4 thoughts on “September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Look at all the goodies we have for you to wear!!”

  1. I only recently discovered your blog and I have been reading it from the very beginning… I can’t stop! As heartbreaking as it is, it is such a riveting love story of you and Ronan… Your words and the emotions you convey touch me to my very core. Ronan has changed my life already! I feel inspired, moved, excited, wild and free! I have been wanting to do some volunteer work for ages now and the other day I started looking up volunteer work at Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto. I also bought a Go Gold Tshirt from your friend on Etsy and will wear it with pride next month spreading the word about this horrible disease and lack of awareness. I’ve been talking about your blog to everyone I meet and what an incredible Rockstar Ronan is and you are as well! I am just so deeply inspired and moved… thank you Maya! Thank you Rockstar Ronan! RoLove Forever ♥

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