live. He was ROBBED of his happiness. You have not been robbed of yours, so stop complaining.

3) Volunteer. At a Homeless Shelter. At an Animal Hospital. At The Ronald McDonald House. Whatever you are passionate about. Just do something to make a difference. Volunteer at a hospital where there are so many sick babies who need people to hold and love them. Get involved. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

4) Donate BLOOD or PLATELETS. It’s not that hard. REGISTER to become a BONE MARROW DONER. You could save someone’s life.

5) Scream with me about Childhood Cancer Awareness until people start to listen. Write to local companies- small companies, big companies, your favorite celebrity, the media, congress, the president, the white house…anyone you can think of, until people start to listen. If there are enough of us screaming, they will have to listen at some point. The lack of awareness and funding is UNFUCKINGACCEPTABLE. Media is very powerful. We have to get them on our side.

6) Educate the people around you and inform them that this can happen to anyone. If you want your child to get a urine test, ask for it. Knowledge is POWER. Learn the FACTS about Childhood Cancer, like it’s your bible. Know what it is you are passionate about, and why. Educate people about this blog. Scream about Ronan’s story to anyone who will listen.

7) Rules were meant to be broken in this life. Break down doors. Don’t give up if you are told “no.” I don’t care if it is a hundred times. Nobody ever made history in this world, by playing by the rules. REBELS RULE. Embrace your inner REBEL. Ronan would love this so freaking much.

8) Question everything and follow your instincts. Listen to you heart as it is more powerful than your mind.

9) Take a holiday, once a year and do something completely selfless. How amazing would it be if everyone stopped worrying about themselves, gifts, fancy clothes, on a holiday and took the time to go to a local hospital to drop off toys or gift cards to the parents who are struggling/sad/lonely/or depressed because their “holiday,” now consists of living in a hospital and fighting for their child’s life? Do away with our self indulgent holidays and instead bring the smile to the face of a child or parent who could use it a thousand more times than you. Take your kids with you and tell them why you are doing this, why it is important.

10) Please stop and enjoy the music in life. Blast the music you love the loudest it will possibly go, while having an insane dance party with yourself or your kids. They will love you more for it.

11) Be inspired and inspire other people around you. Find your inspiration. Move mountains with it. Form an army. JOIN an army. Make something happen.

12) Get off your ass and exercise. It will change your life. It is saving mine. Run for Ronan, because he will never get the chance to run a marathon with me like I often dreamed of. Swim for Ronan. Bike for Ronan. Walk for Ronan. Ski for Ronan. Do it for yourself and for all the other kids who will never be able to, because they are not able to any longer. Be HEALTHY. Eat better. Stop freaking smoking. It’s insulting. Not to mention, just plain gross. YOU are better than that.

13) Get angry. But turn that anger into something positive. Do NOT deal with your anger by hitting the bottle, hurting others, or doing drugs. Let your anger fuel your fire, but in a positive way.

14) Pursue your dreams. If they don’t come true, at least you know you tried. Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not trying and never knowing.

15) Continue to talk about Ronan, his story, his fight, his beauty, his life, and his death. Help me honor him by continuing to believe in him the way you do. Take my pain from losing him, and continue on this adventure, with me. I am humbled and so thankful by all of you who continue to want to support and love Ronan. It makes me stronger. It makes me feel as if I can really change the face of Childhood Cancer because of your love and support.

16) Love your family and friends. If people bring drama to your life, cut them out of your life. Stop apologizing except when truly necessary. Be true to yourself, your beliefs, and your life.

17) Never settle. EVER.

18) LOVE with your whole heart, soul, mind and body. Make sure the people in your life are worth your time and love. If they are, give them everything you have.

19) Stop freaking out because your kid colored on the wall with a black Sharpie and then peed all over the carpet. Be glad you have a kid to create such a little creative piece of art for you. Embrace their inner spiciness.

20) Teach your children. Educate them about how lucky they are. Teach them to be kind to others. Don’t lie to them. Let them make mistakes. Guide them, push them, pull them, engage them. Be present. Life is hard. Let them know this without them having to learn it the way kids like Ronan’s brothers have had to learn it.

Alright lovelies. This is my list for tonight. I’ll add more as I think of things. Don’t thank me for it. I had nothing to do with it. Thank Ronan. Kiss your babies. Love yourself for being so beautiful, that you want to be a part of the change.

I love you all. Ronan loves you all. I know he would be proud of this list.

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  1. YOU GO RONAN! You seriously have changed my life! Your story has inspired me to be a better person and to fight for what I believe ! I LOVE YOU RONAN! ❤

  2. Very inspiring! I am looking for a place to volunteer with my 9yr old daughter,Emma. We would like to make a difference in someones life.

    1. I am only 12 years old. I heard about Ronan and wanted to help, for Christmas I asked for his bracelets and I got five of them and a t-shirt. I gave four of them to my friends at school and told them about what they were they were sad to hear about his story but I was happy. I was happy because I helped I help Ronan. Everybody I think has heard his song, Ronan by Taylor Swift but dot hey know his story? I found his story and then heard the song and I think that is what should happen! Go Ronan!

  3. What a beautiful boy and amazing story..God bless!

  4. I started reading your blog months ago when my sister brought it to my attention. I think your amazing! Your brutally honest and your story is earth shattering, it truly smacks me in the face every time I read it to shake off what I thought was a bad day in exchange for your raw reality as to how precious life truly is. I am a nurse and the whole reason I got into nursing is to one day work in pediatrics hem/onc, I hope I can make a difference in my patient’s lives! Your family is beautiful and I am truly sorry for the journey you have endured. You keep fighting in honor of baby Ro and you WILL make a difference! I speak of your story to many and know that they too will be touched and inspired as I have. Rock on mama! If there were more people in the world with your passion, I beleive we would be in a better place…

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  6. Julie Ramos-Cerber Avatar
    Julie Ramos-Cerber

    Never met you but I love you Ronan!

  7. Julie Ramos-Cerber Avatar
    Julie Ramos-Cerber

    By the way, I begin volunteering at Miami CHildren’s Hospital ( Miami, FL) Oncology wing in your honor!

  8. Maya I LOVE this!!! Thank you xxx

  9. Thinking of you and Ronan on this despicable day, in all black except for my naughty bracelet. Keeping on keeping on.

  10. Okay, so I will thank Ronan for inspiring you to write this, Maya, and I’ll thank you for channelling him and recording it for all of us to read, reflect upon, get inspired by and take action. Thank you for the lovely reminders…all helpful, true and doable. xxoo. Lori

  11. Through media, Taylor Swift got me reading your blog this evening! I’m not sure how you will interpret this and I really do hope you understand where I’m coming from but I think this happened to you for a reason, not because you deserve it, no body deserves it. But because you have the strength to DO this and make it happen!! You will find a way, and keep fighting every day to raise awareness. You really are making such an impact and doing you’re job as Ronan’s mum brilliantly! I’m sure that he would be the proudest little boy in the world without even understanding the emotion he’s feeling!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Don’t ever forget it xxxx

  12. I’m so glad I found your story through Taylor’s song on iTunes. I don’t have the words to tell you how incredible of a human being you are for bringing Ronan and your story to us. I hope you continue to inspire people to be the best they can be and you see the fruits of your fight. I cannot donate much today, but I will continue to follow and do what I can. And you’ve helped remind me to stop wasting time and be the person I want to be. Thank you.

  13. Hi Maya,

    I’ve just heard the song Ronan by Taylor Swift and I am so glad I did. It brought me to this blog and after reading Ronan’s story, I was in tears. I was sobbing outright and all I can say is that you are an amazing, strong, incredible woman, a woman who Ronan would have been proud to call mum. Thank you for inspiring me and for making me realise that life itself is beautiful. Ronan is such a beautiful little boy and he will never, ever be forgotten. I’m just speechless at your courage, your bravery and your selflessness. You have touched the hearts of so many people around the world, including this teenage girl from England.
    I promise that I will try to live like a rockstar.

    Stay strong,

  14. I don’t know if you will see this or not, but i just wanted say. You, Ronan, and your blog has inspired me. I know that it is a complete shame that Ronan only had 4 years on this Earth but his time here has inspired you to write this which at least inspired one person (ME!) so thank you. And keep writing – Skyla

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  16. I have saved this list now on my computer to look at it everyday because it is hard sometimes to realize how lucky I am and how many people I can help and how we complain about the smallest things and forget about the greatest, the real greatest: love and health. That’s actually all we really need in this life and I strongly believe it. Thank you so much, you don’t know how inspiring you and Ronan are. Thank you, thank you. I wish the best for you. A lot of love from Argentina!

  17. I think you have no Idea how much you inspires many of us. Sometimes we feel like our life is the worst in the world, like we have no reason to live just cause sometimes we have troubles, little troubles, but there are so many people out there smiling while having REAL ISSUES like this, cancer. I cried when I read Ronan’s history, I felt really bad cause I thought he really deserved to live a long life, he seemed so happy no matter what, I can’t believe sometimes people are bad at things so little… I want to help but I don’t know how cause I’m from Chile and it’s like I’m so far away but If I can help with telling all people I know about Ronan and just to ask them for some help, for sure, I will do. Maya, you are such an inspiration, a powerful woman, a strong momma that I want to meet so hard, I hope I will do someday. I know Ronan is besides God, he is an angel, he is a pure little angel that is taking care of you and all his lovers. STAY STRONG and greetings from Chile!

  18. Hi Maya-
    Lots of love from Chandler, AZ. I really like that you start your list with gratitude. It is so easy to forget about gratitude and get caught up in “luxury” problems. I love the rest of your list, as well, and you inspire me to be a better person. Hang in there and keep your positive vibes.

  19. I wish I had money to offer however I am disabled and cannot donate. However I will pray daily for you.

  20. Your story has inspired me soo much! I may not be able to do something amazing like writing a song for Ronan but I will pray for his soul to keep you safe and for him to be happy tomorrow is my late grandfathers birthday and as I will remember him I will think on an amazing little boy named Ronan I wish I had had the pleasure of meeting
    Laura Abascal,13

  21. from the moment i have learned about this precious little boy i havent stopped crying he was so happy and beautiful, i feel so changed and i owe that to you and Ronan i just want to do all i can do im going to stop worry about the dumb little things we get angry about and me happy i see life completly different thank you so much!! now i see what i never did before and i will now be aware of childhood cancer and make sure to always ALWAYS ask and have my son checked no matter what no matter how many times THANK YOU!!
    REST IN PEACE RONAN!! there are more important things in life you showed me that! you are very strong and amazing you truley inspire me!

  22. This completely touched my heart & Soul… What an amazing, beautiful boy! I did not know Ronan or his family personally, but it’s angels like this that make you want to be a better person, each and everyday…. Thank you for sharing! God bless your family, We love you Ronan !!!! You are the Rockstar Angel….

  23. Ronan,

    This truely touched my heart, You are so lucky to have a mama that is changing the world for YOU! I promise i will live each and every day to strive toward this list, and ill think of you often. I cant wait to get home and hug my little boy, I am truly blessed! Your story is inspiring, THANK YOU RONAN… you have made me realize the little things in life and want to be better.

  24. Hi!
    Hearing the song “Ronan” by Taylor swift really moved my heart. I just read the story today, as I am reading your blog now. I just wanted to say how moving this all is! I have a 2 year old little brother and when I heard “Ronan” it made me cry and feel the need to get up and go hold tyler (my little brother). Your list is really positively great and makes me really think about how appreciative I should be. I know Ronan is smiling down on you and is so proud of everything you are doing for you & him.
    This is such a beautiful blog and I am going to make some changes to be a better person because of this blog.
    Love, Bella

  25. I love this list.. Good food for thought. Your story has touched me to the core. Not becuse if the publicity or the song but because of your will to endure. As a father of a blue eyed baby boy I couldn’t imagine your pain. I just wanted to reach out and let you know. Your little one is my heart as well as many others and because of that his spirit will never fade. God bless you!

    A truly humble father,

  26. this story has definitely touched my heartt. I have to do a speech for public speaking & I want to share your story and let people know about neuroblastoma ❤

  27. I don’t know how to put into words how your story and Ronan’s
    song have moved and inspired me to want to join in and fight on
    this journey with you. What a great mom you are and how positive
    forward thinking and innovative you are. Truly I am moved. Been
    figuring what I can do to add to this movement and also to inspire
    others to join forces. First things first will be to downloading that
    beautiful song sung by Taylor Swift. When I first
    heard it then saw your angelic beautiful boy I cried and cried truly
    moved. But moved into doing something. Please email me I would love to do whatever
    Is helpful as well as raise finance to continue your I mean OUR fight
    for research and funding to iradicate all cancer but especially childhood cancer.

    Love and big hugs

  28. This is truly heartbreaking and a life changing story. I’m only 13. Even I cry for Ronan an his family. I just have to remember not to take life for granted

  29. My husband was watching stand up to cancer and I heard a sobbing noise coming from downstairs as I was putting our little blue eyed 3 year old boy to bed and came down not knowing what was going on. He had to rewind the song and we both sat their and cried. WE then proceeded up to our sons room and just watched him sleep and thought how beautiful he is and how blessed our life has become since he arrived. I can’t imagine what you went or are going through, you have truly inspired me to be a better parent, person, friend. Ever since the show I can’t stop thinking of your beautiful little RONAN. My son then listened to the song and looked at me and said mom, I love you to the moon and back. I will always have a place for Ronan in my heart, you are a beautiful person for all that you do. Stay positive!

  30. gorgeous, thank you ronan x

  31. I read your blog for the first time today. I read it all the way back to May of last year, when you lost your precious baby boy and even farther back. My heart is heavy. As a mother, I can only try and comprehend what your family has been through. I will continue to think of you, your family and this amazing little boy and the impact he has made on so many, including myself, for as long as I live. I know its been a while and I’m positive it feels like an eternity and yet, the journey will never end for you and your beautiful family but I send you all my love and positive energy from salt Lake City, Utah… from my heart to yours. Grethel.

  32. Maya, thank you for sharing your story with the world. I too found it through Taylor Swift’s song. I then started to read your blog and my heart is aching for you and your family. I know Ronan is touching many lives. I have a young son and find myself terrified of loving someone so much with such a fierce love for fear of not surviving it if I was to lose him. You and Ronan have taught me to not live in fear but to make the most of every single minute, regardless of the possibility of being hurt. Thank you for reminding me that life is too precious to let fear hold me back. I am a fellow Arizonian and I wanted to thank Ronan for the rain as well, I will think of you guys every time it rains. Sending bear hugs your way,
    Ashley, Jay and my little man Liam.

  33. Maya,
    Like millions of others, I first learned of Ronan and his fight because of a beautiful song written by you. Because of this amazing little boy and your words, my family is changed for eternity. I drive by PCH twice a week from Gilbert and have always wondered, `What could my family and I do to help? I’m only 1 person, what difference could I make?’

  34. … Thanks to Ronan and your inspiring, raw, and true words, we are now a part of PCH. My family and I are now in this fight with you… Sleep well, our prayers are with you and your family every step of the way.

  35. I’d like to say that even though I am only 15 years old, your blog has seriously changed my perspective on life. EVERY life is beautiful. Wether 4 years old, or 84 years old. We need to live in the moment because we NEVER know when everything will be taken away from us. Life is a wonderful thing if we live it right. I will now make sure everyone I love knows it because you can never tell someone you love them too many times. Ronan was a beautiful little boy and he will NEVER be forgotten. Even though I never got to meet him personally, I feel like I know him. I love that he was a happy energetic little boy. He did not deserve to have his life taken away , but maybe there was a purpose. His purpose was to cause people to think twice. God bless you, Maya, and your family. As well as Ronan, who is looking down on us as we live our lives.

  36. Ronan 😥 this story changed my life…. sitting here sobbing as i read….Maya you are so brave 😥 im soooo sorry…..I funny enough found this story through Taylor Swifts song and I wanted to find out more….I’m listening to it now…’s sad!!!! 😥 it’s my first time reading this….i read right back to Ronan’s last day…..i was hyperventalating i was crying so much….it’s really sad…i’m only 16, but its not fair!!!! 😥 im so sorry i’ll definitaely be checking up on your posts….

    Ps: Ronan, you have beautiful blue eyes!!!

    much love, stay strong

  37. Antoinette Magestro( Cancer warrior) Avatar
    Antoinette Magestro( Cancer warrior)

    I am Ready ! I love you! Stay strong!

  38. I feel so sad. Your story is heartbreaking..No one should have to endure that kind of pain. I am only 13 but someone I loved got cancer too. I am going to try and make a difference!! For Ronan xoxo

  39. That is so inspiring and beautiful. Thank you Ronan. And I promise that I will do this for you, Ronan, I will do everything in my power to help defeat cancer. And I won’t stop. I love you, Ronan, and your not gone. Cancer hasn’t won. You’re still alive. In all of our hearts. ❤

  40. Thank you, Ronan. I will hug my little boy tight tonight and live in the moment a little more. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and my family. ❤

  41. brigado por nos fazer conhecer sua historia!!
    hoje o que peço é ser mais com Ronan, sempre alegre!
    que sua alegria, beleza força de vontade, sejam sempre lembradas!!

  42. You said not to thank you, so I am going to thank your beautiful baby boy that helped you create that list. Somehow something brought me to read this and I needed to hear those things. As I sit her literally bawling my eyes out I promise to never take anything for granted, which I have been. Never read anything so inspiring/beautiful/touching/promising in my life.

  43. Maya your such a wonderful person, you made me realize things that i never though before.
    The story of Ronan inspires so much. i hope touch other peoples lives too.Stay Bless.

  44. I walked in to find my 9 yr old daughter balling her eyes out while listening to Taylor Seift sing Ronan. I couldn’t believe she got what it was about without any explaining. I hadn’t listened to the song yet myself, so I sat down with her & we listened to it together. We both cried together. I had to find out who the song was written about, & that’s how I found your blog. I bought the song because the proceeds went towards childhood cancer research. Glad, so glad I did. I think after reading your list, we will be as a family contacting our local children’s hospital in Tulsa, OK to see about spending the holidays with the families there. You have opened my eyes. Sending love, prayers, happiness, healing of the heart & anything else great & positive your way. We will scream from the rooftops for Ronan. ❤

  45. Maya,
    My name is Vanessa from Los Angeles, CA…9 years ago i gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy I named Eric Joshua….13 days after he was born he passed away from Strep B Meningitis…13 months later i gave birh to his little brother, Sean Andrew, who helped me trmendously in dealing wirth my grief.
    You never forget the pain….13 days, 4 years…its all the same….dont feel guilty or sad, or begrudge the tiny new life you are bringing into this world.
    I continue to cry almost everyday for my little EJ……I can’t let go…i never will…it’s a gift being sent to you by your little boy…your reminder that he loves you to the moon and back!!!
    Thats what I feel whenever i look into my Sean’s eyes! 😦

  46. I’ve never found the right words to write something here, although your story has inspired me in so many ways. I don’t know Ronan but I love him so much. I love you, Quinn, Liam and Woody. I hate cancer. and I hate not finding my words yet again.

  47. I loved the Ronan song.. and your right about your list.. I have 2 children and they arent afraid to do anything.. My son Liam died of cancer at 10 years old..if he was still here today, he would be 12 years old.. RIP to Liam and Ronan

  48. Here’s to the crazy ones! The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify them, or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent, they imagine, they heal, the explore, they create, they inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels? While some see them as the crazy ones, I see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. This reminds me of you Maya!

  49. So glad I heard this story and found this blog. This is beatiful, and you are a beatiful human being. Ronan would be so proud.

  50. Maya, you and Ronan inspire me everyday. I wear my purple rockstar ronan bracelet everyday as a reminder to live life and cherish EVERY little thing that happens in life and with my son.
    Thank you for teaching me love, strength, and courage. I know Ronan is proud of you!

  51. Thank you. I am a mom to a 13 month old girl and as a mom I just feel so deeply for you and your family. I think the love between a mother and her child is unlike any other love in this world. Before I had my daughter I didn’t realize the true strength of it (you really can’t until you become a mother yourself). Because I am a mother my heart literally breaks for you but your courage, kindness and honesty are so inspirational – more than words can say. I made a donation to the Ronan Thompson foundation and ho

  52. This is beautiful. So inspired by you and Ronan. And empowered to take action.

  53. You are amazing as was beautiful Ronan x Your story and above list is inspiring me, thank you xo

  54. I’ve read this blog countless times. It has given me a new perspective on life. It has taught me to never take anything for granted.
    I found myself coming back to this blog after a little girl, Avalanna Routh, died from ARTR, a form of cancer. She was six years old. Another child, another human, taken by that MONSTER known as cancer. I was sad, but then I found myself getting mad. Mad that anybody would let a child suffer like that. It’s not fair.
    Then I read these tips, and I realized that I could use these emotions to make things better. And trust me, I will.
    Cancer isn’t a disease. It’s a fucking murderer.

  55. This just so beautiful. Not just the list. Not just the blog. But EVERYTHING. Your story has touched more than A LOT of people, Ronan. And to Maya… All of what’s happening is not JUST because of Taylor.. NO. It’s all thanks to you and your amazing son. People keep asking me why I always sing Taylor Swift’s song ‘Ronan’…. They can’t even make me stop talking about your story! I hope that whatever I’m doing helps.. God bless you Ronan. And God bless your mother and your family. WE LOVE YOU RONAN!!!

  56. So inspiring. I couldn’t be happier to have come across your blog. It brings tears to my eyes while making me smile at the same time. I am so much more grateful for my healthy life just from reading a small portion of your blog, and I just keep reading away. It saddens me so deeply that Ronan had to go through such a horrible disease but it is amazing he had so much happiness through out his life and your uplifting, inspiriting positivity is amazing. Not only Ronan, but you and your family are such an inspiration. I want to do everything it is I possibly can to help, to help children all over, to find a cause and raise awareness, to help Ronan. I look forward to reading the rest of your list as you come up with it and I look forward to spreading the word and helping everyone LIVE LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!

  57. […] I am so stinkin EXCITED to run  for a reason this Sunday!  I can not explain to everyone in words how much this has helped me to grow as a person as well as I HOPE have increased awareness in other’s around me.  We can all make a difference.  You never know how your actions impact others.  If you have been following my blog you know that I know HOPE is winning! I would not be where I am today without those people giving me hope! I do know that one thing that came from me running for a reason is most of my friends will at least know that funding for childhood cancer research is crap and that it is not a rare childhood disease and they all know about Rockstar Ronan!  IF you don’t check out his website…He died in the dawn of his life because of cancer….  […]

  58. I am 14 years old and I wanted to let you know how much Ronan’s story has moved me. When I was younger I had a subdural emphysema which was a sinus infection that spread into my brain.. I was in the pic u at children’s hospital for a few weeks and went thought multiple operations on my brain and a was on heavy medications as strong as chemo for months afterward. Regardless of what I went through, I always felt like I was lucky. I was better within year when there was a girl down the hall from me wih cancer who had been there a long time. On her door was a sign that said “if you don’t think winning is everything, then you have never had cancer” That touched me beyond measure. I never met the girl, and I don’t know if she survived. I desperately hope so. There was another little girl, a young baby who had been in chop for almost her entire life. She had a twin sister who got sick off an on too. They both had more operations and procedures than I can count

    1. I have to continue this here sorry, as I was saying both girls had more operations and procedures in their lives than I could count on my fingers and toes, and to me their life seemed terrible. Yet when I met little Brianna, all she did was smile. I had brought her a yellow balloon because I had so many and he parents said yellow was her favorite color. Her little smile while lying on the hospital bed while connected to so many god awful tubes made my day. It made me want to push on and get better, to enjoy life, because every moment is a gift. Not to waste it wanting something I can’t have, instead making use of what I do have. It had been almost five years since I got sick, and I value life so much more now that I have hisbpers

      1. Sorry, now that I have this perspective. I have been volunteering at Ronald McDonald house for a few years now, playing piano for certain events and fundraising. Ronan reminds me of my little brothers, which only intensifies the pain I feel when I think about him. And I realize that if it hurts me, a not quite fifteen year old girl whonever met Ronan, the pain you must feel must be heart crushing. But I love and respect that you don’t let your sorrow brig you down, instead you are using your story to help others. I believe that you are taking Ronan’s gift, his legacy, and changing the world with it. Thank you, thank you for speaking out for what needs to be said, thank you for never backing down, and most of all, thank you for Ronan. Please tell him that we love him and hope he is always happy up there. I love him to the moon and back, the stars and back, to all the universe (that was something my mom and I always said to each other when I was little) Love always, Allison

  59. Ronan is gorgeous. Your words are beautiful and powerful. I found your blog through Ty Campbell’s mom’s blog (, and my life and approach have changed for the better. I am up for this fight. Your anger is spot-on. The lack of awareness, and funding, and research is bullshit.
    This is my new cause. I hope I can do all these babies proud. God Bless you for all you’re doing. You and Cindy truly humble me.

  60. Maya and Ronan,
    I was driving home from work today when I heard the song “Ronan” on the radio. I thought it was beautiful and smiled, thinking of my little brother. As I pulled up to into my driveway, I heard “little boy who died” and sat there in my car, tears streaming down my face, wondering who this precious boy “Ronan” could be. And now, as I read all about this boy’s struggles and triumphs, I’m still crying and praying that Ronan’s love will continue to shine down on you and your family. I spent a good portion of my childhood re-reading Lurlene McDaniel books about children/teens with cancer and wondering why some of us got to be so lucky, and why so many families have to suffer the heartbreak that your family did. I promise to help make a difference in this fight against childhood cancer, and I promise to keep cherishing all the loved ones in my life.
    Take care,
    Anchorage Alaska

  61. RIP Ronan 🙂

  62. elizabeth riemann Avatar
    elizabeth riemann

    I am glad I heard Taylor’s song about Ronan. It opened up my eyes to just think of how hard it would be to lose a loved one that young to cancer. I have a 4 year old nephew and couldn’t imaging losing him over anything. This is very inspiring and makes me want to stand up to cancer and help fight it anyway I can. Cancer is horrible and a very tragic thing. Thank you Ronan for letting me take a different look at cancer!!! You are missed by lots!!!!

  63. You have already inspires me so much Maya! You are a great person! Love you all!

  64. maya and Ronan,
    I was so enspired by this story. When I heard Ronan for the first time I litterly cried my eyes out. I wish your family the best of luck!!!!!!! I LUV YOU RONAN

  65. […] Credits to Maya Thompson and her brave little boy, Ronan Thompson for me starting this blog. ” How to live like a Rockstar” Read it people, maybe its time to change something about your life. […]

  66. Okay well My full comment wouldn’t fit. So I blogged it c;

  67. I pray for you and your cause everynight. Maya I want you to know I’m a better mother because of you. My children and I thank you for it.God bless you in this fight.

  68. Maya – thank you for sharing your story. You are so strong and your love for your son is evident in every word that you write. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  69. I fell in love with Taylor Swifts song “Ronan”. I think it is saddening yet extrememly beautiful. I wanted to know why she wrote it. I went on google and this blog appeared. I can honestly say I cried reading this. Rest In Paradise Ronan<3

  70. Wow…just wow
    This is just truly incredible… I am outright sobbing here because of the way Ronan’s st

    1. Has touched me…he will never be forgotten or all the other children that died of Childhood Cancer

  71. This story has touched me more than I could have ever imagined! I have signed up to be a a bone marrow donor and I am going to try to live each day to the fullest for you RO!

  72. If anyone can give me a list of people/ places to email to about cancer. consider it done! Cancer has effected my life in so many ways. i really need to help out for the sure.

  73. Ronan,
    I may only be 14, but I know that, 100%, without a doubt, you touch everyone’s hearts and souls if they know about you. You are helping people to become better. I know you are out there, making that happen, literally touching them with your little pinkie finger. I wish with all my heart that you were still here, but maybe this is your purpose- to help fight for childhood cancer. So many people are made aware and want to do things to help, because of this blog, because of your song. You are such a beautiful boy, even more inside than out, even though it’s hard to think of something more beautiful than your physical appearance. But it’s great that you had both. That’s a rare, truly special thing. If anybody ever said that beautiful people are only beautiful in one perspective, either inside or out, then they’re wayyyyy wrong. You and Taylor Swift showed them that. And Ronan, you are rocking the world. One day, maybe we’ll erase childhood cancer from the earth. And Ronan, you’ll be one of the people that we’ll thank when we look back on it. You’re inspiring people with your beauty and unconditional love, neither of which has vanished even in death. Some people say that death destroys everything, but that’s not true. It can never touch love and beauty. The only vulnerable thing about you was your life. But your spirit is eternal. It will impact people’s lives forever. If we were colors, and good is white, and bad is black, most people are a light grey, 25% black, and 75% white. But you would blind people, Ronan. You would be a perfect, milky, 100% white. And I would want to be blinded, just so I could say that I looked at you. Because you are the perfect role model. Everyone should strive to have your spirit, your happiness, and forget about the trivial things in life. They should acknowledge the major, and realize the good in the world. They should realize and acknowledge YOU. YOU are the major, YOU are the good. I only wish I had gotten to meet you, had gotten a glimpse of the innocence, and purity, and kindness that you possessed. And still do posses. But just know, Ronan, that you will never be forgotten, by your Mom, by your Dad, by Liam, by Quinn, by your little sister who’s coming, by your aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, by Taylor Swift, by me, by all of the people that you have touched. Just know that you live on in our hearts and souls, just like we know how your life might’ve left, but your spirit hasn’t.
    I love you, Ro.
    -Samantha Murphy

  74. Gonna have Ronan Rockstars all over Wales, UK xxxxxxxxxx Thinking of you x

  75. you and Ronan inspire me.

  76. Ronan is gorgeous. Every child should live like are amazing for doing this for him.I am young, but I am still touched.cancer sucks.I am sorry for your loss.btw ronan was gonna be my husband:)

  77. Frances Stephens Avatar
    Frances Stephens

    Amen!!!!! I love your list!!!! I just want to know how I can run for Ronan I live in Alabama.

  78. Karin Hamerston Avatar
    Karin Hamerston

    You’re incredible. I was thankful before I learned of your story….that thankfulness has increased exponentially. Thank you for sharing your story with the world…

  79. lillyofthevalley5 Avatar

    Thank you MAYA for the words you speak, your passion, your involvement in everything you do. your honesty, your uncensored blog, thank you for inspiring to be a better mother to my daughter Sophia, who just turned one. After my mother passed away of cancer Exactly one year ago in three days , i thought i could never see a little sunlight at the end of the tunnel. My daughter was only two weeks old when my mom, her grandma, my hero, passed away. I could not understand why god would allow such a beautiful, humble, honest, nicest woman as my mother pass, when she had just conquered chemo, and was so enthusiastic about finally being a grandma for the first time. I felt very sad and bitter with life for a long time. Thinking about her last moments, and what i could have done different to save her. I blamed myself . I was always the hero of our family, the problem fixer, the one who made things better for everyone, the one who always used to day “dont worry, everything has a solution”. But when i lost my best friend, my mom, my everything, the love of my life, i lost hope for happiness. My mother was only 51, and i was 24. this was not fair. MY mother had a very tough life as a child, and also as an adult, and finally when i had giving her the best gift as a daughter, make her a grandmother. She is robbed from a happier, brighter future. I guess I am still mourning. I still feel very blue and think of my mom everyday. A mother and a child are the hardest people to loose in life. Specially if your mother was as great and heroic as mine, and specially if you had a child as beautiful inside and out like RONAN. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this last year has been very dark for me, and i miss my mom everyday, and Ive been depressed and sad for a long time, which is understandable, if your mom was as great an awesome as mine. But Its time for me to look at life the way my mom taught me to live it, to be positive and see the good in life, and to put all your trust in god. Only he knows why he allows good and bad things o happen. MY mom always told me, god has a purpose for us here, when we all reach our purpose is when he decides its time for us to go back to him. And my mom is right. Just like MAYA is right about the changes the world and all individuals need to make. We all need to appreciate life to the fullest, and the people around us that love us. Never take noting for granted. Inspire people to be positive and kind. Lead by example, be inspirational. I promised my mom and my daughter for them I will get healthy, stop mopping around, start living life, do all i can do to spread the word against breast cancer and Pediatric cancer. Do all i can do to help the cause. With gods and my mother guidance from above its all possible. And with MAYAS words of hope, faith, wisdom, and encouragement i know i cant start my road to recovery to a better, healthier,more positive life.
    If anyone would like to chat about similar experiences or challenges feel free to KIK me at lillyofthevalley5

  80. Beautiful….I lost my mom two years ago.:the pain has paralyzed me…thank you for making me see it through Ronans eyes…grief hits you like a tsunami…I’m going to honor my mom the way you are honoring your son…he has just made a difference for me…thank you..

  81. Ronan has made such a difference in my life. I am a girl scout who is trying to earn her gold award, and I am doing the project on the Ronan Thompson Foundation. I am only 15 years old but I know what I want to be when I “grow up” a pediatric oncologist. Thank you. (: I wish your family the best. xoxo
    -Molly Dolle

  82. RIP Ronan & all the other angels sleeping tight due to this horrible disease! someday we will find a cure, we WILL! Does anyone know where to order the rockstar ronan braceletes?

  83. Thank you for inspiring to become a better person RONAN….YOU ROCK! GOD BLESS U

  84. I wish I knew you Ronan. I have a little brother just 1 month younger then you. I’m so sorry for what you had to go through. I heard the song “Ronan” for the first time a couple days ago with my mom and we both started crying. Love ya Lil’ Rockstar ❤ Rest in Peace Ronan.

  85. This list kicks major ass!!!

  86. Dear Mrs. Thompson,
    I am so sorry about your loss. Ronan was such a cute little boy. I don’t understand why terrible things happen to such innocent people. Ronan’s story is so sad and every time i hear Taylor’s song i cry. Ronan was such a brave little boy and he fought so hard. The constant hospital visits must have been so hard on all of you. But like in Taylor’s song he flew away up to heaven from all of that hospital gray. RIP Ronan.

  87. Every time I hear Ronan’s song I think about him. Even though i didn’t know him i want to cry. He was such a brave,strong,and cute boy. It must feel like a giant tornado hit you. Even though I didn’t know him I still pray to and for him. Right now my heart feels heavy. You don’t know how much you love someone until their gone. REST IN PEACE RONAN.

  88. I have never met you but you have changed my life with your story
    Love Ya Ronan

  89. Go Ronan Go

  90. Thank You Ronan… And I thank God for you. Your story changed my life and made things clearer to me. I know there in Heaven where you are… You must be so proud of your mom helping other kids like you. I never knew you but I love you because of who you mean to your family and for what you’re doing after you became an angel. Maya, I wish you lots of blessings! Count on me on this movement…!

    Dario Gomez
    London, ON Canada

  91. I never knew Ronan but I feel like I do, I feel so bad, why would something terrible like this happen? I like to listen to Taylor’s song in the background and look at his photos. I am so sorry this happened to you and your family. But he is still with you, he’s in your heart. I cry just thinking about him or looking at him. I love Taylor’s song because it shows the true Ronan. There is a video with his pictures and Taylor’s song and there’s this one part where you hear Ronan laughing and it makes me cry. His laugh is very pretty. I also cry when she says i love you to the moon and back. Those are the two parts when I cry the most.You are a hero and you are a brave and strong person. Don’t ever change. Thank you Ronan.

  92. I was feeling kinda depressed about moving to a new country and leaving my old life behind and starting a new one. I was searching through some Taylor swift songs and paused and listened to her song “Ronan” I cried and my heart just stopped. I think you are a brave women and may god bless your family and help you through all of this. I work with kids ages 18 months to 5 years old and it’s the one job that makes me happy whether I’m getting paid or not. I know it’s what I was meant to do 🙂 Ronan is such a beautiful boy and looks so happy and loved. I lost a close family member to cancer and it was the worst pain I have ever felt….time doesn’t make it easier it makes living harder because that person who left will never be able to experience it with you. I pray for ya’ll and thank Ronan for reminding me that life is only lived once to take a chance, live your dream
    And most importantly love with all your heart.
    Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  93. i dont know how it feels to loose your son but i lost my dog years ago and i got mad at her so i pray to God that she will just go away forever and a coupla hours later she was hit by a car from running away and everydy i feel like it was my fault and i will never forgive my self so i know how much it hurts to loose someone and my heart goes out to you your son and your family

  94. This is a list worthy of printing and hanging on the wall where it will be seen DAILY!!!!! Beautiful words, beautiful list…can you imagine the kind of world it would be if everyone lived by these rules, everyday?!? Love it!

  95. Ronan has truely changed my life. for the better. RONAN is my inspiration to keep going ❤

  96. Hi Maya,
    You and your son have inspired me tremendously. Your son was so beautiful. My husband and I were talking about baby names a few nights ago for our unborn babyboy & “Ronan” by Taylor Swift came on . We want to name our little boy after your son. And when he gets old enough , we will share your baby’s story with him .
    You are an amazing woman Maya! Keep it up! Ronan is very proud of you ❤

  97. I think he fought all he could, me and my family will keep him in prayer R.I.P Ronan have fun in paradise ❤

  98. hi…i just wanted you to know, Maya…even if u never read this…im sorry.and thank you.your a HUGE inspiration.i cant imagine what it would be like to go through THIS kind of loss,but…i lost my dad when i was 12 now,with five other siblings besides me….your not alone.although i dont actually know Ronan or you personally,ive grown to love you good luck,and thanks again…

  99. Maya and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Ronan’s story has changed my life. It’s taught me more during my 16 years than school ever has or will. I promise I will be part of the fight for a cancer free world. Maya, you have inspired me to stay strong through the tough times in life. I promise to live like a rockstar. ❤
    Amanda Grundle
    Vancouver, BC Canada

  100. u r so brave sister told be be telling others. Thank u

  101. Ronan is such a beautiful little boy, ive read your blog for the first time today after hearing Taylor Swifts song. I couldn’t stop crying 😦 such a truly inspirational and heart breaking story. Im sure his watching over you and is SO proud of the work your doing and how strong and brave you’ve been through this devestating and damn right unfair time! I have a son myself – he was premature and spent the first 6 months of his life in hospital with alot of health problems… I was so afraid constantly of loosing him, i can’t imagine if id actually lost him… its unbearable. Im so sorry for your loss, and im so sorry for your little boy having to go through this. Bless his soul.

  102. Bonnie Schwertner Avatar
    Bonnie Schwertner

    Thank you for passing along the wise words. I wanted you to know that I have monthly donations automatically sent to a children’s cancer research group, which is among the top for least “overhead.” I may not have known about Ronan when I started this a while ago, but do you think he whispered into my ear? I investigated national charities, and just went down the list until some caught my eye. I’d never before been drawn in that particular direction.

  103. Thank you Maya for your bravery and for never giving up and for being so selfless as to share your story so candidly with the world, to share your beautiful angel who will continue to teach us all how to really live and to really help. Let us scream his name from the rooftops until everyone listens. Your list should be read by everyone because there is nothing there that everyone can’t do, and no reason that they shouldn’t do them all. Today’s the day. RONAN RONAN RONAN!


  105. maya your my romodel and you rock ronan i continue to try to live the best life possible. long live rockstar ronan


  107. Hi maya. Everytime when i read the page where you wrote when he dies, i always cry! Thanks ronan for being a big help in my life. Thank you maya for this blog. I never knew who ronan was until i heard the song which makes me cry even more! But ronan is still with you, in your heart i will never forget him as long as i live. If i get kids… i will show them this blog and thanks for this list. Ronan is such a sweet kid. I dont get why the good people die. All i wanna say is thank you ronan for your bravery and maya for having to go through something bad. My prayers are with you hope ur family stays safe. And please write your stories when you finally get poppy! I hope she lives with your entire life with ur sons and ither families. And she will 🙂 god knows what you hve been through so she will! Stay positive! Bye!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo infinity love from me

  108. Maya & Woody, I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift for a
    few years now and when I watched her perform Ronan live, I bawled
    my eyes out. I am so sorry for your loss. Ronan was such a
    beautiful boy. You two are incredibly strong. I’m tearing up as I’m
    writing this message. I’m so so sorry for your loss. I’m devastated
    and heartbroken. My prayers are sent to you. Stay strong, Lindsay

  109. I greatly admire Maya’s strength and spirit but but I feel very strongly for Ronan’s brothers and now sister also because not only have they lost a friend, playmate and brother but they have also lost part of their mother and father. As a child growing up I was the eldest with two younger brothers… Two years between each of us… And my younger brother died from luekemia at age 8 leaving my mother and father distraught, over-protective and different. Although my parents tried their hardest they were never the same.
    You can tell that Maya tries her very very very hardest to be strong when a sibling dies no parent is ever the same.
    I do not mean to hate by writing this comment… In fact, quite the opposite… I admire Maya and her family.
    God Bless.

  110. Dear Maya:

    I have been reading your blog non stop since finding it over the weekend. Your words and Ronan’s story have changed my life. Your beautiful little boy reminds me so much of my bey bey. I am hugging him a little tighter now. Thank you for the education. I promise to now do my part and be a ‘rockstar’.

  111. I’m soooo srry for ur lost he was such a cute little kid he has very pretty eyes this boy has seriously changed my life his story inspired me to be a better person! He inspired me to fight for what I believe RONAN I LOVE U <3<3<3<3<3<3

  112. And yet people take their children for granted! I am amazed how positive and insertional you are! I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby boy!! I will try to live better too! Thanks for the eye opener!!<3

  113. This list is just amazing because you are so right and I am so guilty of allowing things that really don’t matter to screw up my day. No more! I have a healthy little girl who is just the most incredible human being and I am the luckiest person in the world to have her. That is all that really matters. Thank you for the perspective.
    You are an amazing human being and I know for sure that Ronan is just so proud of his mom.



  114. Ronan, I know you are gone now – but, I think you were amazing! You’re story is amazing and I’ve become a better person since I started reading Maya’s blog about you…this story has changed my lie forever. Thank you, Ronan…and I love you. ❤

  115. Those words above are so true. Thank you for sharing Ronan with the world. My godson, Evan, was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4 April of 2012. He went through tough treatment and was in remission Aug 2012. This past January he relapsed, and is still going through chemotherapy. The leukemia was found in his testicle, then in his marrow, then in his right eye- where within 72 hours his sight in that eye was gone. He is a fighter, his mom is fighter , and we all are fighting for him. There is a Facebook page called strength and hope for Evan. You are right about questioning everything and speaking your mind, and reading all you can. His mother , my best friend from high school, stands up questions the doctors and doesn’t take any shit. You have to be that way. You inspire many people , and a piece of you will always be missing but I pray you always find comfort knowing that Ronan is always with you, and that some day you will be reunited. I know that he is proud of you. Thank you again for sharing.

  116. I love you Maya, you’re a great person and your love inspired me.. i feel so much more love for the people in my life since I’ve read your blog. I try to enjoy every moment in my life by now.
    Love, Anna ❤

  117. Thank you for this list. I’m applying it to my life. ❤ You are a terrific mother Maya. Tell Ronan I want to give him a big kiss on his cheek.

    Love and hugs and kisses, Stephanie

  118. Grayson Lemons Avatar
    Grayson Lemons

    Hey Maya i just wanted to let you know that i fully support Ronan and you and that you and your family is in my prayers! Ronan was so beautiful!!! i look up to you and i look up to how Ronan lived his life, on how cheerful he was about everything! and iv been posting pics on instagram of him and have tried telling people his story and to pray for your family, i just hope it works! your amazing and so was Ronan!! love u both! ❤

  119. Mary K. White Avatar
    Mary K. White

    Maya, I just wanted to say thank you to RONAN for the How to Live Like a ROckstar List. I needed that. It kind of put my life back into perspective and what is important. My son passed @ 17, thirteen years ago and I miss him every day. I have learned to live with it. I think what really is frustrating is that we are totally helpless to save them – there is nothing that can be done to change anything. RONAN is still at work – he made me see the light. Believe me when I say they are up there watching out for us. I find dimes in the oddest of places and know they were not there before. Best of wishes on POPPY and my prayers are with all of you.

  120. Ronan `s Geschichte lässt mich nicht mehr los….
    Jeden Tag bin ich auf dieser Seite und habe Tränen in den Augen.
    Man sollte wirklich mit dem zufrieden sein, was man hat und jeden Tag mit seinen Kinder genießen.
    Ich versuche hier in Deutschland so viel Menschen wie möglich auf diese schreckliche Krankheit aufmerksam zu machen und vor allem die ronan thompsen foundation zu unterstützen.
    Ich wünsche Maya und ihrer ganzen Familie weiterhin sehr viel Kraft!!!!

  121. Maya, I know you’re probably not reading this, but I just wanted to let you know that you and Ronan have changed my life for the better! I’m twelve, my dad’s a abusive alcoholic, I feel like my mum doesn’t care about me, I’m bullied constantly because I’m so underweight and my sister has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, brain damage, profound deafness, etc and could die at any second. She’s sixteen and probably won’t even live to twenty, but I’m so grateful, even if she dies today, that she at least got twelve more years on this planet longer than Ronan had. As soon as I started reading this post (a year ago) I changed my life fully. I stopped googling what the best ways to commit suicide were and I’m now volunteering in a hospital every Saturday, I donated all my money to charity (200$ not much, but what do you expect from a twelve y/o) my grades are amazing and I’m even teaching my sister how to play the piano so she has a reason to live! You and Ronan are my heroes! Thank you! Ronan, I live because of you, I’m so sorry you never had that chance.

  122. How often do you post? Just wondering because I check everyday and its usually the same thing as the day before. Anyways, I am a big Taylor Swift fan and I think it’s truly AMAZING what she has done to better the lives of thousands that are suffering with the same pain as you. She really is a rockstar! And so is Ronan, he lived his life at the fullest and I will to. I’ll do it for Ronan. And I am sure that she is too. Love u Ronan u are a fighter.

  123. r.i.p. Ronan you are an angle ” I love you to the moon and back

  124. You are a true Rockstar Ronan R.I.P you are the strongest guy I never met I will do everything I can to help.

  125. Never met you..but I just love you! I love your words,the passion I feel when you share them. I’m proud of you…seems a bit odd to say that to someone I’ve never met, but I am. You didn’t give up….I’m so incredibly impressed by that. I can feel the love you have for Ronan and your family. I also sense glimpses of your pain. This is a wonderful list Maya! Thank you for sharing such insight and so much of your heart! Xoxo

  126. I know personally how it feels to go through childhood cancer because I was 8 years old when I diagnosed with a brain tumor that could not bo removed surgically.

  127. I know GOD will continue to do a wonderful work in your life if you just have faith like a child! 🙂

  128. I heard the song “Ronan” by Taylor Swift at a CureCancer walk in Charlotte, NC yesterday. It was incredibly touching and heart-wrenching. I had to find out whom the song was about and that lead me to your blog. Reading just a small amount of your story has made me want to hold onto my babies tighter. I know you’ve heard “I’m sorry for your loss” more times than you could possibly count ,but I am, and I know time doesn’t heal all wounds. I hope you can find some comfort knowing how many people Ronan has touched and by how many eyes you have opened with your insightful words. Thank you for writing; thank you for caring.

  129. Hi Maya,
    I just started reading your blog a couple of days ago and you have me in tears! Your story is so powerful and moving and this list is amazing, thanks for posting it! Even though I don’t know you I promise you I will do everything in my power to help defeat this beast (cancer) because no one deserves to go through what Ronan and your family have been through! Please know I’m donating blood in January, I participated in a childhood cancer walk last Sunday (11/17/13) in Tempe, AZ, I sign petitions, I raise awareness, etc. You have my promise I will never stop fighting for these children! God bless you from Scottsdale, AZ (it’d be so cool to meet you one day being so close 🙂

  130. I’m so sorry for your great loss I’m sure Ronan was an amazing little boy. and i hope that he’ll be rocking out with the angles in heaven. Best of luck! Merry Christmas and a happy new year! xoxoxo

    AGE 13

  131. Maya,
    I happened to stumble across Ronan’s song by TS as I was listening to her songs on youtube and I immediately had to find out what his story was. I must say that I truly cannot remember the last time that I cried as many tears as I did as while reading your blog. His beautiful eyes have captured my heart and his story has captured my soul.

    I love reading your list. You are such an inspiration. Ronan is a beautiful angel that continues to touch the lives and hearts of everyone who hears his story. My heart goes out to you and your family. I always think that I cannot imagine living one day without one of my children and I truly admire your absolute honesty and strength. You are just beautiful.

    You & Ronan make me want to be a better person; the best person that I can possibly be. Thank you and I will share your story.

  132. Terra Albritton Avatar
    Terra Albritton

    I am so sorry he can’t be with you in the same way, but I know he’s with you, like the hummingbird. He knew you’d know it was from him, to let you know he’s OK, to make you smile. I’m so glad he has a mom like you. He is loved, nurtured, and enjoyed. He lived and lives. I think you are so very, very brave. You have tried to do the most good with a devastating loss. I am sure he is so proud of you.

  133. Maya Hi , my name is Silvia . I live in Brazil . Ronan met through the music of Taylor and to this day I have never stopped thinking about Ronan , reading your blog I lost my mother in January the same year as him. I ask her in my prayers always to take care of Ronan ! I always ask her that ! Your son lives ! because he lives in the heart of each of us ! View Poppy ‘s like seeing Ronan ! It is a gift of God to him and you ! She has his eyes ! the face of it! It is a guardian angel who came to bring light into your life ! Every day of my life I think of Ronan ! I pray for him! I sing his song ! I speak it to my nephew five years! he also loves Star Wars ! Maya , I’m very proud of you ! You have four beautiful children ! A wonderful family ! I know that Poppy can see Ronan ! because she is a little angel ! He plays with her ​​every day ! He lives and lives there with you Maya ! He loves you and always will love ! I know how Ronan is grateful for everything ! If I could , I swear I ‘d give my life for him, as would any child! No child deserves to spend what his son went … More Today he lives! Okay ! is proud of you ! While I live , Ronan and your entire family will be in my prayers ! in my heart ! Ronan is alive ! We know that yes !…Maya, I do not know you, but as a human being, I can say that I read your story, I love you! Love Ronan! he is my idol! Love your wonderful family! hugs!

  134. Maddy Bissonnette Avatar
    Maddy Bissonnette

    My new Bible.

  135. Ronan, I’m so sorry. I hope I can be half as brave, as strong, and as wonderful as you were. If people could take this story and listen and change there lives just a little bit, our world would be so much better.

  136. Mary Stalhiem Avatar
    Mary Stalhiem

    I love your ‘how to live like a rockstar’ list!! My 10-yr old son Gabe was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma of the skull base last December and our lives have been a bit crazy since. He completed proton radiation April 30th of this year. He’s now back to school and in baseball and I’m so grateful for him to be doing something he’s excited about and that he is feeling good. He will have an MRI June 18th. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for sharing your story. It matters to me and a lot of others out there. You’re an inspiration and I’ll be praying for you & your family. Keep on telling it like it is!!

  137. He was so fucking perfect and beautiful in every single damn way

  138. i am so sorry this happend to you😥

  139. Wow, just read your list and can i say, tears welled up in my eyes. I am retired army veteran and this has definitely woken something inside of me. I see where i can put my attention to. Childhood cancer. Thank you Ronan. Hope you are flying high little man. XX

  140. This list is so inspiring! I’m a huge swiftie and heard the song Ronan. I cry every time I listen to it. I heard of this blog and checked it out. I am going to start volunteering someplace because this list inspired me to❤️
    Ronan was such a beautiful little boy and I am tearing up as I write this. Ronan did not deserve to lose his life to such a ruthless disease, nor does any child who suffers cancer. We can raise awareness. We just need to get off our butts and do it. So let’s do it, for the beautiful little boy called Ronan.

  141. Thank you for your fiery and passionate words and inspiration. I feel the same as you do a few of us are trying to help in the cancer world. Please visit our website to see what we are doing and please let me know if I can help you in any way!

    I wish you well,

  142. Tonight I spent hours reading your blog from the beginning and sitting alone in my living room sobbing with you and for your beautiful boy. I happened to see Ronan’s campaign on Paper Clouds on my Facebook feed – a page I “liked” months ago and then forgot about, even though I meant to check it every week. I don’t have kids myself. I don’t have any connection to childhood cancer, but Ronan’s story and your sincere, uncensored and unapologetic writing stayed with me and will stay with me. I’m a theatre actor in L.A. and I spend most of my time cultivating the arts community and building my little theatre company I started 9 years ago. It’s so easy for any of us to get wrapped up in our daily lives and not appreciate what we have and support those around us when they need it. I went back to Paper Clouds and bought a shirt tonight. It says “All Good Things are Wild and Free”. Thank you Ronan for touching a stranger far away and helping her to remember to live wild and love freely. Your boy is still making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you both.

  143. Great list! I’m inspired by the way you are pressing on in Ronan’s honor! I need to be inspired to press on with out my beautiful son. So I’m going to start tackling the list!

  144. Maya, you continue to inspire me, you make me want to change. Make me want to change this world. Thank you. Because of you I am getting my friends to put any extra lunch money towards the Ronan Foundation. It may take convincing, but i will do it. I will share Ronan’s story. His beauty. His spiciness. I am only 11 but you inspire me and the childhood cancer world every day. I don’t think I’ve gone more than three seconds without thinking about Ronan, childhood cancer, or some other brave fighter I have heard about. Every other girl at school has a locker rug or wallpaper, right? Well guess what I have. About 20 post-its with childhood cancer support or facts written on them.

    Maya, Thank you.

  145. My new years resolution…… #beboldgogold

    Keep loving

  146. I just wanted to say how much of an incredibly beautiful boy Ronan is. I am so saddened for your loss and you are so incredibly brave. Every-time I hear the song Ronan it makes me sad, but I truly love that song. I lost my little brother, a little over 5 years ago now. He past away a few days before he was due. That was the most heartbreaking moment in my life. The pain never fades and neither does the love that you have for the beautiful little boy. I hope you and your family are doing ok. You are all beautiful and strong people xxx

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