Happy 10th Birthday, Poppy Rue!

Happy 🔟th Birthday to my dream come true, PoPpY RuE!! My tiny fashionista from the beginning. Your heart is made of pure GOLD. Kindness radiates from your soul. Your sassiness balances it out to keep me on my toes—your creative ability in all things; writing, singing, acting, painting, drawing, and storytelling. Your laughter is infectious. Your ability to question everything and draw conclusions makes me incredibly proud. Your activist spirit from so early on started with becoming a vegetarian at age 4. Your wit, sparkle, and shine make me melt. Your love for animals, your friends, and your family. My sidekick, partner in crime, and best friend. Last year, your teacher called you a “non-conformist” like it was a bad thing, but I couldn’t have been more proud. This year, your teachers told me how intelligent and kind you are- and how much they love you. I don’t know how I would have survived this life without you.

I love you, my little duck—quack, quack to the moon and back. I’ve got you and your little soul on fire for life. I cannot wait to continue watching all the incredible things you bring to the world. I am so lucky to be your mama.

6 responses to “Happy 10th Birthday, Poppy Rue!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Sending you both love from NYC. ❤️🎂

  2. Can’t believe she’s 10! Wow! She’s beautiful & I can see her big brother in her sweet little face!❤️

  3. Happy birthday, I remember when she was born!!!
    Love from NY
    Kim and Team Hannah ❤️

  4. Poppy is a gorgeous girl and for sure going to make a huge impact on this world, just like her mama and big brother. Happy Birthday! Love you all!

  5. I haven’t been on your blog in years. 10 to be exact! Because, the last time I was actively able to read you had just shared about Poppy being born and how you believed she was sent to you from Ronan! I agreed with that belief. I can’t believe she’s 10!! She sounds like an incredible little human and I hope you know you’re doing a wonderful job. I see a little bit of Ro in her face, I hope that’s okay to share! Happy birthday to Poppy!! I’m excited to read again.

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