May 12 and Ronan’s Day of Love

On May 12th of this year, Ronan would have turned sixteen. In honor of his birthday, we celebrate ‘Ronan’s Day of Love’ every year. This year, his birthday coincides with The Era’s Tour in Philadelphia. I am currently undecided about attending the event, but I would appreciate it if you could join us in celebrating and remembering a young boy who should still be with us.

On ‘Ronan’s Day of Love,’ we encourage you to spread kindness wherever you go. Wear purple to show your support. Be courageous. Perform a random act of kindness. Laugh louder, hug harder, and kiss longer. Do something that makes you feel wild and free. Take a walk in nature or embark on an adventure in his memory. Spread his magic wherever possible. Make some friendship bracelets and share them with others. Tag me in your posts, and I will repost all the love.

I am grateful that you have held my baby close in your hearts, allowing him to serve as a reminder of what truly matters in this life. Thank you for honoring his memory in this way. As his mom, it truly means everything to me.

4 responses to “May 12 and Ronan’s Day of Love”

  1. Ronan is in my heart everyday

  2. He’s beautiful – my baby would be 42 on the 27th of July. I am going to borrow your ideas for this years celebration. Love and hugs, a fellow mother missing her son.

  3. Are the ronan bracelets still available? My 10 year would love to wear one for ronan. I read your blog last year and told my son Aiden about your story and he loves ronan and taylor’s song. Thank you for sharing your story, even on the hard days. 💜

  4. I will celebrate Ronan on his Bday!

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