Ronan’s Day of Love

May 12th is Ronan’s fourteen birthday. It is also Ronan’s Day of Love. Wear purple. Be brave. Do a random act of kindness. Laugh louder. Hug harder. Kiss longer. Explore nature. Have an adventure for him. Sprinkle his magic wherever you can. Tag me, and I’ll repost all the love.

2 responses to “Ronan’s Day of Love”

  1. What a Gorgeous baby he is and will FOREVER remain. I know there is NO level of comfort for your pain hunny. I too feel it directly from my most recent loss of my loved one who also died from CANCER, FUCK YOU CANCER, I HATE YOU CANCER!!! CANCER , YOU ARE FUCKIN UGLY!!! We have to believe God has them in his arms and in HEAVEN, That’s the only way I can even stomach the pain of this loss, it is unbearable. Every whisper of wind ,I try to feel her next to me. EVERY chirp of the birds, I try to hear her voice, EVERY breeze that comes by, I try to inhale her smell, EVERY hummingbird, I watch for her favorite little one she called Charlie. The bright yellow and green chested one. EVERY female voice I hear, I try to remember exactly what she sounded like. EVERY time I hear someone say I LOVE YOU , I look around because I want to see her and hear her say that to me, SHE was and ALWAYS will BE my MOST BELOVED MOTHER. PRAYERS to you darling, NOW and ALWAYS. WE WILL SEE THEM AGAIN!!! PLEASE BELIEVE

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  2. My daughter shares a birthday with your Ronan. She is four now, this year.
    And through her, I always think of him.
    My oldest is 9. I’ve been reading your blog since I was pregnant with her. 9 years of following you, crying with you, and loving my girls as much as I can, because I couldn’t possibly deal with life without them. Thank you for being a voice in the back of my head, telling me to continue.

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