Brophy and Sunnyslope continued…

This afternoon, I received a phone call from Mr. Ryan, the Principal of Brophy. We spoke at length about what happened at Friday night’s game and about the disappointment that we both felt over what transpired. Mr. Ryan took accountability for the situation, apologized, and has reached out to the Principal of Sunnyslope.

We had a constructive conversation about how this can be used as a life lesson in hopes that this kind of behavior can be changed. Mr. Ryan said he would be addressing this with his student body, staff, and colleagues. He is committed to working with them to ensure that nobody will have to leave one of their sporting events feeling uncomfortable over behavior he has no tolerance for.

Brophy and Sunnyslope are neighbors, and I really hope things can move forward in a positive direction. We should strive to learn from our mistakes, and that starts by taking responsibility for our actions instead of deflecting or ignoring behavior that we know is not acceptable.

I very much appreciated Mr. Ryan’s words, apology, and commitment to changing the trajectory of this. At the end of the day, I want everyone to feel equal, supported, and loved. It shouldn’t be so complicated, and I genuinely believe if we start working together, beautiful things can transpire.

3 thoughts on “Brophy and Sunnyslope continued…”

  1. So glad to read this follow up!! I was really sad and disappointed for you, your boys and their team. Glad you put it out there!!!

  2. I’m so glad you brought this to Mr. Ryan’s attention Maya, I’d have been appalled as what they were chanting is so not okay! As a parent of a BCP graduate I can say with great conviction that Mr. Ryan is a leader
    of admirable integrity and will address things accordingly! :). xoxo

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